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    I love all cars! here are a couple of my "Sport" cars 1966 Ferrari GTB, 1932 Auburn 8-100A Boattail, 1957 Mercedes 300sl, 1967 Healey 3000 BJ8, 1957 Corvette Fuelie,
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    Pretty embarrassed posting this. Here goes nothing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    An arrival from last week. Bolivar Coronas Extra (POS JUN 06). Never thought I would see these again, but they are resting comfortably in my humidor.
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    Bought a few months ago. Still in the break-in period! My first sports car since having kids. Waited 1.5 decades for it. It's soooo good!
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    24;24 when the aged stock hits is not easy. Worse when I intersperse it with some quality regular stock When members unload their locker stock (full or part) our only intent is to get the best price available for them. Generally we are not far of the mark although I am not convinced. . If you have held your stock for 4+ years you expect a return. We don't go into the reasons for a sale but they range from tragic to simply moving stock that a member is no longer interested in. We could just send out an email to a few members who we know would take the majority or at least the cream. It is better the way we do it (I think). Not perfect by any means. We have Ben and Greg working on a new model for hopefully the last quarter of this year. An open marketplace. I can't begin to tell you of the challenges. It has been worked on since September 16. In the end if it adds to the community we will do it. If it doesn't we won't. They are only cigars. A good cigar is the one you are smoking now. A great cigar is the one you are sharing with a friend.
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    We had a great two weeks in Italy. Thought I would post a photo of a few things I managed to fit into the limited space in my luggage. I say "limited space" because, after shipping home 35 pounds of clothing and other assorted unneeded items from Florence (second of the three cities we visited) to free up more luggage space for the trip home, the wifey proceeded to fill up the newly available space with assorted new purses, etc. Florence smells like fine Italian leather. She definitely needed more purses. I was allowed the two boxes of Italian regionals and a very nice leather overnight bag. No complaints. Anyway, here's the booty I managed to bring back, in addition to some great memories of a wonderful once in a life time trip. Had to get a sample of the Tuscano's, and the two boxes of Siglo I's are gifts for friends. Most excited to be able to bring back the two bottles of HC, and the two boxes of Italian regionals:
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    Bolivar Tesoros RE 5ta Avenida, 98 RYJ Churchills, 98 RYJ Prince of Wales, and BTO SEP 13 CoRo.
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    Are you familiar at all with Cuban cigars? Just because you just got some cigar from Rob does not mean that you don't know what Cuban cigars taste like. For the sake of the argument, I will assume you are a CC neophyte... First, welcome fellow traveler! You are in for an adventure as the Cuban cigar (most of us will agree anyway) is by far the best cigar in the world. Cuban cigars are IMHO, sensitive to water. This means that your smoking experience can be affected by how wet the cigars are. You will learn to establish your own opinion in time. The time to learn is now. While I would say that a cigar smoked at 68rH and say 70F is too wet, you should decide that. Just remember, don't hold a negative experience against the cigar as this is not prime for a Cuban cigar, again, MHO... You might like the more bitter taste, while I don't. Assuming that you are not new to cigars, these are not like you NC cigars. They should not be brash, metallic and make you stumble around in a daze. The love that many of us have with the Cuban cigar is the nuance. I too think that with the caveats you should at least start testing the cigars now. We all have different tastes. In time, if you find that you feel these cigars may not be at their peak, you should try to regulate your storage a bit dryer. For instance, I store at 70F and 60 to 61rH. If you are used to NC cigars, you will think this is too dry, and it might be for you. We all have opinions, and many of us have been smoking Cuban cigars for decades. We are therefore not the same. Listen and learn, but don't go down a rabbit hole here. Learn and experiment for yourself. It is your taste that matters, not mine, nor someone else. Most of us like cigars a bit dryer and a bit older, but look, I am the last one to encourage you chasing unicorns. Don't blindly follow the 'net' logic and opinion. You don't have to be a well heeled collector to enjoy the simple pleasure of a Cuban cigar. It should be a staple and not a luxury. It should be simple and fun, not a complex, difficult to understand mess. Best of luck on your new endeavor! -Piggy
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    Some TOS Dip 2s. July 16. Smell amazing
