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    Searched near and far for half a decade for these. Assist from the wife who muled them back from Europe. 2002 SLRDC
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    A week ago, MUH DUH ROW and I went to a local favorite coffee house hangout to enjoy some good coffee and a few prized Cubans. There was an art show on the main drag, so lots of people and bikini watching to do. MDR arrived early and looking to be courteous, picked out a table outside off to the side, well away from others in the front courtyard area. Coffee enjoyed and cigars gleefully burning, the area began to get busy. We had been there about an hour and a half when a rather scrawny lone ranger chose a table in front of us. Being outdoors and a nice breezy day, we unexpectedly received an inquiry as to how long we intended to stay. Then something about if we intended to "smoke all of those things". I was proud of MDR when he beat me to an answer, informing the inquisitive interloper that if we were to smoke them all, it would be days. Or something like that. Then MDR asked in his most soothing voice, "why doseth thou ask". Well, not exactly like that, but you get the jist of it. The irritating inquisitor turned his back on us and mumbled that we knew why. Bad move! We happily puffed away and enjoyed our caffiene and wonderful cigars while lamenting our next anticipated purchases and what we wished Rob would put up next! The pest promptly left. Chalk one more up to the good guys!!!
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    I do my best in being accurate on Box codes. The process I go through is as follows. I go through my stock (part or full) of say Partagas Lusitania. I sort the boxes into 4 piles. Fail PE HQ PSP I then look at the box code from the top half dozen boxes of the PE/HQ/PSP piles. If there are two codes, I will list them both. if there are more I will take the predominant code and put *Mostly in the listing. There is every chance that one or two other codes are in that batch. They may be in the mid to bottom level of the box pile. Because I grade on quality, it doesn't concern me. If you are looking for a specific code on a specific box of cigars then that is case of e-mailing me personally and making that request. if they turn up I will touch base. In the end the only service 24:24 provides in PE/HQ/PSP format (hopefully) is that it represents the sort of boxes you would pick if you had the opportunity to sort through boxes in a well supplied B&M.
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    2013 LGC MdO No. 2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today's delivery... the famous Monty 2 in Gran Reserva format[emoji851][emoji851] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Very excited to have had these two Hotel Nacional ashtrays back from Cuba by my Brother in Law! Been wanting one since having seen one on the forum! I know Pharmacovigilant has had the same desire....Think he's gonna enjoy that beautiful gray one! Ash it up, Brother!
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    Vintage H Upmann Mag 46 cab... smoked one - outstanding. And, HdM Elegantes. Both have an intoxicating aroma. Almost as good as the Cohiba Lanceros box last month.
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    Today was an exciting day. Such gorgeous cigars. Odd code--Jan 2000--Turn of the millennium box. Was very very lucky to get them!
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    99% of members are fantastic. The team and I are always trying to devise a better system that achieves a fairer outcome. That may mean 24:24 in a different guise. We are still a little way off that but I will keep you in the loop. We simply outgrew the old "Live From The Humidor" (as much fun as that was) and we may be coming close to the day of outgrowing "24:24" I still have to go through cigars and thoroughly enjoy that part. To be able to answer the simple question of "what's looking good Rob" is a core part of my role. Well that and the follow up question of "How are they smoking" The key to whatever we propose will be in achieving the balance of great cigars made accessible to the widest element of the FOH community regardless if you are on super high internet speeds or living with near dial up. With your input we will work out any evolution that may come to pass.
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    Beautiful box from our host via 24:24...
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    All the chatter about big sticks got me in the mood...for a Mag 56 that is. 😁 For your viewing pleasure...and a little POV for you weirdos out there 🕵 Have not had a dud in 2.5 boxes and tonight is no exception. Just a beautiful cigar with extraordinary flavors. Perfect draw and construction. Copious amounts of smoke. I'm in love. Even my little girl was shocked how good it was.
