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    Sounds like we had a very similar experience with these.......
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  4. when you were young...

    I loved JL too. Definitely one of the greats. His record as coach is impress too. I used to go to the "Justin Langer cricket camp" each summer as a kid. A really fun few days. He is also an accomplished martial artist. Super tough by all accounts (no surprises). Apparently he used to do a kata called "Sanchin/ 3 battles" to get fired up and focused before going out to bat! To answer the OP another vote for a youngster dreaming of playing test cricket. Or the military. Did neither now a lawyer. Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  5. Here's the pic's I promised you. All smoked great with excellent burn, construction, and flavor. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  6. LA Palina also makes since really great ones. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  7. Warped makes some really great cigars that are extremely cubanesque. The 2014 Limited Edition Lancero from Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate is also very reminiscent of a Cuban cigar. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  8. cheers dude. Sorry for the vagaries, I just mindlessly copied the suggested wording from El Pres in the comp page
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Getting into this 99 Lusi. Tough draw at first but it's opened up nicely and highly rewarding! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Glad to hear this about the Punch 48. I love all the LCDH releases and have been eyeing these. Been wanting to try one but haven't had the chance yet. I'll take your word though! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    And that's it for now. Last of my ALT MAR 13 HdM du Prince. Fortunately I do have a bunch of June 16s squirreled away [emoji16]
  12. Hello from North China

    Hey all, greetings from North China (via Washington DC). Thanks to Raskol for introducing me to the site. Happy to learn more about our hobby here.
  13. Are you here in Taiwan?
  14. I used to buy wheels of El Originals from the Island Smoke Shop on Key Largo. They had a great Cuban vibe. They don't have a cool name or fancy bands (well by the wheel they came sans bands), but they will (or used to anyway) get you halfway to Cuba at a fair price.
  15. Thank you @planetary for organising this poll! I especially value the final results which indicate members' opinions into what is smoking best 'on-form' for the previous calendar year. My choices, based on consistency in what was best, stick-after-stick... 1. H. Upmann Connossieur A - LUB Oct 2014 This cigar would have to rate as one of the very best releases Habanos S.A has brought out to the marketplace in the last 5 years. The reason? It simply smokes like an aged H.Upmann time-after-time. Smooth, mild and consistent are amongst the common adjectives used to describe this cigar. Cedar, Espresso, Shortbread, Tobacco and Spice (or White Pepper on occasion) with a creamy texture usually to top it off. What more can one ask for? 2. Cohiba Espléndidos - MEL Jun 2016 I enjoyed the Espléndidos from the 2017 Xmas Sampler, I enjoyed the Espléndidos from the quarter boxes I picked up from 24:24. It's not like me to have these this young, but they've been great when I've wanted to unwind for the week slowly over 1 1/2 to 2 hours. They've mostly had a coffee or mocha spine with hay, citrus and honey. The buttery (or creamy) texture will build the more they're left to rest, but they've been highly enjoyable for me in 2017. 3. Diplomáticos Bushido - EML May 2015/TOS Oct 2015 I can't get enough of them, mainly because they aren't around anymore and there's none left. Unlike the Abominable Snowman or the Bermuda Triangle, there's no mystery here to be had, the 3 or 4 I had in 2017 were all similarly a superlative cigar-smoking experience. Almond, Capsicum, Cream, Paprika or Spice...sometimes they've had a sourdough/cinnamon edge to them, but it's a cigar long not-forgotten. Maybe it's for the best they're not around as many of us would be in serious financial distress otherwise sourcing boxes. I would have rated this higher, perhaps, if I had more like this last year. 4. La Flor de Cano Grandiosos - ROL Oct 2013 Another Asia-Pacifico Regional Release that has 'sprouted-to-life' from its dormant habitat in its infancy, at around 4 years of age, this has started to enter its peak period, in my opinion. It has a lovely floral/citrus essence combined with a creamy shortbread and nut body. Even though it was just outside the 2014 cut-off date, i had to put this cigar in as one of my best for 2017. Do yourself a favour and hunt down a box, you won't regret it. 5. H. Upmann Sir Winston - MOL Jun 2017 Like the H.Upmann Connossieur A, this wonderful Churchill-sized cigar reflects the qualities of an aged H.Upmann. Again, I would have probably rated it higher if I had more. This seasonal cigar, released for a few months at a time every 2 or 3 years, is a must-try or must-have cigar for aficionados. 6. Rafael González Perlas - PMS Abr 2015 These are rarely put up on 24:24 but when they are they often sellout within minutes. These have been so good for me in 2017, that they became my 'go-to' perla. They are consistent in construction and flavour (a combination of cocoa, nut, honey and floral notes). My Sydney FoH cigar member buddies have 'cottoned-on' and have been ordering this lately and kudos to them for doing so! 7. Montecristo No.1 - ESL Jun 2017 The wrapper is nothing to harp on about it, but the lonsdale size (42 ring gauge x 165 mm) promotes a cool smoke which, for me, enhances the Monte cocoa, nut and cream that can be found in these. If you regularly smoke Montecristo No. 2's, do yourself a favour and try these as they represent the same investment in your time (i.e. the Montecristo No.1 and No.2 take around 90 minutes to smoke, on average...more or less). 8. Cohiba Siglo III - SOM Nov 2016 I've been simply enamored with how this Long Corona (42 ring gauge x 155 mm...perhaps one of my very favourite vitolas) has smoked for me in late 2017. Sure there's quality Cohiba grass/hay, citrus and honey but it's the evidence of cream texture that has had me enraptured! 9. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux - BUM Ene 2014 Another fantastically-sized long corona (the Montecristo Tubos is the only other regular production cigar of the same vitola currently around), I would rate this higher if I had more to smoke. They haven't been seen since the first half of 2014 (maybe a little later at most), if Habanos S.A. were an American company they'd be a 24-hour protest group outside their offices shouting, "What do we want?..HdM des Dieux, When do we want them?...NOW!" In my view, this is the current very best example of the Hoyo de Monterrey marca. 10. El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse - SGA May 2016 A surprise for number ten, but they're super-reliable 20 minute little wonders, great most times of the day with a strong black espresso coffee. For a little smoke, they can be a pleasant surprise on the lighter side, with flavours of shortbread, citrus, almond and some cedar sometimes. In fact, I may just find that one I have left at the bottom of my humidor this weekend and celebrate's well worth it!
  16. Cool, I'll buy a big one for conditioning should I decide to climb Everest.
  17. I've been running on these for years. There is a desiccant at the rear of this box that gently sucks out humidity and air whenever it senses that the interior is above a pre-set humidity. Downside is that the internal atmospheric pressure can be a smidgen below 1atm due to the air being thinner inside. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    makes great sense - the mead. annoyed with myself that i never thought of it before. might tonight. i've done the ageing once or twice before, of the chimay. loved the results, though i gave them about 12 years. not sure i have the patience.