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    Understanding a cigar. Having read a comment about the Hoyo Coronas this morning got me to thinking… That’s bad, I know! The comment was, and I am paraphrasing, 'one of the few cigars in MRN’s book that got trashed.' I scoffed at that comment, and got to thinking about it some. Why should I scoff at panning a cigar? Many of us ‘pan’ cigars. I am certainly one of the worst perpetrators… These ELs and REs are favorite targets of mine. I suppose it is because it comes from the lips of a collector, and my obvious bias against them as a group. More on that another day… I know, many think these guys are gurus and gods but I don’t share their sentiments. Smoking was designed as a pleasure, not a competitive practice. (MHO). I cannot say that I like the direction smoking has gone since the 'collector community' has come to the forefront. I give you the topic at hand. How well do you know any cigar? As for me, there was a day that I smoked several cigars a day. I no longer smoke like this. I rarely have a cigar a day, lately anyway. I may go on binges where I smoke everyday for a few days, however that usually subsides within about a week. I also largely smoke from one box, but that too is getting less common. As I smoke less often, I have been picking away at the decades growth of my singles and strays. I have no ‘rotation’ as some put it. When I used to smoke this often, it was largely done from one box. That open box, might just travel around with me in the car as it would not last longer than a week or so. It was more habitual and little time was put into 'thinking about what to smoke.' When I wanted to smoke, I just went to 'the open box' to smoke from! That was more or less a time when I considered myself largely a ‘this is my cigar’ smoker. Let me explain. Those days were largely filled with Coronas. Punch Coronas and Partagas Coronas as well as others, and of course plenty of Petit Coronas and sub-Petit Coronas cigars. My favorite back then was the Partagas PC, generally in 50 cabs. Another 50 cab cigar that was a staple, was the du Depute. These were the days when I was consuming 1000 (or so) cigars a year. At that rate, I felt I got to know certain cigars pretty well. I mean if you smoked say 300 of one cigar in a year, you got to know them pretty well… Yesterday as today, cigar quality would ebb and flow with the trends in cigar manufacturing, both good and bad. I felt connected to certain cigars back then. I called those cigars, 'my own.' I brought this up in a thread recently about considering a cigar, or a brand of cigar your own. While I cannot comment on the habits of others, there were certainly signature cigars that were really my staples. While I was certainly smoking other brands and sizes of cigars, I wanted to pick my way through the entire Cuban cigar catalogue back then, there was simply never the time nor smoking experience to call ‘every’ cigar I owned or tried, my signature cigar. As cigars have changed so much I am a bit of an anachronism. I still know my favorites better than any made today. There are of course some of my favorite cigars that are still made, such as the QdO Coronas, but since I am not consuming over 100 of them a year, there is no real means for me to claim to be an expert on them. I certainly know more about the ones made 15 years ago, than I do today. So this brings me to the point. What is ‘your’ cigar, if you have one? How well do you know it? How long have you known it and what does it take in your mind to be an authority about it? Reading an 'expert's' tasting notes on hundreds of cigars got me thinking more and more about this. Who is kidding whom here? How many cigars must you consume in a day, a week, a year to be an expert? Can there really be an expert on all those cigars? For me the authority days are pretty much a thing of the past. I likely know more about the Grande de Espana than the RASS. I certainly know more about the Diplomaticos #1 than the Monte 2…! As those cigars are no longer available, calling them 'my own,' categorizing them as such has more or less become an obsolete notion. So I have come full circle. How many cigars a day does an expert need to smoke to become intimate with the entire Cuban catalogue of cigars? Can there really be an expert on them all, or even just a few? As cigars change over time, how many of them would one need to smoke and need to keep smoking over time in order remain current? I proffer there are no expert smokers. Even with the limited catalogue today, one simply cannot consume enough of more than a few cigars to really know them intimately. Intimately, meaning having a continuing depth of knowledge about their past and their current trends… As for me, I know more about humidors than the cigars that most people keep in them today! I suppose as long as I have one more RA PC to smoke, I will know more about that one (and a few others) than many will ever know. Yet it is only due to the fact that the cigars is no longer made and there are not newer vintages to become familiar with and no need to keep current. Perhaps as cigars are cancelled from the catalog, that act makes some of us who have smoked them 'experts?' After all, who is going to argue? Now that is collector logic for you!!! Thanks for reading. -Piggy
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    Just a half hr after I got done posting my HUPCs my other order from last week shows up. And this is why I'm over budget on cigars for a while. Couldn't pass these up as I've been looking for some for a while now, wish I could find some no. 4. I was between 3rd and 4th grade when these were rolled.
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    Monte Especiales No 2. Lovely, pungent aroma...LAU JUN 16
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    Two 50 Cabs Upmann Magnum 50 arrived. Here is a closer look on the lower Cab:
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    Probably the best mail call I have ever had. Bolivar Corona Gigantes (PUR OCT 16) from our host Bolivar Gold Medal (URO SEP 07) 15 Monsdales (2015) rolled by Jorge at LCDH Club Habana
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    Everytime I receive a 10 Count box I tell myself I am only gonna buy 10 Count boxes from here on out. My lord what were they thinking! So so awesome. SP CG. Thrilled to have found these--love Churchills love SP--match made in Havana.
