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  1. 24:24 Thursday

    Congrats Greg!
  2. Best 2016 Box Codes

    OK , LEP / AGO, TOS and OBM
  3. Not Sure

    Well I do thank one and all for your the thoughts on this matter. That is the beauty of FOH. The ability to help a member or even a non-member on something as simple and maybe even boring to some is FOH at it's best. Tanks again........
  4. Not Sure

    Yes! Is it legit....
  5. Not Sure

    No don't have a pic. Oval in shape as I stated carries around 25 - 30 Esplendidos. The leather is stamped stating there are Esplendidos in the case. It even has a carring strap as a lask leather holder would have to carry the bottle around inside. This is the 2nd time an owner of a smoke shop has asked me if I'd like to buy a "real" Cuban cigar and then he pulls out this leather Esplendidos carrying case.
  6. If ever I need members input sure could use those inuts now. Went to one of my friends smoke shop and the owner showed me a leather oval shaped container with a thermostat (analog) inbebded in the cap / top of the leather container. The container was about 14" long. Inside was maybe 25 - 30 Cohiba Esplendidos. It looks like a form of carring case made just for the Esplendidos. Has anyone ever come across or for that matter ever seen one of these. The bands on the cigars were the older bands on the smokes. I looked for a date in and outside of this container but no luck. If this thing legit. please let me know. Thanks all. Kuma
  7. I could be wrong which I'm inclined to be most of the time but I think for the upcoming world cup there is one slot remaining. And tonight or tomorrow at 4:00 am EST I guess, Australia vs Honduras in OZ. Also Peru vs New Zealand in Peru at 9:15 pm. tonight. Anyway should be very interesting, Italy is out and the last time they did not qualify was 60 years ago. I guess new kids on the block these days. Because I am a member of FOH I'm rooting for the um the "Roo's" or not sure what the team is called but would like to see Australia win the last slot for the world cup in Russia 2018. Please forgive me but I'm not sure what they call the OZ team. Any help all ears!
  8. Back from Havana

    looks like big fun!
  9. Easy hands down Monty. #1 / Monty. #3. but the Fonseca No.1 right on their tail. Most forgot about these but they seemed to have saved the day for me. When the gloom and doom news was splashed across the inter web and other forms of media (bad weather, bad crop(s), states will buy everything) these smokes seemed to come from nowhere to say "what demise" look at us! Easy hands down the winners for 2016 - 2017!
  10. When all else fails we do have a great cigar bar in New Haven, Ct about 3 miles from my home called "The Owl Shop". Where it is ok to sm0ke, drink and eat all at once. If anyone is ever in the area ring (PM) me up and I'll do my best to meet and greet you. Great bunch of people there from townies to a Yale Profes. with construction workers thrown in to P.H.D. cnaidates (hot honies) that like to smoke and drink. Even though it is a blue city in a blue state there is nothing fake about the place and people. Common thread is a good smoke paired with a good drink which makes for a level playing field!
  11. Well there are a few important considerations when smoking in the cold. I have a garage but it is not heated as of yet. I can and do run a extention cord to a portable heater once in a while. I'm in the Northeast of the states where in the dead of winter it can get to below freezing in Dec. As Jan. and Feb approach we expect minus temps. to abound. Layering clothes, vaselining the face a bit, long underwear are needed, if the sun is out face it. Now this is just the prep. work before sparking up your smoke. Now I'm a bit used to this weather because I'm an outside plant engineer and work on tele. / elec. / util. poles on a daily basis. Not that I like it but the money is good, health care, 401k funded and freedom to work on my own is the trade off. So smoking. Ha that is not that hard to do as long as you follow a few simple rules; 1st pick a short large ring gauged smoke. No long skinnies, or even a corona sized smoke. Nothing below 46* 143mm would be the cut off point. 46 - 57 ring gauge Between 102mm to about 124mm length maybe a little longer, but not much more. This is not perfect science just what has worked for me in extreme conditions at times. Splitting, cracking, tunneling and even a small combustion may occur. For winter think small, fat and short cigars at least out doors. Good luck mates and spring can't come fast enough for me!
  12. What's in your glass today?

    Kuma's Margarita - 4 oz. of Silver (white) Patron Tequila (Hecho En Mexico), 1 oz of Triple Sec., 2 oz of sweetened Lime Juice, couple of lime wedges, splash of orange seltzer water and above all good salt for the rim of the class. I use a German Stein for my "big boy drink" but of course you can use what ever can hold your drink. The salt I use is Himalayan pink but you can use whatever suits your fancy! Enjoy!
  13. ok this is pretty easy considering the current landscape of Habanos not producing anywhere near what was coming out of Kuba during the 2011 - 2015 years. 1. Monty. #1, BUM ABR 15, Hand picked by Rob, Received 10/06/2016. Smooth as silk, no harshness what so ever. Construction A plus, draw just right. If I was stuck on a desert Island this is the smoke I'd want have for the rest of my stay. Production cigar at the top of the heap. If you can can this Box / code jump on it. 2. Fonseca No.1, PSP, AGR ? ABR 15, ordered 12/01/2015, A smoke that came back from the dead. Only after posting and lauding this smoke and how good it was did I start having a hard time on the 24:24 attempting to buy them. Members became aware and the cat was out of the bag and I could not fast type enough to get my request in to (24:24). Well enough said. Smoke angain mild to med. Cigar packed well, draw was A plus as was construction. Fruit, citrus maybe orange notes, super creamy, a real delight to handle in the hand. Note; Could this be why Habanos seems to be stepping up the Siglo line. These two other brands are showing the star of the Habanos line (Siglo) how it should be done. Price point wise Fonseca No.1 and Monty. #1 are the best right now for me anyway.

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