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    Havana 2017 I just recently returned from another trip to Havana, my first since 2015. Having been down to Havana multiple times in the past, it’s always interesting to reflect on any changes I’ve experienced in the city. Mental note: don’t do a 7 day cigar trip to Nicaragua and then roll right into a Cuba cigar trip. The positive takeaway is that I already had my ‘Cuban head’ on before I landed in Havana. In the past we’ve always flown through Varadero for a multitude of reasons. The problem with Varadero is that it’s filled with tourists and as a result everything becomes painfully slow. You can bank on taking an hour and a half to get through customs, retrieving your luggage, and the point at which your bus leaves to Havana. Then you get delays from all the various hotels they stop at on the way to Havana. This year some of us flew through Varadero and some of us flew through Havana, for me it was my first experience. Things have improved significantly in Varadero with our group arriving almost exactly on time factoring in the bus ride. They commented that their luggage beat them passing through customs. Impressive. The experience in Havana was similar. Customs went rapidly with a minimum of delay. Baggage came out almost immediately, and from tarmac to taxi it was approximately 35 minutes. Eliminating the almost 7 hours of bus travel from the trip makes the overall trip far less exhausting. CADECA experience In all the times I’ve travelled to Havana, we have always had multiple members of the group ‘taxed’ when changing money. That ‘tax’ either comes in the form of one of your Canadian bills mysteriously disappearing, or some of your CUC not being in the pile. This has lead to us being extremely clinical about changing money. After several money changes, both at the Havana airport and at hotels, I am happy to report that not a single member of our group was ‘taxed’ a single CUC. Prices are up & down, service a mixed bag Hotel pricing is at a level that surpasses premium hotels in Las Vegas. The rack rate at the Nacional is at $375 USD per night, and the Parque Central was $750 USD per night. Now Cuba being Cuba, it’s very possible that most of these rooms are being bundled for tour packages so they have no need to offer reasonable rates outside of those packages. Service at the hotels is at an all time low. The typical Cuba pace of things has reached flat out disinterest at some points. Problems that would typically be resolved by the end of the day drag on several days. People at the business centers are annoyed to even talk to you. Service at the restaurants is at an all time high. Food out 15 minutes after ordering? Mojitos replenished at the tables in less than 5? I’m not sure what is driving this but at times it’s a welcome change not to wait 55 minutes for your food, and 25 minutes for a new set of drinks. Scams are down. Are they gone? In past trips you could always bank on having at least one restaurant experience where extra appetizers or drinks inexplicably show up on your bill. You’d always have a handful of cabs overcharge you for rides. In 2015 my cab scam experience reached an all time high where you’d have to confirm the price being quoted applied to the total ride and not individual occupants. I’m very pleased to report that we did not run into a single restaurant bill issue, and we had several interactions where cab drivers undercut us on price, and refused to accept more. The Americans are here The flood gates have opened to Havana, but the number of American travelers has reduced somewhat. I can’t speak to whether that being a result of the luster of Havana now rubbing off, or prices skyrocketing, but gone are the massive crowds downtown and in various LCDHs. All the Americans we ran into were friendly, respectful, and engaged in great conversation. There were more than a few people who were trying out cigars for the first time, and the questions and interactions were entertaining. I’m confident the some elevators in Cuba are not rated for a group of Americans. I mean that in all sincerity, as many of the people who we ran into were easily 150 – 200% our size and weight. Construction Construction on the El Capitolio building has progressed nicely, with renovations and construction projects being present all over Havana. The speed at which some of these builds are progressing is much faster than the typical Cuban pace. It will be interesting to check in next year to see if it continues. Habanos quality Big ring gauge cigars are here to stay, and it’s clearly the direction Cuban cigars will be going towards in the future. From 65+ ring gauge custom rolls, to EL / LE product arriving at 58+ ring gauge, small ring gauge is out and big ring gauge is in. I am completely disappointed at this shift. I feel I can say that objectively Cuba has had the best small ring gauge and small vitola cigars in the world, for some time. Larger ring gauge product is going to be a tough market in places like Canada and Australia where a combination of taxes and experienced Cuban cigar smokers are going to drive many customers away. There does seem to be greater care and focus on the quality of cigar in terms of the construction and consistency of blends. We definitely sampled some Edicion Limitada cigars that clearly need more age, but regular production stock was smoking very well. Footnote There has been a lot of debate about whether to freeze cigars brought back from Cuba. I’ve known for some time that product not marked for export is not frozen or fumigated. A person who I know and trust implicitly tested a set of cigars rolled from the same tobacco leaf. One cigar was subjected to the freezing process, while the other was not. Both cigars were smoked blind to determine if there was any impact to construction, or flavor. Freezing had no detectable impact. I learned a new cigar party trick. We observed significant background police presence all throughout the city. You could not walk more than two blocks without spotting a uniformed officer. We also observed, with great entertainment, an encounter with two locals which resulted in police on scene in under 10 seconds. The entire exchange was handled in typical Cuban ‘manyana’ fashion. I was able to enjoy some truly exceptional cigars that I no doubt would have never had if I wasn’t on the trip.