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    It has been one week since I joined this amazing forum - and what a wonderful week it has been!!😀 Where else can you talk directly to the guy who runs the show, meet a bunch of fine people that have been incredibly welcoming, get to talk about one of our collective tobacco passion, share your thoughts on subjects like "Taylor's Home" (Tay is my daughter) and get responses from other dads with similar experiences, drool over some gorgeous cigar selections, have others in the community offer to share their cigars with the new guy and give direction to those that are new to Cubans? I would argue there is not a place that comes close to what the administrators have built here. But it's not just the admin team - it's all of the members that make this community what it is. I would say to all of you - thanks for making me feel so welcome this past week. I can't get enough of the site. You guys are awesome!!☺️☺️☺️☺️
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    Some special Cigars I've had lately (during my vacation)... 1) Cohiba Behike 'Seconds' (thanks @Duxnutz) Apparently these are Cohiba Behikes that didn't make the final grade, so to speak, usually for quality assurance reasons. The construction here was superb so was it the wrapper shade perhaps? I'm not sure, but I'm grateful that you picked some up on your travels Adam and allowed me to sample one! 2) La Flor de Cano Grandiosos Regional Edition 2013 ROL Oct 13 (Thanks @golfdude888) Remember when these came out what big sellers they were? Is that 4 or 5 years ago now? My how time flies! I know El Pres has had these 10-count boxes up last year, and I think they were some of the last he had in stock. If you've picked these up, kudos to you. Cheers Steve for letting me try this one too...a nice change-of-pace with floral and citrus notes interspersed with a very light cocoa edge. 3) H.Upmann Half Corona TOS Jun 16 I just love these for a quick 1/2 hour H.Upmann 'pick-me-up'. Shortbread, toasted tobacco, a little spicy sometimes, it's Upmann but just fuller-bodied. And aren't they easy to smoke through a box? I picked up a few 5-pack tins in a 24:24 in December and now I'm down to 2. Thankfully I'm in for a split with some other FoH members for another 5-pack tin last week. I can't wait until they arrive! 4) Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux 2003 (thanks @Duxnutz) Again I must thank and acknowledge Adam for gifting me this brilliant cigar. Whatever you've heard about this fabled vitola (fabled on account that no-one has seen one produced for about 2 or 3 years), well, it's true. They are that superb. 5 out of 5 here for simply a sublime smoking experience! 5) Alex (El Comodoro Hotel) Custom (thanks @Fuzz) Fuzz brought these back on his recent trip to Cuba last November and handed them out. He's convinced me that if you visit Cuba, you should prioritise getting these before you try searching for regular production and regional/limited editions Habanos cigars. I must say, after enjoying how smooth and creamy this was, on account of the quality seco leaves in it I believe, well...I'm convinced! 6) Montecristo Especial No.2 SOE Dic 11 (thanks @Duxnutz) This and the Cohiba Coronas Especiales are the only Laguito No.2 vitolas left in regular production. I remember reading a thread a few months ago were it was deduced that those two vitolas were being made out of the same factory in Cuba...well, it makes sense to have the same rollers on these. This was another stellar cigar. If you like Montecristo for its cream. coffee and cocoa flavour profile, do yourself a favour and get a box of these when they come up on 24:24 again. This was just so refined and smooth! 7) Quai d'Orsay Regional Edition Asia Pacifico Superiores OGA May 11(thanks @baragh) Thanks Will for gifting me this. If you are familiar with the regular production Quai d'Orsay Corona, with its lighter-bodied shortbread and citrus profile (for me), then this 50 ring gauge x 124 mm Robusto was like that, only more fuller-bodied. I was glad I was able to try it!
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    More PL Encantos, box 400/4000 (URG November 10) and a bonus La Escepcion SF! All from a great forum mate:
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    I've always thought we needed a super premium Monte so that we can pay more for a similar smoking experience. Yay!
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    ...you hit perfection. Those perfect aromas, perfect burns, perfect flavours capping off a good day in work*....Life affirming cigars that make this hobby of chasing and tasting the burnt compounds of fermented cuban tobacco leaves, just...*worthwhile* in the grand scheme of the universe. Epi #1, LUS ABR 10 courtesy of our host. Just magnificent. Creamy sweet "oreo cream", nuts, toasted brioche, "cafe au lait". Paired with a simple but delicious Aberlour 10. Today was a good day. I'm on a high. I laughed out loud when I tasted this one. The dog was giving me strange looks. It's like stealing and not getting caught, marrying the woman out of your league, getting 10 McNuggets in your box of six...The rest of the box has been hit and miss. This one...well, superlatives can not do it justice. Unbeleivable and I hope there are more. All is well. What a lucky sod I am with my lot in life, sitting here in peace and safety and good health, enjoying a bloody great pastime. *the engineers have been struggling with a problem for days. Product not shipping. Pissed off salesmen and customers alike. Among the 100 other things I needed to do, I decided to step in and get involved. Asking a couple of "right" questions and asking for a few focussed tests to be done got to the root cause quickly and my suggested fix worked. Sometimes you get lucky. Experience brings a bit more luck. Salut everybody, salut.
