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  1. It would be interesting to see the same breakdown in Aus $ terms. With a tax increase of 12.5% (on the weight of the tobacco) every year since 2013, you are guaranteed an increase every year on a private sale.
  2. This has been so much fun in a town where the speed limit is 60km/hr Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vaquero Dining - Brisbane

    Hey Jer There's a nice write up in the Weekend Australian today, the duck looks amazing !!
  4. Vaquero Dining - Brisbane

    Jer Hope the Wagyu didn't look like a castration !! I'm sure it was all delicious. PS Never, EVER take up a job as a restaurant critic, you'll scare the sh1t out of everybody Cheers
  5. HdM Epicure 2

    Epi 2 is one of my favourites and a bit of age will lift them to a whole new level. If you can, park a few sticks and forget about them for 5 years. You'll be in for a treat in 5 years time. Enjoy the box Cheers
  6. Happy Birthday Mate Have a good one Cheers
  7. My new wineador

    Nice set up and a fine selection of cigars. Like everyone else said, it won't be long before you either take out the shelves or buy another fridge Or both !! Cheers
  8. When they are 18+ years old? Well me and Santa were struggling and then the B&L Christmas Catalogue arrived in the letter box.. Full of inspirational pressies and H O T D E A L S !... Emma gets the set of 17 suction hooks Laura gets the Roto Whisk And Doug gets 4.5m of window screen repair tape And I might drop a hint about the 'Magi-Paint Grout Revitaliser' Yo Ho Ho and thank goodness for the B&L Catalogue Cheers PS Looks like Gel Toe things are the go this year in case you are struggling for the "perfect gift idea"...
  9. Palate Training

    I think "sipping" the cigar is the key. If you take a big pull on the cigar you'll overwhelm your senses. A gentle puff and then swirl your tongue around the smoke and you'll pick up all sorts of flavours. The skill then is to identify what you are tasting .... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Happy Birthday Fuzz!

    Happy Birthday Mate Have a good one Cheers
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Davidoff, dog, dalek = Happy Chappy Ckheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Money is the wrong reason for not doing the right thing
  13. best bar ever

    Ken walked into a bar, ouch....... 13 hours later and he still hasn't recovered consciousness
  14. qantas - new lows

    Qantas are about to pay their staff a bonus that will cost $75,000,000 (yup 75 million bucks) for their outstanding service !!
  15. Hats off to the guys that won and to all brave enough to enter... HdM Epi2 is my favourite cigar, I've smoked many, enjoyed every one and thought I could identify an Epi 2 anytime..... Until Rob put one into the blind tasting at Havanathon I put my hand up for RAAS.... At least I picked a cigar of the same size . Can we get a blue box if we get the size right??.... Less embarrassing than a whole line of red.

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