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  2. I should have the codes for the major factories in a few weeks. Source is doing the ring around
  3. @BJRPorter Good eye, and good question: the lights are LED strips, which don’t generate much heat at all. Additionally, my home office (aka man cave) is in the basement, and heat is something that I have to work at (when needed). If left to ambient temps, I’d guess the cave would average about 65 degrees. When I’m in there, the heater might bring it up to 68-70 degrees at most. Come to think of it, maybe I should just line the man cave with cedar, and have a walk-in!
  4. Nothing official. Just "crowd sourced" by various members in the field. It'd up to @El Presidente to determine if keeping a stickied list of known factory codes over time is worth doing. IMO, I think it is.
  5. My First Coolidor

    Does your cooler have a seal on it? Well sealed tuppers/coolers can go years without having to replenish the Bovedas. I have those in my cellar and they work great. Mine are filled to max capacity so no room for a fan, but doesn't seem needed at all. The cooler you're storing the lower you want your rH. What would your lowest temp be in AZ? You putting that thing in a basement or will it be in the home and subject to large temperature fluctuations? If you store at a high %rH and then the temp gets lowered your beads/bovedas will have to absorb a lot of water. If the temp goes down faster than they can stabilize things then you get micro droplets and mold.
  6. You bet it has, every single step! The time segment you are indicating encompasses virtually all production steps following (and including) harvest. So, how could it not? Starting with the precise timing of picking the different leaves - that alone will already have a huge influence on plant compounds in the leaf.
  7. Plume or Mold (Remake)

    Generally, if the humidification device is installed in the lid of you humidor, the top shelve is always going to be "wetter" than the bottom. Your hygrometer shows 78%, that way too high. First I'd empty the whole humidor out. Then wipe all interior surfaces with high proof alcohol. Let the humidor air out for a while. Wipe down all of your cigars and smoke the ones affected most first (after you let them dry out some). Then put your cigars back in, without any humidification! Check the percentage after a few days. I'f it's still too high, leave the humidor open for a couple of hours and recheck after a while. If it's too low, get some 65% Bovedas, to keep the humidity down. For some reason the 69% are too much for your humidor. Then check back with us and let us know how it worked out. Might be a good example for others.
  8. My First Coolidor

    I have a new coolidor I set up a couple months back. A Walmart cheapie with a good seal. I think it is a 60 Qt. For humidification, I use Heartfelt beads. They're excellent. I use the 65%, and a pound divided and stashed in different spots has kept my cooler pegged right at 65%. They're the best humidification product I've ever used. No fans or anything. It would be nice, but I am going for cheap and easy. I tend to open it every day (either to get a cigar or just because). I bought a bunch of empty boxes from a local B&M to add until I started stashing purchased boxes in there. It's really been an idea situation. At some point, I'd like an Aristocrat cabinet, but until I get the money and collection to justify it, I am a coolidor convert. I may even buy another one just to set up for long-term aging.
  9. Chile when it's chilly

    I've heard the carolina reaper is best used to dissolve unwanted asphalt.... but I'm no expert.
  10. Thanks - is there someplace this is regularly posted on FOH? I understand they change frequently.
  11. Chile when it's chilly

    @Fatshotbud So this Carolina Reaper that a co-worker gave me...probably avoid that one? 😜 Thanks for the link on the chile spectrum. @Buck14 I’m with you on the beans/corn, but not from a purist’s perspective. For me, it’s the added carbs. @GrouchoMarx Thanks for your recipe. I’ll give it a try.
  12. I'm in as long as schedule allows.
  13. Le Hoyo du Roi

    Nothing suspect about that 1999-box. In most bar the smallest SLBs, bottom boards had been glued and nailed back then, well into the turn of the millennium. Everything seems fitting here: Sticks w/o bands, first-version of the Habanos signet, the proper warranty seal (mid-size, simple form, as it had been in use for smaller cabs at that time), so that all appears consistent to me, at least as far as packaging is concerned. So, let's just hope the cigars are in good shape, they do look very nice. Enjoy!
  14. Sources in Havana and people in the industry in UK.
  15. Today
  16. Count me in if my schedule allows and someone puts it together I would be there! Sent from my KYOCERA-E6560 using Tapatalk
  17. Yes. UAO is El Laguito. Confirmed by a trustworthy source in Havana.
  18. How are you finding out which code is for which factory?
  19. Looks like the lighting is under or behind the shelving. Does it generate measurable heat?
  20. We could do one during a bowl game, there are TVs there. Good bs, cigars, liquor, bbq and football - what's not to love about that?
  21. The SP Valientes is out now for Switzerland, but I hate the 55 ring gauge. It's a shame because Swiss RE have been very good IMO.
  22. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This was the Belicoso, whatever their name is for it. I've had one of the other sizes before and I thought both were very good. They are an approachable cigar compared to the other lines. Often, I find that non-aged Opus X is near enough unsmokable. The 20th anniversary seems to avoid the greenness of other young Opuses and tastes more like something with 4-5 years on it already. Raisin/prune, cinnamon, and earth dominates with that ligero core adding pepper/spice. Opuses are one of few NCs I think offer something great and complementing to the line of available CCs. The closest thing I've come was the Cuaba EL 2008. I know that the 20th Opus have dropped slightly in prices but if you have a regular production CC you love, I wouldn't risk it. That was my last 20th, otherwise I'd send you one to try. Loving it. That new (?) type of IPAs and double IPAs that have a more fruity or candy-like finish without any hops-to-the-face go really well with Ramons. I think a common thing is that they use lactose in the brewing process, it takes the edges of the ale quite well. Combine that with a typical RASS that is smoking well and you've got a winner!
  23. The worst Cubans I’ve ever smoked were a box of SLR Regios from ABR 15....This stick does NOT taste like that...initial impression is YUM YUM YUM! Heavy Cedar for me, nice mild-medium. Shit, I’m gonna have to get at least two more boxes. Mellowing out a bit but very godd nuanced flavor. Probably the Silver Medalist to thw Trinidad Vigia in competiton for best “LESS THAN MEDIUM” smoke.
  24. Nice. Yea the 20% VAT in Spain blows. Dying to try the new QDOs. I'll be going to France this Spring, so will have to wait until then lol.
  25. Answer Jacob and the photos were shot by Luke -- photo bomb right Sent from my KYOCERA-E6560 using Tapatalk
  26. Go you bad boy! I am most curious and will follow this one. Give plenty of details on fit/finish to get best seal please. I was always frustrated doing build-in as nothing is square & plumb. Carpentry vs Woodworking two different animals. Thanks in advance! Sent from my KYOCERA-E6560 using Tapatalk
  27. That price was fair on the 898s just didnt want to blow my budget-on first day here. I’ll be in France for some Q’s d’Orsay on the weekend
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