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    Where was the most extreme surroundings you thought to yourself 'man I really need to enjoy a c.c. while taking this all in'? This was mine, after rebuilding World Trade Center 1 and setting her antenna I thought it was appropriate to celebrate our accomplishments with my partner and Cuban smokes high atop the greatest city in the world....
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    Had a great time in Havana and managed a pretty decent score considering I was there a week after the Habano's festival!
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    Today my wife and I are married for 51 years.Who would have thought.For sure not our parents.They gave us 2 years max.Now who has the last laugh.Let the celebration begin
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    My wife went into labor yesterday and gave birth to our second son. Meet the newest member, Stephen Leo Nelson.
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    Back in 2008 my good mate Jose pulled me aside and gifted me a medallion/key ring. It was the medallion/key ring for door number 1, room 5, Senate, Capitolio Building Havana. I know Hamlet has one. JDC another. All in all a dozen of us. A little brotherhood. It has taken near 10 years but I decided to turn mine into a simple bracelet. Gold was my first pick but I am not a "Gold" person. Hell, I am barely a jewelry person at all. Brushed Sterling Silver with a custom mechanism where the medallion can be flipped allowing you to chose which side to be shown. I will work the SS to achieve a patina over the coming months. I think it has turned out well. One to be worn when we come together. One to be passed down to Ben.
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    Back in the days before the internet, if you were in South East England, and wanted a decent cigar, you were probably going to have to make a journey into Central London. What an annoyance! First of all you can forget about driving! The traffic, charges, and lack of parking just make it completely unfeasible. So then you are faced with a journey on the tube...not so much fun either. Anyway, in my current job, I work a night shift in Central London (we have our own parking ), and I get a lenghty break in the middle of the night. So, I tend to retreat to my car and smoke a cigar or two. One night this week, I decided to enjoy the novelty of being able to park my car pretty much anywhere I like at 3am. What a pleasure! It's a damn shame none of the cigar shops were open....they would have made quite a few sales! So here's where I went: Fortnum & Mason - Duke Street St James's Imagine being able to park this close to Fortnum & Mason! Ok, so it's a double yelllow line....hence the plate masking! Well, I don't think they actually sell any cigars here, but the important shop is behind me.... Alfred Dunhill - Duke Street St James's I remember visiting this shop to buy a pipe once. They looked at me like I had come from the moon! The store had long since discontinued selling any tobacco products, and now is just an outlet for overpriced men's accessories. Shame. Davidoff - Jermyn Street What a street! Lots of great shops to be enjoyed here. A mere stone's throw from Dunhill, this is the official Davidoff dealer for the UK - run by the Sahakian family. I've enjoyed excellent service here, and recommend it. Don't be fooled by the name, they do not sell Davidoff products exclusively, and have a well stocked humidor. Also good for high end pipes. JJ Fox - St James's Street Nice big humidor at this famous Cigar Merchant. Also benefits from a large lounge upstairs where you can sample what you have just bought downstairs. If only you could get a parking space like this in real life! No. 1 St James's Street This is a relatively new Cigar Merchant, at least at this location. I have never been inside, but it shows on google maps as 'Dunhill Tobacco of London Ltd'. I think some other members have been here, and had good things to say, so I must take a closer look at some point! Bourdon House - Bourdon Street Been here many times, and love having a cigar in the courtyard. It's Dunhill's Outlet/Member's Clubhouse. They have quite a bit going on inside, including a nice quiet humidor downstairs. It's also the only official Dunhill outlet that sells its own brand of pipes - although this might have changed since the arrival of Dunhill at No.1 St James's St. Small food menu, which is not cheap, but does use fresh, quality ingredients. Pretty good selection of whiskies too, and if that wasn't enough to warm you up, they also have outdoor heaters! I haven't yet found a cigar-friendly venue that is open later than about 1am. If anyone knows of a place....please let me know!!