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    Good day on the river
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    Box of chocolates TOS DIC 15 NEVER FAILS!
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    24:24 has completely changed my CC acquisition process. I used to chase box codes from other vendors, but learned how much of a crapshoot that approach is- it just doesn't work. Rob's review, grading and pictures are absolutely essential to acquiring good boxes. I love 24:24 and could not imagine a world without it. Some fine tuning like limiting 1st hour sales to one box per customer would be a great idea. I have a fast internet connection, but feel for those who don't, and who regularly miss out. One box in first hour would help level the playing field for all. As for those sucking up multiple boxes for resale- let them burn in hell, which is where they're ending up anyway. That behavior is completely abhorrent and not at all in the spirit of the community the vast majority of us are trying to develop and perpetuate here.
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    50f outside...103 in the spa...and a Trinidad Topes. CoLa after a long soak.
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    Last week and a half's continued travel bliss. LGC MdO #4 (ETP March 16) overlooking Ponte alle Grazie: RyJ Tubo #2 on Arno, under filled and pale wrapper: Quick Partagas Mille Fleurs leaving Andorra, literally less than 18 hours there... Another RyJ Tubo #2 but properly filled and with a rich wrapper, delicious. Back in Barca:
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    Stocking up on some of my favourite budget smokes. Took a flier on the JLPs, never tried em' JLP Cazadores Partagas Milles Fleurs RG Panetelas Extra PL Panetelas
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    There is a pretty good explanation of this (and other good stuff) somewhere in this series of videos where El Pres interviews the Cuban 'master' cigar blender/roller Ramses Herrera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGAWiPfExIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9rWMRcGxjw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJjyGvwzL3w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifspY-Ki2Bc&t=5s To summarize what Herrera says in a simplistic way: Thin cigars burn inherently easier than fat ones. Presumably for the same reason sticks burn easier than logs (surface area to mass ratio). So fat cigars need relatively more volado (the leaf that burns easily with no flavor) so that they can burn right. To have the same strength as a thinner cigar, they then need a higher ratio of ligero (strong flavor) to seco (subtle flavor). If they have the same ratio then the extra volado in the fat cigar would create a cigar with less overall flavour. In general this means that a fat cigar will tend to be either milder or heavier (less subtle) than a thin one. Which is presumably why some people here say that smaller ring gauge cigars tend to be more intense, or more subtle. Obviously this physics problem can be overcome by a particular blend, and there are some brilliant fat cigars. But it is easier to mess it up and make a large ring gauge cigar with no flavour. And it is hard to be consistent with the fine balance needed for the fat cigar from batch to batch and year to year. As an extreme example take a lancero with no volado at all. Whatever you do to the mix of seco to ligero you will not end up with a flavorless cigar. It will just be either more subtle or more strong. But a fat cigar with not enough ligero will be pretty much tasteless. Not enough volado, or mixed wrongly, and it won't burn properly. Which is why I never buy large production fat cigars like Partagas D4s, or Monte 2s. I had a great D4 the other day that a friend gave me, but too many of those I have tried have been just bland to my taste. And over time I see very little consistency in large ring gauge cigars. Whereas the thinner cigars seem much less hit or miss flavourwise. On the other hand thin cigars have more tight draw problems, which is bloody annoying. But that is another story.
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    My recent purchases Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    SLR Serie A x4 on a lucky find
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    From Duffer, a great trading BOTL 🖒💪
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    Hoarding cigars? By all means, I'm guilty as sin. Half the people on here are, that's half the fun. Buying rare, aged stock nobody can get and posting them at a markup shortly after bragging about getting them on FOH? Sorry, it's in poor taste. There's a line somewhere in there and I wish it didn't require saying it's scummy for it to be evident.
