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  2. Welcome to the wind tunnel years!! Very frustrating to sit down for a nice smoke and it’s very disappointing, I certainly got tired of it. It was obvious to me that there was tobacco missing in every disappointing know the ones that you can pinch your fingers together with the cigar in between. I find most boxes have around 5 cigars that are badly under filled and I don’t expect Rob and the crew to check every cigar in a box....unless he raises his prices 25%😰 Being from Northern California I’m used to weighing everything I smoke 👻...just weight your cigars and weed out...pun intended...the light ones. I have friends that are happy to take anything I won’t smoke. It does make your cigars more expensive but at least no bland wind tunnel heartbreak. This Picadores comes in at a fighting weight of 12.2 gr 🤗
  3. Right .......I’m definitely not the guy who just started smoking cigars, or went from NC to CC last week ....and I store at 62/65......sometimes I’ll try one rott, sometimes I’ll have one a month later, sometimes I’ll wait amount of age/acclimatization is going to help a cigar that is stuffed like a brick or under filled so much that you can punch one end to touch the other..........maybe I should lower my expectations like everyone keeps saying ....and get a perfectdraw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 62/65 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. My First Order

    Luckily, I kept in contact with Premal and he gave me a heads up, otherwise i would’ve missed it as well. I gave up checking the website long ago. With Dunhill getting out and McClellands closing their doors, it does not speak well to the future of pipe smoking. Those two accounted for a good portion of my favorites. It’s unreal what McClellands blends are fetching in the secondary market. Good thing you stocked up! Parks makes brilliant pipes. I think he’s one of the very best alive today. Here’s the first commissioned pipe he did for me, a lg Diplomat with a mammoth ivory collar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. A .300 hitter in baseball is considered a huge success. Yet, he fails 70% of the time. Of course there are other factors to consider in a ball player.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My first Saint Luis Rey. So far.... very fruity.
  8. My First Order

    yeah it's hard to beat his pipes at those prices. I've got a large stock pile of H&H blends that I enjoy but unfortunately I don't have enough of Premal's blends. Wish I learned about them sooner than I did. I did stock up on a ton of McClelland's blends that I love when I found out they were running out of Syrian latakia. Glad I stocked up when I did. It's a shame they are out of business now. Ahh those Parks pipes are something special. I've yet to have him make one for me. Someday maybe.
  9. I store at 64-65 percent and still have a plug now and then. A plugged cigar is beyond tight. It is like trying to suck a golf ball through a straw. The whole "draw tester machine" thing is just propaganda BS. If all the cigars really were draw tested with the machine, plugs would not make it into the box!
  10. My First Order

    I’ve spoken to Ryan about doing one.... at the moment I’m in the midst of two crazy expensive commissions and that’s all i can handle. I do one commissioned pipe per year with Parks and kinda like it that way, but Ryan makes terrific pipes and is very reasonable with his prices! The other I’m working on with Cornelius Mänz. Magnum Opus is great. I’m thinking it’ll age nicely. Smoker’s Haven blends IMO are the Best. If I were trapped on an island, I’d be perfectly content to smoke them exclusively for life. They just got a shipment in, might be the last, that sold out in a pre-sale. I literally ordered a lifetime supply which should arrive next week. Ordered 30 more tins of Exotique, 15 of OBB, and 15 of Cognac. Premal is a great guy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. vegemite

    I used to work with an Aussie woman in the 90's she loved the stuff and would torture us every chance she got. I always found it to be the veggie equivalent of this stuff
  12. eating weird stuff

    In the States, horse is taboo, but I like it a lot. Very common in parts of Europe. I like pig ears and those super small dried snack fish from Asia; not sure what they are called.
  13. The bottom line is all the best rollers have left Cuba and work for non Cuban companies such as Padron, Rocky Patel and others. This is why non Cubans are so perfectly and consistently constructed. One cannot expect perfection from Cuban rollers when they are compensated 20-30 dollars a month! There is no incentive to excel at their jobs as they are paid the same meager wage whether they make perfect cigars or crappy cigars.
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  15. vegemite

