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  3. Sent the pictures to Mr Beaver. He said it was weird and would never want that thing, whatever it is, Why the heck did you send it to me. And there you have it. CB
  4. Friday Funny .

    LoL /thread Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  5. Agree. To create a sticker for aged tells me it is for selling. Buy what you want any put it in your humidor. CB
  6. Who here vapes?

    Recent trip to Italy I finally succumbed to peer pressure and tried it.. My partners good friend owns a shop that sells them. She had I think a 3 or so week head start on me to Italy? By the time I arrived she was already very cool indeed with her vape. I've denounced it and refused many times.. But finding myself the skippy in the Italian shop it was rude to continuously decline.. They were all shocked I didn't cough at all.. I was shocked how horrendously sweet almost every flavour was.. I kind of likened it to a cross between a lollypop and a hookah for hipsters.. Naturally I mentioned I was surprised.. if not scarred.. how sweet and candy orientated the flavors I tried were.. Before I could finish explaining out came the Cuban Cigar Vape Juice.. What can I say? It was nothing like a Cigar at all.. It was certainly far less sweet.. And different.. But still nothing that reminded me of a cigar.. more of a spice and leather type flavour.. Anyway.. I think I tried it once more after that while still in Italy.. As the Mrs was quite fond of it while there.. Personally I'm either going to have a cigar.. or if I'm after "that kind" of experience.. I'll set up my hookah.. Hookah hasn't been out in like 3 years.. probably wont be for a long time longer.
  7. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    God these posts are torture lately
  8. Friday Funny .

    No shit?
  9. I get a fair amount of indoor smoking year round, plus the local environment is pretty temperate year round. For me the switch out happens when traveling to hot and humid SE Asia in the summer months. When smoking outdoors I shift down to exclusively corona gordas and PC's, to avoid humidity problems with plugs and wonky burns. Can't say it helps much, but I keep trying. I also used to include sticks I knew to be lightly filled, like the Partagas Series E #2, which always drew well despite its size. However it gets so damn hot that I'm mostly forced indoors and then it doesn't matter if I'm smoking churchills or DC's, they all work.
  10. Who here vapes?

    I quit smoking with a vape 2 years ago, never looked back. I don't use the vape any more as I no longer have any cravings for cigarettes or vaping. I'd recommend it as a quit smoking tool, but never found it was something I enjoyed all that much. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  11. Hmm. As you may have seen me post elsewhere, I'll go to my grave thinking the Cetros are blended differently and/or use superior tobacco than every other JLP model. I've tried every JLP model except for the Cazadores and they're pretty much all the same--except for the Cetros. Hopefully the bundle of Cetros proves worthy for you. I'm now intrigued by the Quintero Brevas...I know the Favoritos are never that bad but some here really just can't seem to embrace them. And honestly, at $3/stick they're pushing the premium line with price, although they are Robustos and are a darn good value per gram. I'm also curious about the Petit Quinteros. I just realized I have heard absolutely nothing about them. I have tried the Tubulares, and they are actually quite good, but again, you're looking at $4/stick and I'm with you--If I'm spending $4/stick I'd rather have a premium Minutos or Perlas. As far as a great short premium cigar over a mediocre one, I personally find the JLP Petit Cetros to regularly score 88-90 for me. And at $1.50 each, I simply cannot spend $5 on a Minutos or Perlas when I've got these aside from the occasional jonesing I get for an El Principe or Monte 5. If the Cetros were more expensive or not as good, I suppose I would be relegated to Minutos and Perlas as a daily frequent smoke. I actually think that the PLP and RGPE are unbelievable values ($2-2.50/stick) and while a bit small might become my regular smokes when the JLP Cetros disappear. I have been very impressed with the RGPE recently in particular. I actually think they're on the whole better than the RAE ABR 14 RGPCs I had earlier this year.
  12. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    I should be in Havana in November too. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  13. And if they STILL don't move, they make them Anejados [emoji6] Or repackage in jars or - as recently seen in Germany with RG Perlas from 2013 - sloppily throw them into 50 cabs without protective paper or a ribbon
  14. Who here vapes?

    So what you Vaped..... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  15. No change to my smoking when the seasons here change.
  16. Who here vapes?

    Vaping stopped me smoking cigarettes (or rather the small Dutch cigars that followed cigs) and I still vape. Yep, is for the nicotine and the flavours (currently on rhubarb and custard ) and having smoked cigarettes for most of my life I'm happy with the compromise. I've got a decent set up, not cheap, but I don't do the big cloud thing and don't fill enclosed spaces with the stuff. I've tried cigar flavours and they are universally disgusting! I do have a friend who has a vape that is shaped like a traditional pipe that he likes to bring out for meetings 'so I can point at things with it...' Thunder & Lightening '75-'15
  17. UGGHHH --- that is bloody dang disgustin' lookin', sorry. I'd feel the same as wearing a used feminine accessory on myself in full view. But if YOU guys like it - h-e-e-e-e-y-y-y...more 'nads to ya'
  18. Foster's is consumed widely in Oz, it has simply been repackaged and called Crown Lager [emoji480]
  19. Ha a very loaded question! Where I live winter can be a bitch. Even though I have only been smoking about less than ten years I have found that cigars can be matched to the dictates of "mother nature" and climate. Where I live we have four seasons (northeast / New England) and that dictates what you smoke in a way pertaining to outdoor smoking. .Long skinniers and coronas work very well in summer and spring. But fall and winter are another matter when smoking outdoors. Short, large RG smokes are the order of the day when smoking outdoors in winter. I'm an OSP engineer so I work out doors year round so when smoking at a site in winter I have to be outside when it is below 32 below freezing a long skinny or corona just can't take the outside temp. So Petit Edmondo, church shorts, HMD #2, Cohiba thick gauged but not to long are the order of the winter days. Desperate measures call for desperate solutions smokes like the Hupmann half corona and the like work well outdoors in extreme conditions. Remember cold weather is the bain of cigars smoked out doors that are not thick and stought enough (aka, coronas and the like) to withstand the elements of the northeast winter or "old man winter" as we say!
  20. Apparently someone drinks Fosters here, I see it on a shelf now and again but have yet to see one being consumed in public. Maybe they are a closet Fosters fan. @99call, those are some killer Fannie Packs... If I wore, or had a need for one it would be tempting...
  21. can't recall the last time i saw a fosters in australia. i don't think it has been available here for decades. i doubt any australian under thirty would have a clue what fosters was.
  22. Friday Funny .

    that is because, if you take the analogy further, we put dirty nappies back on the kid.
  23. Friday Funny .

    We seem to change politicians here often and yet, we're still neck deep
  24. I haven’t had a drink in 11 years. My pairing is an Earl Gray tea with milk and raw sugar! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  25. Mate you lost me.... But you have me laughing!! Here is Australia those who use them call them "Bum bags"
  26. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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