    Which he then gives to Ken who renders them into the beautifully detailed watercolours that are posted. Maybe...
  20. Another vote for Warped. I think L’Atelier is very cubanesque. Folks say Atabey is like a Behike but I’ve never smoked one and they are pricey.
  21. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Thank you @Ken Gargett. I also have two bottles of the Chimay Blue aswell (2016). I want to see how they age. I am excited to try the reserve. It's the cognac one. Carrington cellars in Katoomba had a deal with the glass which was great too. I look forward to trying the mead. I have a friend that regularly pairs his cigars with mead so i decided to buy it.
  22. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas- Shorts (2014) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk NUBBED!!!
  23. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    luca, just got a couple of bottles of the Chimay as well, though they did not have the reserve. the standard. but after half a dozen years in a cellar, hard to beat. and the maxwell mead always fun. it should be a good cigar drink - i had not thought of that but will give it a go.
  24. I hope the pics come up clearly on your screen. The tunnel was about 4mm wide and forked off into two 2mm ones. Forgive the order of the pics.
  25. Moral hazard is an issue, definitely. But it does not solve anything to reduce it all to individual decisions and responsibility when the problem becomes so big that it develops into a genuine headache for all of us, on many levels. When too many people make bad choices, it turns into a problem for all of us. And it is a costly one at that. Youth unemployment, long-term unemployment, crime, failure to create personal wealth, reduction of national productivity, loss of national competitiveness, erosion of the tax base, pressure on social service systems -- we all foot the bill for those individual yet endemic choices, and so we cannot just sit back and say "hey, it's their choice, let them deal with it". I might take a punt on it. What matters here is not so much the degree itself than the ability to be flexible, a willingness to enter other and possibly unrelated fields, and above all a good technical skill of acquiring, integrating, analysing and using knowledge. Careers open to an art history graduate (other than the obvious gallery or museum route): marketing, advertising, PR, event management, education, design (including graphic) and media (including broadcasting and online), publishing, interior design ... and that's just off the top of my head. Besides, art is big business -- the global art market was worth USD45 billion last year. Correctly identify a Da Vinci or Pollack, or discover the next Basquiat or Koons, and you stand to recoup enough to pay for several hundred art history degrees with enough profit to spare to finance the country's largest collection of cigars.
  26. Hello Friends, It's been too long since I've last logged on but I experienced something last night worth sharing. Some months ago I received an unopened, uninspected box of El Principes. Sadly they were affected by tobacco beetle. Four sticks were irretrievable. I froze the other twentyone for six days and stored them separately for a few months. The pics below illustrate my experience. Not sure if the pics are clear but you'll see a unique form of tunnelling. One I cannot blame the roller for! At first it was a single tunnel that then forked off into two smaller tunnels. For the record, the cigar was splendid. Though the beady eyes staring at me were a little unnerving....
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