    When I worked in Singapore, it was on the buffet table as a condiment (at hotel) always wondered what the heck it was. I gave it a go and it's not bad. Do they sell it in the States? Never looked for it. Just as we don't see chicken salt here either.
  16. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yup. It is. What about the canoeing cigar? S**t happens. Your expectations are unreasonable. It’s that simple. You’re asking the sun to stop shining in your eyes, when the rest of us are donning our shades and enjoying a beautiful day. Simply put - get over it.
  17. My First Order

    Liquid I see some of my favorite pipe tobacco's in your photo. Particularly Magnum Opus, White Knight and Exotique. Have you thought of Ryan Alden making a pipe for you? He's made a few for me and they are fantastic pipes. This is one of my Alden pipes:
  18. vegemite

    You'd barely even realise it's Marmite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Just got these last week and out the freezer and ready for a nap. Prob start with one next year some time I think, unless I get that itch, which should be ok, I still have my original 6 of the 2011 Cohiba LE's
  20. No one wants to spend more money than we already do on CCs, I was skeptical at first, but I came around and purchased a Perfect Draw tool. It has helped me salvage cigars that would otherwise have been tossed, usually the 5 - 8 per box that are just rock solid. Did I want to spend more money on a tool that I really should not have to in the first place, no. Another thing I've found does help is dry boxing for around 24 hours. All my CCs sit at 62 - 65%RH and that has made a huge difference in the way they smoke. I will still take one out of every box I get and smoke it either ROTT or within 48 hours of receiving the box. If it is plugged, Perfect Draw tool; if it is a wind tunnel, I slow my draws down a bit. It's a little like Russian-Roulette at times with CCs, but yesterday afternoon, I had a PSD4 that reminded me just how great CCs can be. It was just a chocolate bomb. Funny thing is, I had one from that same box last year and it was hard as a rock, Perfect Draw opened it up enough to make it smokeable and enjoyable. I find the inconsistencies in CCs are part of the game as with any organic product, you win some, you lose some. I really like what @cfc1016 said, consider it the 'Angel's Share,' just like losing a little from a barrel of whiskey.
  21. The OP never answered the question about his storage conditions or how long he waited to smoke stock after transport. Another question I have is what is the ambient rH generally where he smokes. If the OP is just coming to CC’s after smoking NC’s, CC’s are just going to have a tighter draw than NC’s. Don’t confuse a tight draw with a plugged cigar. I smoke 8-10 CC’s a week. Most were bought from FOH. I only experience maybe a 25% rate of having to use my Perfecdraw, but I store at low 60’s rH & most have been in my humi for months if not years, & I smoke all inside where the ambient rH is high 50’s low 60’s. Just trying to help, but we need more information to do so.
  22. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2015 or 2016 ERDM CS. Sadly, not my cup of tea, as most of them are/were. Probably my least favorite ERDM. Sorry for the blurry pic.
  23. Just had a review on Cigar Inspector.
  24. One thing I might mention, and I may be totally off here, but I have noticed very much lately that cuban cigars on average tend to give much more resistance on the draw (clearly not always). I don’t think I have fully appreciated this until recently. I have been trying to burn through a bunch of NCs lately (I smoke 95% CCs) and have pitched a ton, almost always because I find way too little resistance on the draw. That to me is the worst. On the flip side, I have had many CCs that when I cold drew it thought “doh too tight” but then when I lit it it burned absolutely fine with no unreasonable effort. Certainly I have had outright plugged ones too but on average I believe CCs tend to be rolled tighter and as a result flirt w the plugged zone much more. NCs flirt w the wind tunnel zone more. May be another issue here but worth mentioning.
  25. Air purifier

    Good luck. In my experience, even if you have a window with a giant fan in your cigar lounge, you will still have stale smoke smell on your clothes, your hair, your furniture. Only smoking outside will eliminate all except the breath. By the way, I really like your show. When are you going to get your devil face back? And when are you going to do Detective Decker?
  26. vegemite

    Is Bovril allowed to be in the discussion? It's sludgy, brown, and salty as all hell. Something very romantic about Bovril, you can imagine our grandads in the trenches warming their hands on the beefy stock. Sadly this is probably just nonsense, they were probably just chain smoking and and inspecting their rotting feet
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