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Boveda Packs Question

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#1 OttawaMan



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 10:22 PM

I just ordered a new Humidor and plan on seasoning it with Boveda packs. I'm not familiar with this product but hear ready good things. Anyway there's someone on ebay selling enough for me to get the humidor started. 4 x 84%. What I don't understand about the packs is that you apparently don't open them or do anything. You just toss them in the humidor? Do they last forever? ie: This guy SAYS he ordered too many and is selling the surplus but they are brand new...but say he's lying and has had them for a year or so...are they still good?

#2 Ophidion



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 10:27 PM

You could just put distilled water in a dish and put that in your humi till it gets to the RH where you want it and save yourself a bunch of money

#3 hdryder



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 10:55 PM

Like Kevin said a bowl of distilled water works about the best. The Boveda packs come with cello wrapper on them. As long as it is intact they should still be @ 84% or whatever they are marked as. Once the cello is taken off then they start to go down (or go up if the humidity is higher) till they reach the same RH as the humidor they are in. Basically they try to match thier surroundings. They can also be recharged but putting them in an air tight container with a bowl of water. It takes a while but they will become moist again.

#4 Weeklystogie



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 02:25 AM

When you're done with the packs don't forget to toss them in a ziplock, they last for an awful long time like that without needing to recharge in case you ever have a use for them again.

#5 SurpriseMVP



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 04:45 AM

I use them in a desktop 65rh. I have several and when they start to dry out I swap them out. You recharge them by putting them in a Tupperware with a cup if distilled water. They recharge right back to 65%. As others have said don't waste the money on the 84's you'll never use again

#6 thechenman



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 06:27 AM

I love Bovedas product. I use it extensively. I haven't "recharged" them, I just purchase new ones when needed. They do last quite awhile under normal conditions, but dry New York winters suck them dry pretty quickly.

The 84s are used to season a humidor only. You should not store your cigars with them. As far as what rH packet you should choose for storage, that totally depends upon what rH you prefer your smokes at. If you are using a wooden humidor though, I would suggest you go up one rH level.

For storage or seasoning...the rule of thumb is one packet for every 25 sticks that your humidor will hold.

Hope that helps.
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- thechenman

#7 Ginseng



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 07:09 AM

The Boveda packs come with cello wrapper on them...Once the cello is taken off then they start to go down

Just to clarify, the Boveda packs are stored in barrier plastic heat sealed baggies. Cellophane, the material actually used in cigar packaging is highly breathable. Terminology.


Oh, if you can get a bunch of them cheap or free, I'd use them. If not, a dish of water will work fine. Just keep in mind that pure water will tend to 100% RH so you have to monitor it and when you get to a few percent above where you want to be, remove the container.
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