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  1. Ha a very loaded question! Where I live winter can be a bitch. Even though I have only been smoking about less than ten years I have found that cigars can be matched to the dictates of "mother nature" and climate. Where I live we have four seasons (northeast / New England) and that dictates what you smoke in a way pertaining to outdoor smoking. .Long skinniers and coronas work very well in summer and spring. But fall and winter are another matter when smoking outdoors. Short, large RG smokes are the order of the day when smoking outdoors in winter. I'm an OSP engineer so I work out doors year round so when smoking at a site in winter I have to be outside when it is below 32 below freezing a long skinny or corona just can't take the outside temp. So Petit Edmondo, church shorts, HMD #2, Cohiba thick gauged but not to long are the order of the winter days. Desperate measures call for desperate solutions smokes like the Hupmann half corona and the like work well outdoors in extreme conditions. Remember cold weather is the bain of cigars smoked out doors that are not thick and stought enough (aka, coronas and the like) to withstand the elements of the northeast winter or "old man winter" as we say!
  2. Cigar Seeding

    I live in CT Northeast states. Love going up through the center of the state which is refered to as "the Conn. river valley" and that is where much of the tabac is grown and used in Nic. and Dom cigars aka Drew Est., Rocky Patel, E.P. Carrillo, Arturo Fuente Anejo and a host of other non-Cunan smokes. I guess the wrapper is used (broadleaf) and (shade grown) for these cigars. But the reason I'm writing this is I often go there during planting and harvesting time and Rob thread reminded me of that very speical place. True CT tabac growers do no grow as much as they used to but still love looking at the fields and the drying barns. I only smoke cubans but can appreicate the growers toil and hard work. I'm sure there are some non-cubans I would like but I'm not sure what would float my boat if it were not Cuban.
  3. Rob which country is protecting your hard earned income! Just Kidding!!!!
  4. Nothing wrong asking questions on this forum. If the questions have to do with cigars even all the more fun then double down on the inquries and let the chips fall where they may. Rob always states; It's only cigars gents, only cigars.....
  5. I know the problem; smoke more just kidding! Brush your choppers after each smoke. I know that is a lot of work but hey better to clean and keep the mouth clean then have to feel like shit after each smoke. I keep tooth paste and brush in my company car, at my company desk, and in personnel car and of course at home. Yes alot of work but hey it is worth it. When visiting the tooth doc I have had no change in color of teeth or gum issues. Floss and brush and smoke until your hearts content. Good luclkmate. Cao
  6. Punch Coronations (T)

    So I have some Punch Coronations (25) tubos coming. Viewed the video (Pig Fish) and I am drawing average to a little above average on this smoke in terms of ratings. I have had these when in Spain, France and Japan and as a 1'zs or 2'zs as a smoke in the am with coffee and nothing negative stands out about them. I do keep a travel cigar journal but at this time pressed for time or i'd dig it up. What say the rest of members about this smoke?
  7. 1. The RAG and BONE SHOP of the HEART - Robert Bly, James Hillman and Michael Meade. There are many more but am "under the gun" so time is limited. I'm a working stiff.
  8. Punch Coronations (T)

    Thanks! Wow Punch or should I say Habanos looks like they really had it in for this line of smokes. Were they not very good or just a "sign of the times" Shorter fatter ring gauged smokes are now the in "color" as we speak!
  9. Punch Coronations (T)

    Can one of you mates explain what is SS1, RS12, SS2, RS11. Have been scratching me head attempting to figure what these smokes are. Thanks.......
  10. ETP / ENE

    thank you, sorry for double post.
  11. I think I know ETP is the factory code but is ENE the month of the year and if so what is it. Thanks......
  12. I know this is like going to the circus and playing the shell game where you have to find the nut under the three half cups being re-arranged by the circus employee at lighting speed. My questions are; Have a box of Sig. I.'s with stamp of AMO OCT 16. What factory is AMO. Next Half Coronas Hupmann TOS SEP 16. What factory is TOS. If any one is in the know about these codes and understands these nuts oh I mean codes please provide a clue. Thanks........
  13. Spain is a great place to buy, smokes and louge around love Barcelona and Madrid. France not as prolific as Spain when it comes to cigars but they have good RE's and Nice has some decent cigar shops. I stay at a little town on the Rivi. called Menton about a mile from Italy so catching a train to Milano or some other place in Italy is super easy. Love the area in spring, Menton france. Aix Provence has a great cigar shop on the main through fare.
  14. Those poor people. Any chance Cube gov. will loosen the purse strings and help re-build and help these poor people?

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