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  2. I'm thinking we have the same cutter. All I do is put it in a bowl, add some boiling water, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Seems to work for me. What is "brake cleaner" anyway?
  3. I enjoyed the Connioseur Divan and the Olde Cuban in Chinatown. Was not a fan of the shop at the Regency, found the staff very poor and incredibly rude. Was a couple of years ago though so they have perhaps changed.
  4. I got these from our host on 24:24, a great price on a box of clearance stock. Not as dark and oily as the mystery stick contest, but it was well constructed and had a perfect draw. The first third was leather with a light floral aftertaste. Second third a little bit of hazelnut appeared and more leather with some cappuccino. The last third was more of the same. What a great blend! It is one of the best smokes going right now, especially considering it was so young and a clearance item. Jump on the wagon Gents! Cheers
  5. I have never had a problem smoking any size of cigar in Scotland, and I've smoked there for 25 years. In my humidor I never used any humidifcation and it held strong at 60. No problems whatsoever, perhaps I was just lucky.
  6. Nice! I really want one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Given SL's point, maybe dry them out a bit first? Whack 'em in the fridge for a day or two, that'll do it.
  8. I actaully saw this suggested by Bryan Glenn on YouTube but thought it might be of interest. Bear in mind that this works ONLY for cutters which are solid metal. If you your cutter has any plastic, leather, powder coated or other furnature, DO NOT use this method. My standard cutter is a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter and its machined from soild metal. To clean your cutter all you need is some standard brake cleaner and an asborbant cloth, kitchen roll or whatever. Spray your cutter with the brake cleaner, making sure to get into all the hard to access areas. Then wipe with the cloth. The brake cleaner will remove all oils and other residues, lubricate the cutter without leaving any residue and your cutter will be as good as new. As usual with brake cleaner do not spray it over the patio or near any painted surface because the brake cleaner will attack it. Brake cleaner is also more flammable than petrol so use it well away from any naked flames or other sources of ignition. If you cutter does have any furnature try isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud (or q-tip) to remove any oils and build up and then use graphite lubricant to lubricate the cutter. Be sparing with the lubricant because of the danger of residue. I used to use this method on my Xikar Xi1 before I moved over to the Perfect Cutter. Cheers
  9. Ahhhh....I actually enjoy the relief that comes sometimes when requesting a box and Di says, "sorry, they are all gone." ....well, that didn't happen (again), and now I have a box of the Bolivars confirmed. I've never heard of the HdM San Juans, but now that I know I guess that's another to put on the "watch list."
  10. For the record, I have absolutely zero interest. Don't like being "elite" acting "elite" or thinking of myself as such. I'm far to regular.
  11. Starting with a RA EL 2015
  12. Yes. Had this watch for almost 20 years.
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  14. Go to the LCDH, top service and great quality, and in DF it's very hard to find regional editions, especially the latest Casanova as those are quite sought after
  15. Nice review. I've got a PSP box that is acclimating from travel right now. I can not wait to light one up. Can not wait.
  16. The HdM Epi2 cab is so tempting. They are smoking great now, even youngp
  17. TheMonk, Were these purchases Duty Free buys? I see the regional Casanovas from Italy. I'm heading to Italy for 12 days with the wife starting tomorrow. I'm wondering if it's wiser to buy the tobacco at duty free shops versus going at Fincato in Rome. Anyone else with input on this can comment as well. Cheers men, El Javi
  18. And then a cigar afterwards? Legend! Thunder & Lightening '75-'15
  19. I think think the real way to understand how we've got to this point, is to realise the reason's why Wahhabism has formed, and what we can do in the West to stop it. Now, I think we all know that Mesopotamia and the surrounding areas, was the birthplace of civilisation, and I have worked on Islamic artefacts that really communicate how advanced the Islamic world was back then. They were at the forefront of both the arts and scientific/mathematic thinking. I don't know enough to pin point when it happened, but currently the middle east is nearly 100% reliant on western labour and skill for that which is as complicated as a toilet flush mechanisim and up. If you combined this with a massive desire for pride and respect, you suddenly see the problem, The whole religious thing aside, they want to be part of the modern world and have their say, but they have sold their sense of pride along with their oil. I have worked in the middle east many times, and I can honestly say the people I met were fantastic, but in looking around you realise, the skills of the west provide pretty much everything. Again nothing to do with the Islamic religion, but the Islamic culture has completely lost its way, and without us, it in the dark ages. I think its as simple as the have's and the have nots. I think we need to withdraw all support, and infrastructure, and stop watching over them like big brother. Basically say ok then, you want respect, get on your own two feet. Build the Islamic world back into one, that offers more than oil. one that you they can be proud off. This notion might strike fear into the West, but it cant go on, we can't go on holding them at distance and rigging the came by putting "our man' in office in their new 'fare elections'. I think a trade embargo and a removal of all western business workers and skill, will force the Islamic world to go "F**k Ermm I've run out of toilet paper, can you pass a new roll under the door? I regret to inform you Sir that the toilet paper is all gone...................S**T!"
  20. You've been on a tear the last couple of weeks! Congrats on the purchases
  21. Pure awesomeness!!!🤤🤤🤤 Enjoy!
  22. Can't beat FoH for quality!
  23. Hello FOH community, especially Rob, Diana, Ken, Greg & all crew. 3 days ago I received my 4th order from 24:24. It was Montecristo No 2 HP (25). I couldn't believe my eyes when i opened it! But before i did it i felt such a strong barnyard aroma which came from closed box. The taxi's driver turn towards to me to see what is that smell. We almost got into an accident. But he came to his senses in time Friends, i wanna share you what i saw when opened the box. I've never seen before such beautiness! These cigars looks amazing, oily maduro wrappers, awesome construction along all sticks & of course strongest aroma which blows my nose! I think about how hard to find such a great quality box of Monte#2, because i tried to find it at all Moscow dealers & they are failed with quality. I created this topic to say some lovely words for Rob & all crew. You're the greatest Habanos dealers in all world. You make my life & i believe every FOH member's life better. It's pleasure to open 24:24 just for reading Rob's thought about anything & feelings about cigars in list. I love it. And finally let me tell you: HUUUGE THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK! GOOD LUCK, BE HEALTHY & BE HAPPY ROB, DIANA, KEN, GREG & ALL CREW!!! Alex. Photos of Montecristo No 2
  24. Cheers mate. Unfortunately we live in a world where a 62 year old mum wearing hijab can go to woollies (Woolworths.. .a common supermarket in aus... like Tesco) to buy bread with her 5 and 3 year old grandchildren, and get king hit (punched in the back of the head from behind... "blindsiding" i think americans call it) by a person who yells "go home you terrorist". Nothing reported anywhere ofcourse. And ofcourse the police will "investigate" the CCTV footage in the shopping centre. The world is not a good place right now. On any side. Sometimes i think kim jong finishing the planet off is a mercy to us all.
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