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    Achievement Unlocked. Any other recommendations for long skinnies? LGC? HDM?
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    I haven't posted in here in a while, but I'm really excited about these. 98 SLR Lonsdale Cab.
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    From our host, beautiful box of lanceros.
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    Usually DCs and Churchills are rare smokes for me as I just don't have the time to commit right now.I've never tried the HdM DC or VR DA and debating whether to get a box or three.Revisiting the Boli CG and Punch DC.Bodyguard welcomed!A few different BOTL filling an ISO I put out-why are they discontinuing these excellent RG and sizes?[emoji848] No strategy for the Sancho-pure impulse buy as the price has been rising and you can never have enough cigars right?[emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rob, I know from experience that open vendor discussions only belong on a private forum. Fakes or not, frankly I have seen too many witch hunts in my time, mostly from a pack of morons who won't even smoke a cigar, but will whip out a caliper and check to see if the distance of the tax stamp from the edge of the box is the same as the the picture that they have in MRN's book, blown up and scaled to size. Some vendors deserve all that they get. Unfortunately I have seen threads where every vendor and I mean every vendor is accused of selling frauds... These 'witch hunt' threads are very much like 'what should I buy threads.' In that, if they are up long enough, every vendor will be mentioned. It is par for the course. You guys do a great job of managing the site overall. You know that I am involved in a private site and with that experience, I actually figured that FoH, a public site would have never survived. I am very glad that I was wrong. I am one of FoH's oldest active members, as you know. You don't owe the 'community' a damn thing my friend. It is your site, you are doing it right and I am proud to be a member here. I don't bother with any other public cigar forums. They are (my generalization) a wasteland of misinformation and a waste of my time. Cheers mate. -Ray
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    I recently received the below e-mail. it has been sorted out since but I thought it worthwhile to explain our mindset to newer FOH members who may be wondering. Anyway here was the original email. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ While I enjoy the forum, I would like to take you to task on the lack of information of global fake cigar sellers. Your blanket ban on the discussion of vendors only allows fake suppliers to flourish at the expense of cigar buyers worldwide and no doubt some of your own members as well. Who are you protecting and why are you protecting them? Why aren’t you doing everything possible to stop them? Is there something that I am missing? Perhaps something a little more sinister? Others have no such problem such as http://www.cigaranalysis.com/fake-cuban-cigars/ I would like a timely response when you are able. I know you are busy. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have no problem posting the cigaranalysis link. From what I can see they do a good job with no hidden agendas. Anyone who hates SoloCigars has an ally in me Is their information 100% correct across the whole site?. No idea. I haven't checked it. But what I saw in a matter of minutes was the reason why we don't permit such discussions here. Head to their comments section to understand why. Someone will ask a question ....what about XYZ company? Someone will post....Fakes! I received some poor HDM Epi 2. Another will post ....legit dealer! No problem. Another....Fakes!.....and so it goes on. One of the dealers raised in the comments section is straight as an arrow.....and that is the problem. Libel laws in this country are deadly serious and what is discussed on the forum is on my shoulders. Yes I may bash HSA at times....but "truth" is a defence in such cases But the accusation of a vendor selling fakes when he is not will put me in a pretty pickle of poo. The onus of proof is on me and my argument of "Your Honour, FOH member CluelessNoNads was pretty sure he was right as the warranty seal wasn't on straight" just doesn't cut the legal mustard. So that is why we don't do it here. Not much to gain, plenty to lose. Just avoid Solo and the many variations. You are nuts if you purchase from any online caribbean dealer. Multiple websites of the same owner/different names. Ask yourself why?...then ask them. Legendary and hard to get cigars out or cookie cutter websites....pass. Super cheap pricing on everything....and they have everything....pass. If you have a serious question ask for a PM from experienced members.
