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  1. On our way to Palm Springs

    I was just there two weeks back for a work conference at the JW Palm Desert. Damn I wish I could have this weather in Houston everyday of my life!!
  2. Finally grabbed about a bundles worth after smoking one, which was fantastic. Like almost one of the best Cubans I've smoked type good! It was a 5-7/8x52,Canonazos size, prob had about 2-3 years on it as well. I got some assorted sized that I enjoy. My question is, how long do these need to rest or can I start smoking? Also, just out of curiosity, I got the Behike 52 size from two different people, both reputable on forums. One has a closed foot and the other open..? Now I haven't smoked either of them just yet, so I dont know if they are the same or not, but I'm curious why one had a closed foot and the other did not. I purchased these around the same time from both people, who both purchased the same time frame from Alejandro Thanks Zee
  3. Let me know when they move again. I'll come help!
  4. Nice!! Love to join too, but I'll return that night from California! Be cool to meet and share a smoke I now exactly where this is, never been though. Have fun fellas! Guy at Stogies, on Westheimer location, Jorge is also a great host and accommodating just to throw it out there for a future venue.
  5. Cruise to Havana

    Can you give me info or a link to this? I want to go, lol
  6. looks like the BBQ is covered. Yummm, I love Texas BBQ!!!! Glad I live here!!! And for breakfast, def go to Pancake Haus. This is what I had last week when I was visiting my sister.
  7. Thanks! Hmm, never knew that, but good to know. (or hide it from their significant other)
  8. Sorry, I've never purchased here before and was curious what does it mean by "Available for OnLineHumidor"? Is shipping guaranteed and what not? Sorry, still a noob at this site. Thanks!
  9. Donkey's cousin

    Thanks fellas! I see some familiar names, good to be here!
  10. Donkey's cousin

    Hey fellas, just never posted here, but do browse and read. Just wanted to say Hello. -shawn

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