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  1. as of late and because I've only started smoking cc's from 2010 to the present. I would in my short cigar life say 2013 thru 2014. Again if I knew what I know now I really would of stocked up on all my fav. smokes from those years.
  2. I'm know expert on Rome but there is a decent cigar shop called "Fincato" which is about a block from the Tervi fountain. Might be worth a "look see" if you are in that area of Rome. They may have in stock the newest QD RE's. Happy trails!
  3. For the most part the people that I did have a chance to listen and talk with when in Europe were very kind (cab drivers, food workers news paper sellers) and as yoiu can read they were not the Bentley folks or the Montecarlo crowd. They were the new arrivals from the middle east or from Africa. Believe it or not but the new arrivals were much more approachable and eager to talk with then the so-called European blue bloods! Get my drift small club because there is a curtain country where they are living way beyond there means and still acting as if they are a major power in the world when in fact they have been reduced in some areas as a developing country because of thier economy. They are in worst shape than most of Europe. This certain country (and not the new arrivals) still has their nose in the air with a certain distain for the plight they are in. If NATO really US needs to be there which I do not think is the case then the EU should pay the bill. Mostly the problems of EU / Europe are of their own making like the middle east and they need to figure it out. But I don't think that will happen because if they could they would have done so by now. Small club worried about Russia taking Ukrane well why didn't the EU stop Russia. I will tell you why because they can't, no direction, no balls no cenral goverment to rally the countries. Easy pickings for Russia. States can't fix the mess Europe is in only the people of Europe can do that! Small Club good luck in Europe I'll check back on the EU in a year or two until then It is the land of the rising sun for me and even a trip to the land of OZ where both countries have very good border control and no bombs going off. Oh by the way the unemplument level in France is 24% with people whose age is 27 or lower!
  4. None! If only I could find some non-Cuban panetelas but they seem to be as hard to find as a box of 2010/11 Behikes 52's.
  5. Just thought I get some feed back as to the need for the European Union. Looks as if the countries that belong to that exclusive club are going through some tough times. Was not to long ago that the combined merger of many countries without a central goverment was going to become a world power. Fast forward to today and the EU is slowly unraverling starting with countries that have a high unemployment rate (France 24%), low productivty rate (Italy, Greece, Spain, Port., Ireland, etc, etc...) and a few rich countries (Germany) dictating the flow and direction the EU should go. Can't help but think that this was a bad plan from the "get go" with no central goverment, no central armed forces, a make believe central bank and now an "open borders" problem. EU looked good on paper but is in my eyes unworkable. Not sure if the US needs to station thousands of troops there because the threat from Russia to take over Europe is never going to happen. Don't think they want the cash poor strapped countries of euorpe. There are more poor countries in europe than not poor. Why would they take that burden on. Not sure what the answer is but if France goes right (LePen) then all bets are off and there is a good chance more (poor / cash strapped) countries will follow and vote out of the EU. And I haven't even mentioned the migrant problem. Europe will never be the same the face of Europe has changed forever. I do love going to France, Spain and Italy. This year Europe is a "no go" for vacation (not any of the reasons stated above) just timing. Headed to Japan where I know my wallet won't get stolen or maybe a bomb blows my head off as I'm smoking a great FOH smoke (bring them on trip) at a fav. out door cafe. Yes Alice they do out door cafes really well. Nothing like a morning CC w / newspaper and double shot of espresso with a 8th of an inch of creama the way only europeans know how to make which is pure heaven. Love the fact that they (europeans) know how to relax at cafes smoke and kick back and watch the world go by. The americans could learn a thing or two about relaxing but should pass on the work eithic out look. Anyway what say you about the EU, thumbs up or thumbs down!
  6. Love the diffenent tastes from the different cigars. Yes Alice there are different flavors / aromas. Also when sun roof in the auto is open and I'm smoking a fav. smoke early morning and driving near the beach I feel unique and very grateful I'm alive can work and enjoy the fruits of my labor (great cigars) from our host. There also is a degree of snobery on my part knowing I get some of the best CC's money can buy and don't have to go to Kuba or Spain or Andorra.
  7. For "warned is for armed" when it comes to the up and coming 24:24. TYPE FAST as if your life depended on it. If you can get your request in at 3 minutes or less you stand a chance (50/50) of getting a box. Even then there are some very fast typing demons out there in the cyber world who are super fast and who can best three minutes. Good luck mates may the cigar gods look favorably upon your cigar soul (request(s).
  8. How about kudos for the Monty #1. As of late it has been smoking like a dream. What say you on this "not so under the radar anymore" cigar. Looks good, feels good, tastes good....
  9. know your vendor. I can say since I started buying CC's from our host "the Pres." I would say that 98% of the time I get very little plugged smokes. Since 2010 I think that is when I became a member very little trouble in that area. Even the long skinnies smoke like they are a 52 ring gauge! Stick with what works best for you. For myself FOH has out classed the rest of the on-line vendor field. Rob and his crews attention to detail is without question "head and shoulders" above the rest. Hand Picked (HP) by himself and crew outstanding!
  10. reason I bought a Camary (Toyota) with a sliding sun roof was so I could smoke with unlimited ventilation. It is great I also get a tan when I smoking / reading or what ever. Yes I do! Cigar shop on wheels!
  11. Stopped smoking P. Shorts, PLPCs, anything Bolivar, Monty. #4's, Q. D'Orsy coronas, recently because I think the 2016 smokes need more time down and I can't sit on my hands and let them age further. I guess I just got tired of smoking the 1 year or less cigars do to and wishing I could receive the so called "taste factors; cafe cream, peanuts, mash potatoes, caramel, cherries, toasted almond, snickers etc, etc,. Wish I could say that I could taste what my brother and sisters taste but alas there have only been a few times where a CC cigar really, really went into a taste overdrive where I could id certain flavors. I'm not blaming the CC's because I know they are the best product out there. Sure I could buy aged smokes which I have done to a limited degree but that gets costly. I have some smokes (siglo II's, Ramon Allones SS's, Trindad Fundies, HDM Du Prince, Double Coronas, Des Dieux all from around 2014 but I don't dare want to take a chance smoking them for fear I'll be wasting them without tasting the (cream coconuts...) because they needed to age longer. Good topic mates.........
  12. Chubby school bully. Leave him in place. Iraq and Libya whose dictators where removed allowed something much more brutal to fill the void; ISIS!
  13. For the past 1/2 hour I have been watching "Stadium Super Truck Series" Adelaide, AUS. Watching many races and some guy named Sheldon Creed is blowing the doors off the other racers. Man these guys are going "balls to the wall" and look like they would run over thier grand ma ma to win a race. I guess these are super V8's maxed out. Any of you mates watch these races. One question, are these engines pure stock or modified to some degree.
  14. D. H. LAWRENCE - Sea and Sardina
  15. off Friday, Saturday, Sunday......weather to be in the 70's wonderful New England spring weather. Flowers blooming, song birds returning from the south (central america) and the huge amount of cherry trees blooming a ton. A reward for a shitty March winter 3 storms ice, snow and temps. in the teens and below!

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