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    I think they need a regional edition.
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    Hard to believe that the first quarter of 2017 is over It has been a helter skelter start to the year for us here and showing no signs of slowing down. Again, I am blessed by a fantastic team who have not only stepped up to the plate in terms of their own workload but are putting their ideas forward and executing them. The one big cloud on the horizon is wrapper quality and underfilling of mid to late 16 stock that we are seeing in 2017 to date. Three points. 1. Take a deep breath. Not all is bad. Far from it. There are some exceptional cigars coming through. I am not running a Chicken Little Line. 2. First quarter 2017 is the worst quality wrapper I have seen on average since 1999/00. 3. Underfilling is becoming a noticeable problem again on some cigars. A picture says a thousand words. I love the beautiful red hue wrappers of great Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills. Done right they are bliss to smoke and even though they are nowhere near my preferred gauge I appreciate what they bring to the table. I went through a mastercase of Wides yesterday which were to be honest.....appalling. Check the wrapper on the below. More importantly, look at the level of underfilling. Quality control my hairy arse. La Corona factory, not some provincial factory. It wasn't a single mastercase by any means. You wonder why I don't put up many Trinidad reyes on 24:24? Havana....we have a problem. Now the above are exceptions. They are just far more common in 2017 that they were in 2016. They were rare in 2015/14. One of the reasons I have brought in Greg to help me in the warehouse selection is that it is taking me far longer to find FOH quality stock for 24:24. We do and will continue to do so. However unless things improve dramatically in the last three quarters of 2017 (and I can see no catalyst for such a change), then we are all in for a tough year. Be careful when purchasing 2016 stock blind this year. Work with vendors who will work with you. If buying blind and you have a choice of 15 or 16 stock then go 15.
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    this is going around the internet. i know it is all too simplistic but i rather liked it. and no, i do not have a corvette (or even want one, to be honest). A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost. I replied I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur IL, at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore. It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families. BUT,... I have to admit, I guess I really don't know how many people it fed. That is the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality. When you buy something, you put money in people's pockets, and give them dignity for their skills. When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth. Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value. Socialism is taking your money against your will and shoving something down your throat for which you never asked.
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    Lancero! AMO OCT 16, from the PSP 24:24 sale. One of two boxes. Putting them deep, deep in the humidor.
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    because I spent 20k on them for some reason and now i have to smoke them
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    Cigars I've enjoyed lately... 1) Ramon Allones Superiores ETP Feb 16 (thank you Rob) I find I much prefer this vitola in the Ramon Allones marca because, in general, I find it much milder than the other RA vitolas and they tend to be very consistent for me. Stewed fruit, cocoa, mild leather and a kind thanks to you Rob for making it possible. 2) H.Upmann Noella 2011 (thanks Trevor) Every time you give me these Trevor I just marvel at how delightfully complex they are through the thirds. H.Upmann toasted tobacco, shortbread, coffee, a little spice through the nose, it's all there in varying degrees. One of those cigars you either like or distaste. Luckily, I just like them! 3) Cohiba Piramides Extra UPE Dic 12 I think this is one of my pure pleasures in life when it comes to appreciating a Habanos cigar. This cigar is one I 'lull' over because as I smoke it, it often takes me on a journey of awe and wonder at what Cohiba can offer in a piramide. Cohiba grass and honey, together with a smooth buttery and creamy texture on the palate which you can draw upon even into the final third sometimes. I think I need to get some more! 4) Romeo y Julieta LCDH Exclusivo Cedros de Luxe (thanks again Rob) There's been an interesting thread recently (on FoH) about the demise of Romeo y Julieta as a marca. Many of you defended it, and more particularly certain vitolas