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  1. Until I can get a humidor that can handle + / - 300 to 400 stoogies. Tuppers work great!
  2. You guys are very lucky to get that added flavor and not being charged extra. I must say I have a clean sheet when it comes to extras in my cigars.
  3. deepends where you live!
  4. Well I'll be off to the land of the rising sun soon. And one place which is near and dear to my heart but not to my wallet is "Chardonnay" in Tokyo, Shibuyu-Ku (Harajuku Station) on Omotesando ave / rd. They have a wide selection of old and forgotten stoogies I don't really know where to begin in term of what to buy. These are smokes I have never indulged in so I need a little guidance in what to choose from our good members. Here are some of the choices; Saint Luis Rey - Serie A, Lonsdales (1998) Punch - Super Selection No.1 (2002) Rafael Gonzalez - Lonsdales (2001) El Rey Del Mundo - Gran Corona Anejado (2001) La Gloria Cubana - Med. D' Or 2, No.3 (2002) Quai D'Orsay - Imperial, Gran Corona (2002), Panetelas Fonseca - Cosacos Sancho Panza - Bachilleres (1999), Corona Gigante (2003) Vegueros - Especial No. 1 (2001), Seoane (2000) Very Old - Cuban Davidoff No.1 (1980), Por Larranaga Dunhill Selection No.33 Trinidad - Robusto T Partagas - Presidentes, Serie Connisseur No.3 HDM - Le Hoyo des Dieux Anejo (2002) H. Upmann - Sir Winston Diplomaticos - No.1 (2001) Bolivar - Corona Extra, Gold Medals RE's - El Rey Del Mundo Balthasar, Por Larranaga Small Robusto, Por Larranaga Secretos I'm sure the selection I put up has some "good, bad and ugly" sticks so if any members have tried some of these please "let er rip potato chip" with your thoughts. Thanks.............
  5. Been smoking stoogies since 2010 / 11 and no problems mate. I do make sure to brush the old teeth after every cigar. Keep a tooth brush / paste in company work car, my own car and paste / brush at office when not in the field. Never leave home without that stuff. Every 6 months cleaning from the tooth doc. Floss when I can. Very important to keep the mouth / teeth clean
  6. all the time and that is one reason I bought the make and model I did. Bought a Toyota Camray with a sun roof not for just getting some sun but to to smoke my brains out! Love retracking the roof and smoking a Rob special with a cup of coffee. Man Cave on wheels.
  7. Ok sounds like a good plan......
  8. Rum shit try Barbados Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum will put most so-called Rums from other Banana Republic (wink, wink) countries to shame.
  9. A couple of places I've been where cigar smoking is part of the culture and you won't lose your shirt. Ok Monaco can be a little more coin, but great array of LE's / RE's. 1. Barcelona 2. Milano, Roma 3. Monaco 4. France no not rat infested Paris but Aix-en-Provence great cigar shop in the Old Town area off the "Course Mirabeau" near Book In Bar Bookshop! 5. Tokyo a couple of great shops w/vintage smokes up the Wa Zoo. Will re-visit topic of "Cigars of Tokyo" on another post. Cao
  10. Small Club what ever happened to you I had nothing to do with it, check with your parents.
  11. Thanks for the info mates!
  12. Would love to go but until they (Kuban Gov.) ease into the 21st century I'll wait and target other places on my vaca. list. Love Japan going back this year super safe, and I think I would also enjoy OZ very much. There is a lot of Europe that I still have to get to. Northern Spain and also Proto. Will stay away from some of the troubled areas of Europe....France / Germany no sense having to look over my shoulder every second. And of course right in my own back yard is the Caribbean Islands. So much to see so little time!
  13. small what ever, I just knew you would add your under valued 2 cents ops I mean under valued 2 euros to the mix.
  14. Just received 1/2 box of RyJ Shortchurch Hills tubos from Rob. My question is; Should I remove the cigars from the tubes and place them in my humi or keep them in the tubes while in the humi. Not sure what to do here. Any suggestions I'm all ears.
  15. with about a year downtime the RyJ Cazies / Petit Edmundo are right in the zone for me. Love the Monty short stubed "Petit Edmundo" working through a box from Feb 2016 wonderful just wonderful. Great smoke to have in a place where the temps. can go down past freezing days on end (North East in the States) which is a pain in the arse. Can't wait to move to a warmer place like Florida, Cali. or even the south of France / Spain. Soon!

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