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  2. Por Larranaga Petit Corona (50 cabs) ALL SOLD - You have to be fast here!!! AWESOME!!!
  3. Hoping for half corona. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. I find them entirely different cigars, so comparison in flavor isn't fair to the Conn1.
  5. Hey Everyone! I can now release the Participant List. It's posted below. As each member confirms their address and availability, I am building the Box Pass Route - as soon as all addresses and availabilities are confirmed, I will release the route. Just waiting on 8 more responses. Oh, and the Cigar List will be released shortly as well, hopefully by tomorrow. If all breaks well, this will be shipped out to the first member next week! FOH CAN/US BOX PASS 2017 PARTICIPANTS CANADA 1. Ramrod918 2. Garnett 3. Onsto 4. treberty 5. Shlomo 6. ComancheKeen 7. havanaclub 8. ChrisMG 9. CanuckSARTech USA 10. ChefBoyRG54 11. zulubravo 12. CatchNRelease 13. Nekhyludov 14. joeypots 15. Erm310mce 16. Tave1225 17. ehdg 18. dizedean 19. zeedubbya 20. Knilas 21. jsummers157 22. Newkarian 23. Boosted 24. SloppyJ 25. khomeinist 26. Boopdeep 27. jacktarnold 28. joshb 29. Charley 30. Notsocleaver 31. topdiesel 32. fabes 33. Lotusguy
  6. I think the fact that your wineador sits inside an air conditioned room is why you have better stable humidity and temp in your wineador. If you think about it, I'm trying to replicate that but imagine the wineador is the air conditioned room and the ziplock bag is the wineador - during the winter, my wineador is off and the temperature is stable at 16-18C and the humidity is rock solid, cause the wineador is sitting in a room at that naturally passive temperature.
  7. Ok sounds like a plan, thanks for the quick responses! I have a humidor I keep at 64 and one I keep at 70, so I will make some room.
  8. I would try putting the boxes into the bags but don't include the boveda's and measure the humidity inside the bag that way, see what you get. I'm getting decent results so far.
  9. Good to hear this! Did the humidity of the cigar boxes inside the zipper bags regulate itself? Since you never put boveda inside the bags. If so, did it stay this way for all that time without the need for you to put boveda/add humidity inside the bags? I guess if the bags are inside a wineador or cabinet it will slowly absorb the humidity through the bag since it is still permeable. I've experimented so far with 2 different bags - one bag has a boveda with the boxes and the other bag is just boxes and no boveda. I've been monitoring the humidity in each bag and I think having the boveda inside is too much - from my basic guesses I think there is not enough air for the boveda to regulate and it ends up over-humidifying the boxes inside the bag (which is why some people report getting mold) - of course, this is if the boveda are fully charge (or over charged). I'm tempted to just remove all the boveda's from inside the bags and just store the boxes inside each bag without a boveda, seeing as my boxes are already well humidified.
  10. Minus one cab😉
  11. you must have a metricasston of PLPCs Rob! haha
  12. Looking forward to a game of poker today so grab a drink and a cigar if possible and join me. No money down, cigar to the winner
  13. Nice lineup!! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. TRT will greatly increase your risk of prostate cancer. This is what my doctors have told me.
  15. All good suggestions. But a very important one is to lower the rH in your humidor to between 60-65% rH for CC storage. I think some research here on the archives of this forum will explain why you should do that.
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  17. Quick PLPC before it starts raining
  18. I fully agree with @wabashcr. If you're going to delve into CCs, go into it with a totally open mind. Trying to fit your CC experience within the confines of your taste for NCs is IMO a bad plan. Order a sampler from the Int. Store (see link in the green banner at top of page), possibly two samplers if you are so inclined. Let the sticks acclimate for about a month in your home humidor, dig in and enjoy. Note which sticks you like, which ones you don't and the reasons why. That should provide a good road map going forward if you decide to continue your journey. Good luck! Keep us posted.
  19. HdM du Prince (TOR JUN 16). I love the mottled wrappers on this box. The visual effect definitely adds a certain something to the enjoyment. Thunder & Lightening '75-'15
  20. Are you trying the Spanish morse code???
  21. Honestly, I got the idea from the little insert that comes in each box of habanos, which recommends aging at such an RH. I have become accustomed to aging working well at these levels, so I likely won't be trusting my prized boxes to some lower RH - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I initially aged at my preferred smoking RH and found the smokes seemed to die out sometimes, especially if I was buying aged stock. These days, I keep a fat cooler stocked and it's almost always 67-68%. When boxes become ready, I will pull out 2-5 sticks at a time and put them in a desktop. They seem to take 30 days to even out, and then I smoke off of them until it's time to replenish.
  22. Punch Punch PET AGO 16 from our host. Anyone smoke from this box code? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Absolutely try the sampler. It's by far the best way to ensure getting good quality sticks. And the contents of the sampler change periodically, to reflect what our host believes to be smoking well at any given time, if I'm not mistaken. You'll need to recalibrate your ideas of "medium" and "full" when moving to CCs. Cuba doesn't do anything that I would consider stronger than a solid medium by NC standards. You trade strength for complexity and better flavors, generally. CCs don't need to overpower you to hold your attention. Try some and you'll see.
  24. Lately: Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  25. Kicking off the day with my first QdO Secreto Cubano: great draw, but flavours were underwhelming... I believe time will help these a bit.
  26. Welcome to FOH, Kyle!
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