you enjoy. I found it heartening to read. I've lucked out on enjoying those nice fruity flavours that I look for when I smoke a RyJ cigar in the last 12 to 24 months, I think the only Romeo y Julieta vitola I've found stellar in that time were the POU Jun 13 Exhibicion No.4s I had in 2015. Luckily this early 2016 Gordito (50 ring gauge x 141 mm) gave me a 'sour cherry' hit which dominated my senses and blended nicely with the toasted tobacco spine it contained. Not overpowering in anyway, I considered this milder than other RyJ vitolas I've had, perhaps a touch under medium. If you've not sampled this, do yourself a favour and give it a try! 5) Cohiba Espléndidos 2008 (thanks Alex) Sadly, I did myself no favours with this cigar as I had it at the end of the night and I smoke it too quickly as a result. Still, a great cigar, but it's a pity that the higher heat I generated in my smoking negated the subtle flavours. If you are fortunate to sample this Churchill-sized cigar, give yourself the time it deserves, usually 1 3/4 to 2 hours! 6) La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 (thanks Will) I enjoyed this woody, fruity, honey and spice offering on a Saturday morning with coffee. Thank you Will, this time I made sure to smoke it slowly. There's far to much going on in a cigar like this to make it burn 'hot' and not enjoy the complexity it can offer! 7) Por Larranaga Petit Coronas AME May 12 (thanks Kam) Almost 5 years old, the question you're asking is did I get caramel out of this? My answer is ambiguous, yes and no. 'Yes' there were elements there and 'no' because I know there's some more time needed for it to fully mature. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this for what it was, light coffee, toasted tobacco, honey and mild caramel, how can you go wrong with flavours like that? 8) Cohiba Lanceros PFY Dic 05 (thanks Trevor) Is it an exaggeration or an understatement to assert that you've smoked the best cigar this year, when there's still 9 months left of it? Cohiba grass and honey married perfectly with a vanilla bean/creamy centre and a light cocoa spine throughout, this was the definition of sublime. I simply must get me a box of these and put them to long-term rest. I can't imagine that I'd have more than a handful of these "5-out-of-5" cigars in a year! 9) Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro OMR Oct 15 Have you picked up some 2017 deleted stock yet? I enjoyed this at the end of a long day. Well, okay, it was my brother-in-law's wedding day, but after the church service, photos, long wait for courses during dinner and speeches, well, I was ready to retire at 10.30 pm for a long stogie rather than a dance. I think many of you can relate to me. It certainly helped that the best man joined me, and he is my other brother-in-law! Like the other 2017 deleted stock, this cigar will certainly benefit from some long-term rest. It definitely had the Vegas Robaina cocoa, leather and raisin-type flavour profile evident. With it been so young, I found it more leathery than sweet raisin, but I'm hopeful that this imbalance will be redressed in the future.
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    My daughter (Nina-26) surprised me with this gift...... Her co-worker does woodwork in his spare time, so she used the Texas Revolution Flag as a platform to create some pretty cool Cigar-Art The specs are 2' X 4' The Cigar is made from a tree limb, added a cap, stained it, and voila !!!! I really Enjoy AND Appreciate it, hope you guys/gals do too.
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    Just got back from Cuba, and while I did not make it to Pinar del Rio this trip I had an hour conversation with Carlos at the Casa del Habano on the corner of 5th Avenue and 16th Street, Miramar, this time with my interpreter! He's such a joy to to talk with and a very funny man. It was interesting to hear that there is another crop growing at the farm (same season) and he told me this has not happened in 124 years. He says the new plants are about waist high at the moment and they are very excited about the 2nd crop due to some fantastic conditions. He also mentioned there are several other farms in the area experiencing the same conditions with a 2nd crop. Carlos also will be going to Vegas this summer with Hiroshi for the Big Smoke for the very first time, as well as visiting America for the first time. He laughed when he was telling me he had his Visa for the last 5 years and has never used it. He said America needs better rum and cigars! I told him I have some 25 Year Santiago I can bring to Vegas, but he said I probably don't have enough for his visit. LoL. The highlight of my visit was Carlos bringing me into the famed vault and pulling out a aged farm rolled cigar from 2011 for me to have. I look forward to seeing him in Vegas.