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    Some stuff... Can you tell I like CoSho?
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    Have gone through a few boxes of Connie A's but haven't had one since last summer. Time to open a new cab. I have a couple of cabs about a year older with festival bands that were originally meant for humidors and thinking I may open one soon to compare. Hard to imagine they could be any better constructed than this one. It was excellent both flavor and construction. Don't normally think much about keeping my the ash but this one just wouldn't drop. I finally ashed it myself, did a small touch up and then it held until the end. These have been a favorite of mine and the first one from this box was as good as I've had. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In my world, this is as close as it gets to hitting the motherlode. The plan is the Punch Punch’s will keep me preoccupied while the Cohibas go into hiding. Using the Baker’s Dozen Accounting Method, this falls well within any 100 cigar limit
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    Cola Saturday [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    My Heart and prayers go out to all those killed and injured in the Manchester arena attack this is my home town and to target young people mainly young girls it totally abhorrent but they breed them tough up North they will stay strong these terrorists/anti Humans WILL NOT WIN Love to all ❤️
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    Im always a little sceptical when I hear people say "I've just bought a Cab and I'm not going to touch it for 5yrs". Now I realise that the majority of these people know exactly what they're doing i.e these cabs are probably being tucked behind one they're smoking through and they know exactly what they like, and how they like it. But it got me wondering, like many pursuits that cost a lot of money, I hope there arnet newbies out there that are too afraid to burn through a few fresh as daisies, as the results can be fabulous. Just got through a 2016 Monte 2, and I can honestly say it was a wonderful rollercoaster. touches of toasted cumin, bitter cocoa, sweet and sour damp cardboard, thats right damp cardboard!!! There is a wonderful sweet almost confectionary paper smell when you open packages. Many refer to this sweet smell in Monte 2's as milky chocolate, and I get it, but for me it's more acerbic and sour twang that only registers in that heady fresh sweet smell of damp cardboard. I realise, like always, I'll get a raft of s**t from those who's descriptors have to fall into a catagory of "hmm that sounds nice" Anyway I'll get back on message, I think it's absolutely essential as El Pres says, smoke through a box periodically until it hits it's sweet spot. I guess my point being, sometimes that sweet spot can be ROTT. My preferred taste in a cuban cigars is quite Spanish, i.e I like amplitude, searing flavour, and whilst its not to everybody's taste, its a dynamic of the cuban cigar experience that shouldn't just be side stepped in preference to certain truisms of ageing tobacco. Like some who say "mmm cant wait to see where this goes in a couple of years", I have smoked vintage cigars and thought, "God, I'd love a time machine to see what this tasted like at it's brutal best". I guess it's a very simple statement, I just hope there aren't any new enthusiast to CC's that collect in an almost idolising approach, staring at them through the glass for ten years, then crack them open in retirement and go "hmm these these are a bit muted". (i know there will be plenty of those lying in wait for the the big sell off) Anyway just saying, sometimes being uppercutted by a cigar and lying on the canvas with you teeth knocked out, can be a wonderful thing
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    How about we leave this thread for condolences to those who have been injured in these attacks, and not bring it down to politics and personal opinions.
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    My first box of Punch Punch. And these are from 24:24. Listed as PSP/HQ. It has a red sticker which I'm guessing means PSP. I mean they have to be. They're absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly rolled. Thanks again Rob and team
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    Twin boxes of HdM Elegantes from a recent 24:24. I love the Party Presidente, love HdM, and haven't disliked an LCDH release I've tried, so I have high hopes for these!
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    97 Churchill PK GR Jorgito Sublime Monte 80th Monte GR Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My father is a politician here in Ontario, Canada. The oldest in the history of Ontario, elected and still working every day at 86 years old. This week, my brothers, sister and I are cleaning out the home we grew up in. It was sold. It is literally filled with souvenir political loot. And the stuff we grew up with since I was three years old. I am 55. Imagine my thrill when I found this! Thrilled because I can show it on FOH. CB
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    Monte 5 whilst sorting out the weekend accommodation. Thunder & Lightening '75-'15
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    Cab of PLPC. My first shipment from our host to arrive [emoji106]. Surprisingly, the last to ship of several orders. Hope the others arrive soon in as great condition as these. Thanks Prez, Di and crew [emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cohiba Siglo 1 from last week's 24:24. The cutest, most prettiest little things I've ever seen
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    Have arrived for the weekend away. Guess who had the tougher week Have a cracker weekend!!!