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    Cigar #2. Bolivar Super Corona. Sweet and earthy goodness. Apparently my dog Lager really likes it. Hahaha! Great photobomb! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    3 Boxes of Sir Winstons in one week. I needed a streak like this! Two are PTR NOV 16, the newest SW I have seen. Other box is an LTB OCT 13 I paid up for a bit.
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    Redheads are my kryptonite, but for other reasons!
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    HdM DC from the 15/16 DC sampler, wow. I don't usually smoke gars of this size but I'll be on the lookout for a 50 cab next time Prez posts some. That will be a nice treat to sample over the years:
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    Siglo III & IV from a recent 24:24. Wish I had a flash to showcase the wrappers on the III, the iPad photos don't do them justice!
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    Beautiful PSP Nubian Goddesses I was soo hoping for PSP on these. Thanks Prez! Now ai have to find '14 and '15 boxes while these sleep. (Hint hint) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Breaking out my Bushido single with Balvenie Caribbean Cask in celebration of some great life events! Beautiful cigar, I wish these were cheaper or even regular production
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    2005 Siglo VI. Smell amazing.
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    Why bother? Yes i will be the black sheep here. Do you like to smoke cigars? Yes, go to next question. Do you currently have personal preferences? Yes, go to next question. Do preferences in any way shape what you buy? Yes, go to next question. When you buy, do you often buy more of what you prefer? Yes, go to the answer. Buy more than you can smoke in a day and aging cigars will take care of itself...! A no answer means you might want to explore those facets before wandering into the abyss if aging cigars. IMHO, aging a cigar is coincidental with hoarding. You buy more than you can smoke in a day and those left over can 'age.' I am not going to take on the whole community once more about the 'aging' phenomenon, but why get sucked into this highly strafing 'big dick' collector game, when simply enjoying a good cigar is cigar smoking's primary function. I mean if I am a guy with 25 or 50 cigars and don't even have an idea what I really like to smoke, this is going have me setting aside good cigars (presumably) for what reason? To not smoke them today so I can smoke them tomorrow? I believe this is a stupid way to overcomplicate the enjoyment of cigar smoking. I look at it this way. If you buy a Honda because it was affordable, reliable transportation, why spend a pile of dough on it trying to make it a car that it is not, nor certainly never designed to be. It will never be a Ferrari! A cigar is never going to be better than the materials that were put into it. We may all have our opinions about what we can do to bring out the best in it, wet it, dry it, age it, swing a chicken foot over it etcetera... but since a cigar can be smoked only once, there will never be any proof contrary to our belief and finding your niche and crafting your beliefs are a part of becoming a seasoned smoker. Will keeping your typical cigar 20 years make it any better? We are all guessing when we answer. Yet the collector community insists the answer is yes because they trade in the aged cigar market place. If they don't have a reason to make their cigars of greater worth than what is currently made (or what you currently own) people will just ignore them. Heaven forbid that one ignore the collector community... That is sacrilege! Screw aging as a motivation for moving you away from what you enjoy smoking. Just buy and smoke what you like. Experiment and experience. Come back in 10 years and you too can pretend you are an expert... just like I do... -LOL As a heart attack survivor, you might as well smoke what is good when it is good. Tomorrow may never come, I know, I have has some close calls. If you have a choice between smoking a good cigar set aside to age, or a mediocre cigar, smoke the good one! If you have noting better to do with them, age the crappy ones! Welcome to the forum. -Piggy
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    5 Alex bhk 5 mons and some bodyguards. Clearing all plans for the weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    109 kind of afternoon
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    Spent the day with my 15yo son working on the old VW. We pulled the tie rods, blasted and painted them, replaced all the rod ends and reinstalled. Car rolled beautifully after a toe tweek. Still toed in a little too much maybe, but it's not a major concern to me. Replaced the front brake hardlines and softlines. Also swapped out a crappy fender for a decent fender if only to clear a part out of the garage... Now it's time for a reward. Found this one in the bottom of a singles humi. Been in the collection for 5 years. Fire it up!
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    Had a Bolívar Coronas Extra (ROU NOV10) paired with some Glendronach Single Cask 2003.
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    BBF, Connie 1, and my smoking buddy.
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