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  1. Have soccer Eibar vs Barcelona on and the little train that could is giving the champs all they can handle. Fan of Messi and Barca.. but always want the underdog to carry the day.
  2. nope and by the looks and sounds of it do not want to try any. I know, I know one cigar does not make a fair sampling but I'll hold off until more info is worth coming!
  3. more overreaching by big brother I mean big dog, the man or dog and pockets are being lined with euro, dollars or maybe bitcoin anyone!
  4. la Puntilla update

    Where does one buy them once arrived in Havana. It would be my first time in Cuba. I think it is about 3 to 4 hours from where I'm located on the east coast of states to Cuba.
  5. Ah so many places to visit and so little time. Japan (been thereabout 15 times) and still love it. Oz because I'd like to meet the gang in Brissy plus they have (Oz) what is most dear to my heart, the 3 W's. Water, Warmth and Waves! Cuba of course; I should have already been there, I'm four hours from there as the crow flies. Germany, more of Italy, Spain and France. Anywhere in the Carbi......No cold weather location unless it is summer time there. So many places so little.............you get it!
  6. Enjoy your holiday mates sounds like a real cracker! As in all countries and with all politicans some were born just to be "shit hole people" that took / stole / haranged a job to work for the people but turned it into their own private club!
  7. Hello Gang, Just a thought. Currently I re-side in / on the northern part of the US of A, bout 100 miles north of NY city. My ILEC here carries TV channels, internet (for computer) and either a POTS (plan old Telephone service) copper line or if you stay with the internet based option for phone you receive your phone line on the web as part of the internet protocol. I won't bore you with the difference between the IP based phone line connection and (POTS, copper line) connection. So the shows I currently watch are: Moonshiners ( I know fake) but funny and historic, Pawn Stars, Nat. Geo. Channel (Inside Combat Rescue), and of most importance the beIN channel out of Doha. This channel provides me with most of the programs for soccer that I enjoy; EPL (England) La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 ( France). Of course I enjoy the FOX network free (could be faked), and the Japan channel called "NHK" part of the Japan TV network where Sumo wrestling is really fun to watch. Anyway there is a lot to be found, from amazon sticks to streaming. Here in the states the the new tv's are "smart" were you can use it as your computer with icons on your screen like your smart phone, computer, have yet to buy one. Happy watching mates.......
  8. Cigars and Games(Chess?)

    Sounds like you "mopped the floor" with them and then some!
  9. Yes it is very hard finding the cutters made in the US before 2015. I guess when I'm in either Japan or Europe (France, Spain....) I'll see if i can find them.
  10. Great new Pres. Maybe in time the quality will return to the 2013 - 2016 levels where evertime you looked in on LFTH your boxes were either HIGH end Hq.'s or dead eyed god given TOP of the chart PSP's. A thing of beauty to behold! Can't wait for those crops come to market !!!!!
  11. Cigars and Games(Chess?)

    Used to love to play. Was taught to play at tournament level. Do have a official USCF rating which is not very high but that is because I would mix it up in the open division w / masters, experts and even grand masters who were signed into the open division. Tournaments are training and more training and hard work where your brain hurts. The really fun stuff is playing 5 minute "speed chess" for money. Would go down to NY city, Washington Square Park and either lose my shirt / money (three dollars a game) or take my opponents shirt and money. Difference between tour. chess and speed chess is the time factor. A tour. with big money could last 2 or three days while speen chess is 5 minute adrenalin rush. Chess is fun but one must remember it is only a game. Not more important than loved ones, friends, job, etc, etc......
  13. dit-to, in reference to other members input. Stay well you kids!

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