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  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte PE (2017) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Daily Cup O' Joe

    Morning cup of joe looks like a ristretto (21 grams to pull 2 oz) cappuccino. Roasted by me in the Behmor and prepared with these. An investment for sure, but nothing beats the La Spaziale for steam power I buy my beans about 22 kg at a time for transport to Taiwan.
  4. perfect timing, greg. i wear the jersey after we win a game and you post the video of me in the jersey four minutes after we lose the series. stu and i were texting during the game. bizarrely, he and i had almost identical views of the game, despite being on opposite sides. normally, i get no agreement from those on the same side. nice to text with someone who understands rugby.
  5. Rugby Union Summer tour internationals

    not sure about spliting up bits to respond so forgive the overall nature of this. the cards were silly. can't believe they have cited folau and suggest he should have had a red. that is as absurd as that red in the first nz v france test. the irish are very bad at that lifting. you lift with one player only, you put that player at risk. not sure it should be card but it most definitely should not be one against folou. undoubtedly league is bursting at the seams with top halves. rugby has bugger all. but does anyone really see foley guiding us to a world cup? may be there is no one but lord spare me, get out there and search. perhaps had they got ponga earlier they could have convinced him. there simply must be others. get a star schoolboy and have him at least on the bench. don't care if he has not played super rugby. lynagh came into that great reds team from school. not a club game. mclean would have had a handful at best. suspect ella ditto. in general, correct. our DNA is such that all nsw players, coaches, referees (epecially), blades of grass are not to be trusted at best. but in truth, look to something like the origin. i'm a big fan of much of that nsw team. a-carr, tedesco, mitchell (as a player but he is a grub), cleary, klemmer, cordner. others. plenty in the past - lazarus, daley. many others. not so much for rugby but someone like mcqueen was hugely respected up here. as was farr-jones, kearns, blades, many others. an origin selector, - he played one origin (the very first one) told me only a few years ago that nsw just didn't understand origin. even with yesterday, not sure they still get it in the same way we do. as for foley making other super rugby teams, it seems we are not far off in our thoughts. and that alone should make us both despair.
  6. Good review. I just sampled one from my box this weekend - TOS Feb 17, with the super dark PSP wrappers. Totally agree the potential is there, but they seem to be in “no mans land” right now, with a balance of flavors completely missing. Maybe another year’s time....
  7. The hand on the ball decision could have gone either way, but it was a clear overreach by the TMO judge to tell the ref that time was up and he *must* whistle off the game. And yes, those cards ... if Folau deserved a yellow, then so did the blithering ox who lifted the Irish captain and then let him drop. Although someone needs to tell him about forward passes! The Wallabies are not a NZ side, after all... I wouldn't know whether Cheika has or has not been looking. Has he simply not found anyone? Or are all the decent prospects playing in the other codes? As for having a blind spot for "anything NSW", that's funny -- there seems to be a fairly general consensus down here that there is a secret fifth amendment to the Queensland constitution requiring all Rugby fans to hate any player or coach from NSW... Kiwis? Not sure. Safe side ... yes, possibly. The Bulls or maybe the Stormers...
  8. Sounds like a fabulous cigar, well done!
  9. Nice job, and I agree... it is a fantastic smoke!
  10. Hello World.

    Welcome to FOH!
  11. What's your latest CC purchase?

    Saving them for now. Hopefully they taste as good as they sound.
  12. Forest Whitaker Is A Badarse Father In Netflix's Apocalyptic Action Film How It Ends A mysterious disaster strikes the United States. A pregnant daughter goes missing 3200km away. Time for a road trip. That's the basic setup of How It Ends, an upcoming apocalyptic disaster movie from Netflix. It's directed by David M. Rosenthal, and Forest Whitaker stars as a father with a military background who takes his daughter's husband (Theo James) on a trip to rescue her when a mysterious event knocks out power and communications. Here's the trailer. Gotta say, for a Netflix movie, that looks highly entertaining - sort of like an apocalyptic Taken. We can only hope the disaster has something to do with a government coverup or aliens, because that would just be the icing on the cake. How It Ends, which co-stars Kat Graham, Kerry Bishé, Mark O'Brien, Nicole Ari Parker and Grace Dove, premieres July 13.
  13. Rum Ratings