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    Visiting a good pal in San Antonio this week for his USAF retirement. Brought a handful of good smokes to follow his fini flight, and he and I each had a CPE tonight. Also brought him a box of RA Club Allones for a retirement gift. Appropriate that they're on the 24:72 this weekend. I'd have ordered myself another box, but was photographing the flight at the time, and of course they're all gone. Next time, if there is one... Going to be a great weekend...
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    RGCEs that looked too good to resist
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    Well this is what I've picked up over the last week.... Johnny-O customs Tubos, Tatuaje blacks CG jars, some opus 6 sets and some Liga t52 and 9 pigs. More random goodies including a box of CoLance from our gracious host! PLPC From our host Camp W anyone? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Went hunting for Molinos, bagged these AMZ SEP 03s instead.
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    Partagas 8-9-8, one dog long
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    x60 little bundles of joy. PLPC (LEP NOV 16) & Monte 2 (SGA JUN 16). It's strange to think I won't be seeing these for a couple of years. But hey, I'll know they'll be waiting for their day in the sun so that's all alright innit? Funny old game this... Thunder & Lightening '75-'15
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    Trinidad Robusto T and and long ride. A much needed break.
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    A delicious Sancho Panza and a fabulous 2017 tap water. Best...pairing...ever...
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    Awesome mail call today. PLPC from our host, purchased blind from CUNTINT and received a box with an amazing 3 years of age on it! Thank you @Elpresidente. Also received a Bolivar Gold Medal and 08 Monsdale from amazing BOTL @treberty, Thank you again Sir!
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    Found some '02 Corona Especiales this week. They are El Laguito code to boot! ig: @hechoencamera
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    Broken bunnies and aged cigars, make a bunny mug with some chocolate milk stout. Add a glass of Jonny walker blue and a fine 2006 Trinidad Gifted from DK and cheers to all on an Easter evening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bolivar B-2 RE Canada 2010, makes BBF feel a little insecure
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    CoLa (MEL November 08), best cigar this year:
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    NeedEd more Mag48s and found BHK52's at a buyable price
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    What a difference a day makes. Snow and low 30's yesterday. Today--70's sunny...meadowlarks singing...flip flops...smoking a Secreto... Life. Is. Grand. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Just did a four day stint in Havana with some good friends. No debauchery, just some good, relaxing times. A Trinidad Topes EL 2016 outside our "hotel" which seemed to be a running joke with the other hotels. Not going to bother with this release myself. Hanging out at Club Habana after emptying the place out of Monsdales. Enjoying a mid 1970's Sir Winnie at 5 y 16 LCDH with an espresso. I like bringing these old classics to their birthplace to smoke. While at 5 y 16, Carlos Robaina handed me his cigar for the day to enjoy. Smoked it later that night at the Nacional. Simply brilliant! Probably the spiciest, full bodied Cuban I've had since the RACF. Some silliness in an old Chevy. Lot's of silly faces in this one. La China rolling at Partagas whilst singing to herself. Enjoying the Partagas VIP lounge all to ourselves. Love this building. So glad they finally finished the restoration work. The leg of lamb at La Terraza. It just doesn't get any better than this. FYI. The clay pot chicken at El Aljibe is worth the 45 minute wait (while you smoke of course) Enjoying a modern classic. El Capitolo facelift coming along. Looking better since my first trip in 2012.
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    Yesterday was a good mail day, these are probably my last purchases for awhile, I'm retiring from my pt job at the shop, and won't have the extra cash anymore, but I have been stocking up and I tried to get some stuff that is going away. DU Prince from a mule And another box of HUPC from our host
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    Started the day with a Trinidad Robusto T for breakfast, had a Cohiba Media Siglo for brunch, afternoon tea with a Montecristo Especial, and capping off a wonderful Saturday with a Juan Lopez No. 1 for dinner.
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    El Principe Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Here is Henry Arnold Bradley Andrew Osuszek, son of Maximilian Amadeus Peter Alfred Osuszek. He came to us in a fury. Very very short labour, weighing in at 9'11oz. Mother and son are both doing well. He is going to be a bruiser like his father. Boy is huge! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
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    Afternoon on the river with an Epi Deluxe.
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    Received a box of Siglo 1 and CoRo from our host today... At first glace, they appear nearly identical. Which is to say - delicious!

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