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    Back at my home away from home in Boston - Stanza Dei Sigari. This time starting with a 2002 MdO #2. It rocks!
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    Another addition from our great host! Gotta love CoRos! Great packaging FOH team, keep it up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A couple new members made it into my humidor club today from our awesome hosts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Friends brought these back from Cuba for me. Love the Cohiba Maduro line and have wanted these since the came out. I can't wait to try them. They are nice.
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    This is Britain. We are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and worshippers of more gods than you can shake a stick at. We are Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Huguenots, Vikings, Germans, Indians, Africans and every other ethnic group under the sun. We are the original melting pot, welcoming all faiths and all races and all ideologies to settle and shelter on this sceptre'd isle. This is our heritage, and our future, and it is our strength. Deluded maniacs who delight in blowing up children will never succeed in changing this. We prevailed when Napoleon was our enemy. We defeated Hitler. We endured and survived the IRA. We will defeat this enemy, too. We shall never surrender.
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    LGC medi 4s...thanks to our host [emoji1303] have not smoked one yet, may let them rest for a while. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We (Greg and I) had a couple of good days in the warehouse. It is certainly easier to get through the volume of boxes when you have an exacting extra set of eyes/hands. Greg has had some good training having overseen some 40,000 boxes over the past couple of years. It is no secret that wrapper quality has fallen off a cliff. I think you will hear the same from any vendor/distributor in the world. If they say different then simply they are being less than honest. Let's put it in perspective. There are few "wow" boxes. A "wow" mastercase is almost non existent. The top end of quality has retreated to a mid level. Troubling thing is that much of the mid level quality has fallen back to "eek". Here is an example. This is now my best box of trini Reyes (24) and that encompases over a case. Outside of the Monte 2 in 10's I couldn't find any quality Monte 2 in 25's. None above a PE level. I know there are plenty of you who have reached out to me looking for quality Monte 2 in 25's. The reality is that I just don't have them. Monte 4 is the same problem.. I cried when I looked at the Monte 5. D4's are struggling. VR Unicos look like they were wrapped in binders. Let's forget about trinidad unless looking at Vigia. R&J Wides are in the main appalling. I saw my worst boxes of Partagas E2 ever. Cohiba Siglo line is holding up well in terms of quality. CORO same. Boli RC and PC holding the line. Saw a few boxes of Winstons and Behike but they were scouts from what will hopefully be a larger shipment later in the month. Nothing in terms of Monte Especial, Lancero, Esplendido, Coronas Especiales. At least nothing in 25's. There were no 898's and there is no need to mention that there are no Dieux, Prince, SLRDC, Punch DC. We have been told that there are no BBF incoming for another month unless in dress box 25's. If you were a new CEO of HSA you would ask at the next board meeting...."how in hell did you get to this point" For all the gloom Greg and I managed to pick some cracking cigars. It just took us three times as long to do so. I suspect this "special period" will continue through to about this time next year. God I hope not but unless the powers that be have held back some quality tobacco then the situation is likely to get worse before it gets any better. As they say ......it is always darkest before the dawn. I will give you a heads up when I start seeing some rays of light
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    My favoured size and code
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    Some recent pretty good but then again I've liked them since the release. 89 mdo 2 classic 92 needs a little time. Good construction 87 not as bad as other le 86 surprisingly very good. Excellent punch flavor and sweetness 88 good base. Needs time. 86 pure bliss pl robust, the only robusto worth smoking 96 mdo 4 needs time. Not as much floral as it should 80 2013 boli no 1 great smoke 89 solid Lusi 89 dip 2 amazing Baker's spices and nougat 95+ reminds me why I love smoking cigars Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PLUME/PLOOM/BLOOM noun plüm / blüm The crystalized remnants of oils left on a cigar wrapper Mold on a cigar A term frequently used on cigar forums to polarise the membership into one of three camps; Believers, Sceptics & Undecided "Hey! Check out the plume on my cigar!" "You idiot! That's just mold!" "I'm not sure about that.... does it wipe off easily?" verb blooming To create plume/bloom "Feel and see that? That gritty sparkling sheen is proof this cigar is pluming." "Your temp and RH is too high. Those cigars are blooming." adjective blooming "You think that is bloom?, Well, you're a blooming idiot!"
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    Why do I get the feeling you're gonna try to sell me a rug?
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    A box of Monty 80 and Siglo 1 from our host. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    finally. both MEL DIC 16. i want another...

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