    Have never heard of #1 before - after research not sure I'm looking for a bottle anytime soon.... Nice site you posted though I find this one also an extensive and enlightening resource.
  14. Jealous! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Wait so I just caught many cigars are you traveling with ??? How are you going to really manage that with the border issue ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Well... selling a fishtank is officially innumerably harder than selling a car. I've been stood up and low-balled by every single potential buyer, suffering countless opportunity cost (missed work) from the time I've wasted on them. Sold some coral and rock tonight. Put up an ad on my local aquarists club to try and get the rest of the rock sold, open house style, on saturday, and have a few friends lined up to come buy the rest of the corals. Wish me luck. The goal is to get everything out of the tank on saturday so it can be drained. Last major hurdle in the process of minimizing my belongings. Have decided to get a trailer hitch and rent a uhaul trailer for the rest of the stuff I do plan to keep. I'll be sleeping in the car some nights, and it would really nice to have an open back to stretch out with the dog and be comfy, rather than just crashing in the driver seat. Progress is being made... Definitely looking forward to a big blowout 'last herf before the border' celebration with @awkwardPause when I make it to seattle. We'll be closing the boxpass with a bang, and smoking some fantastic cigars. 03 des dieuxs, 01 psd3s, 09 lusis, 08 898s, 83 especiale no 1s. It's gonna be a bash.
  17. Rugby Union Summer tour internationals

    i must say i was not so bothered by the ref'ing. i could not see a hand on the ball at the end. both cards were farces, but that is more the fault of the administrators than the refs on field. it has diminished the game. some dodgy decisions but overall, given the lunacy of far too many of the rules, i thought he was okay. way better than that vile heap of crap, gardner. agree - powell looked sharp. good backup for genia. that is a positive step. sure, no one else for fly half but no one is looking. we have huge squad selected and just one fly half? probably the first time in the history of rugby that many selected and only one fly half. especially such a bog average one. i like cheika as a coach but he makes some dumb calls. and like another overrated coach before him, he has a blind spot for anything nsw (and randwick). foley averages a good test every 18 months, i'd guess. the rest are hit/miss/crap/a good moment or two. hopeless if you are building a team. and the 'no one else' argument has run its course. we are not even looking. find someone else. this is surely what the coaches and selectors are paid for. get into super rugby and search high and low. try a promising kid. give them a chance. can't do worse. picking foley test after test gives us crap. he was awful in that last test. don't blame the refs, blame foley and cheika for shoehorning him in time after time and expecting something different. here is a question, for someone who is supposedly our great test 5/8, would he start at any nz super rugby side? or even any south african side.
  18. 24:24 MONDAY

    Great price on the Dantes!
  19. 1999 Saint Luis Rey Lonsdale (REO EP00) This is a recycle of a review I posted for the freestyle comp. As it was likely my most memorable cigar of the year, I think it deserves a revisiting for this. This was just excellent. First half was like a high class s'more. The predominant flavors vacillated between marshmallow, milk chocolate, graham cracker, espresso, black pepper and paprika. There was always a light, peppery, toasted tobacco base. As one might expect from a lonsdale of any marca, the body and intensity gradually built as I progressed through the length of the cigar. That’s not to say, however, that it started out mild. No sir. I ran into some significant burn issues in the middle, which required some touchup and cost me some tobacco. I consider this a more-than-fair price of admission for the show I was about to receive though. Angels’ share. Second half was ALL cream. Like frikkin heavy whipping cream. The smoke coated every nook and cranny of my mouth. Even my teeth felt like Elvis’ suit. Crushed velvet, baby. Sublime. Complementary flavors varied throughout the second half. Nougat, nutmeg, chocolate, caramel, chile, clove, citrus, and something I can't put my finger on. Sort of a bittersweet savory thing. Maybe like a nicely marbled steak marinated in cocoa and molasses. I dunno. It escapes me. On the whole, the second half was like the olfactory sensory overload of a German christmas party. I burnt my fingertips trying to get ‘just one more...!’ draw before having to finally let it go to the Gods. The development of flavors wasn’t quite as subtle and elegant as that of an aged 898. If the 898 is a tasteful literary classic, this lonsdale was ‘Road Warrior’. One minute all is peaceful, and the next, a mongrel marauder is running over a shopkeep with his motorbike. The twists and turns on the flavor ride were like that of a roller coaster. It kept me more on the edge of my seat, than melting into it. It was very exciting. I’ve smoked a lot of good cigars this year, but this one is one of the greats. 2008 898; 2013 PCE; 2011 OR RG Perlas; 1999 SLR Lonsdale - these guys stand out as legends among heroes. I won’t soon forget this cigar. Runnerup: A 2009 MDO2 I was fortunate enough to enjoy with, and courtesy of @jerrybrowne FWIW: my MVC (cigar that I've most often turned to this year) have been examples of 2 boxes of TOS MAY 16 SCDLH El Principes. Not a one has failed to disappoint. I am already sad that I will some day smoke the last one. Shoutout to @awkwardPause and @Wertman ( my FOH bosom buddies) for hookin me up with those boxes.
  20. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    LFD Andalusian Bull... Not bad!
  21. Rum Ratings

    tried the 21 year old el dorado on the weekend. love to see the 25 to see if it really was better, because that 21 year old is one of the great rums.
  22. FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Wish I would have seen this earlier... Went to a pro motocross race this weekend. Would have took some sweet pics
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