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  2. Who here vapes?

    I quit smoking cigs 11 years ago, i am pretty lucky because i am never tempted to start again even when i'm around cigs smokers. I never tried vaping and i'm not interested in doing so. I'll stick (no pun intended) to cigars.
  3. this croc, 5.2 metres, was found shot in the fitzroy at rocky. about a 1,000 kilometres south of where you might expect crocs to be. swimming anyone?
  4. Enjoy your time on the wagon! If you're anything like me, you'll lose a few pounds and enjoy better sleep. I found this thread really helpful for non-alcoholic cigar pairings.
  5. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    in for those ryj's - love a short churchill and pretty similar size. any thoughts from those who've had both?
  6. Summer is really hot here in So Fla so 20 min smokes are in order. Transitioning to cooler weather is the time to relax and hang out outside for as long as you want. Cant wait to try the Monte 80th I got from you! Tarpon on fly in the summer, DC's in the winter. LoveFla
  7. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    crasto is a fabulous producer and a great place. stayed with the family for 3-4 days a few years ago. amazing time. different world (i suspect that they might have more use for rob's tax havens than rob). spent one afternoon in the infinity pool floating around with an SLR DC. (no ash went into the pool). you can see the pool in the photo, directly above the houses. on the left of the summit.
  8. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    Great suggestion [emoji106] Ramos Pinto is my favourite Port house and their Duas Quintas red is excellent!
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  10. Who here vapes?

    You could likewise ask - any nic-addicts here?
  11. (Marketing) Instrument by importers (indeed, not only PCC) to move slow-selling or over-stocked stuff. You are unlikely to find any Behike, CORO or Swinnie under those programs...
  12. Beautiful PSP MEG FEB 2016 PSP MUL July 2014 PSP 2016s...
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Wonderful Monte #3 from our host. Love the size. Very tasty. Still cannot get use to the new bands, so I just take them off at the get go.
  14. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    Gigantes!!! Locked in. I love em...
  15. That might be part of the reason perhaps, but I tend to think more along the lines of variability of sticks. Got some 25ers coming of the Cremas (much prefer them over the Petit Cetros atm, but that may indeed be due to my limited smoking experience with them, so will give them another chance with a bundle) and the Cazadores. And it seems Quintero is the real deal for me, the Brevas are gold. Not getting warm with the Favoritos, however. But I am never regretting a good short smoke - when it's done, it's done. Always better to have a great short shot over a mediocre one, don't you agree? The shorties can't be good enough for me, as they have to put everything they've got into that short time frame.
  16. Who here vapes?

    I vape daily, but I don't do it around many people. I started vaping to quit dipping snuff (Copenhagen, Skoal) several years ago and stuck with it because it's hopefully less harmful. I do it for the nicotine, not for ritual or for pleasure. When I'm stressed, I use it. When I'm not, I don't. I use the most basic bland juice I can find and have never tried a fruity or tobacco flavored juice that I liked. I'm gearing up to throw the thing in the trash and not look back, but haven't done it yet. I don't like the idea of needing a crutch. My (almost) daily cigar, if only a small Cohiba Short or Partagas Chicos, is my ritual and pleasure. It's a completely different experience for me than vaping. I usually smoke late at night, the last thing before bed, sort of a happy ending to a hopefully good day. The vape gets left behind and the humidor gets cracked open. Now THAT'S the good stuff.
  17. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sitting outside on a rainy evening and enjoying what turned out to be one of the best smokes this year for me. Fresh Especiales No. 2, first from a new box, and at 6 months from boxing smoking like an aged stick. Had I smoked it blind I would have sworn it had at least three years of age on it. Superb.
  18. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Close, but also a Coronas Gordas...
  19. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

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  20. Cohiba Siglo II from a recent 24:24...going to rest, December 2016
  21. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    I too think the Wide Churchills have been a great deal lately. Consistent, a nice medium (and above) cigar with typical RyJ flavours. When I think of Exhibicion No 4's I think of the great run of POU Jun 13 (et al that year) that dominated 2014/15 on this forum. They typically had beautiful Colorado Rosado wrappers that yielded a lovely milk chocolate/cherry flavour. I think this is the main difference...perhaps a touch under medium in general. I'm actually quite excited at the thought of these at Havanathon this year (being offered). Kudos to you, El Pres.
  22. Connie A

    You could try the Half Coronas but I think the Connie A is a much richer cigar. It really is a unique, standout cigar that represents a tremendous win for HSA, not the least of which is it's remarkable consistency both within a box and box-to-box.
  23. Also switch to shorter smokes since I have to smoke outside and it's getting cold. For me it's mostly Cohiba Siglo Is, secretos, panatelas, Trinidad Reyes and Coloniales. SCDH Principes, HUPCs. A few others.
  24. Who here vapes?

    Thought about it as a way to give up cigarettes but because this country is so F. en backwards you can but the vape gear but cannot buy juice here that contains nicotine (it’s illegal 😡) which sort of surprises me as governments here aren’t slow to tax the shit out of something Cigars being a good point in question
  25. Who here vapes?

    I started vaping in 2013. Definitely just a means to get nicotine without (near as much of) the harmful effects of cigarettes. I smoked for 15 yrs and the moment I got my first vape pen I put the ciggy's down. I spent the first year or so trying to find a cigarette replacement. Something that had that burning tobacco taste, but there is no such thing. Little did I know the best replacement was in cigar form I would be willing to bet the Cuban vape tastes nothing like the real thing and more than likely a waste of money. I'll stick to my blueberry donut juice!
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