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  1. I already voluntarily make that choice. I smoke regular production.
  2. Doctorossi

    Whats up for the weekend?

    Hopefully very little- I'm tired.
  3. Doctorossi

    Your next box is likely to be?

    I'd say MdO 2s, but what's the chance of that?
  4. My fave drink to pair with a cigar is coconut water. It's refreshing and complementary and never steps on what I'm tasting in the cigar.
  5. Doctorossi

    Hamlet review 2014

    Nice review- thanks!
  6. Doctorossi

    high roller bourbons

    Speaking very generally, the parts of the liquor that distillers have room to "play with" while still meeting legal definitions are much smaller for bourbon than for scotch, so an inexpensive bourbon is indeed likely to be much closer in composition (and, consequently, taste) to an expensive bourbon than comparably-priced scotches would be to each other. The ability to discern differences between bourbons is more a game of nuance. Meanwhile, scotches can vary from tasting like a coconut-covered marshmallow to an octopus and seaweed sandwich. For the record, I'm a scotch snob, too, but as one, I (ironically) find little to better serve the education of my palate than bourbon, particularly because its taste spectrum is so much smaller.
  7. Doctorossi

    Hump day chuckle...

    Fun stuff (the joke, not the bird product)- thanks for posting.
  8. Doctorossi

    Box of the week

    Just wait 'til the first time you open a mastercase with no boxes inside.
  9. Doctorossi

    high roller bourbons

    Elijah Craig is a liquid punch in the face (of the best kind). It's great value-for-money unless the market has caught up with it. I haven't bought any in a few years, but it at least used to be dirt-cheap.
  10. Doctorossi

    high roller bourbons

    I can't speak to Widow Jane, but Booker's is my favorite bourbon and well worth $75 for the standard bottling, IMO.
  11. Doctorossi

    high roller bourbons

    "Work"... so that's what you call it.
  12. I know "slow smoking" is trendy, but I can usually kill one in about an hour.
  13. Doctorossi

    Who, what, where?

    I'd like to have a conversation with someone who has some genuine cigar knowledge and actual enthusiasm for talking about cigars, so I might go with Samuel L. Jackson or maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I can't miss the opportunity you've handed me to name any cigar of my preference, so I'd go for a nice '80's Dunhill. We could just hang out on the beach at sunset, somewhere with only the gentlest of breezes.
  14. What, no music?! Punch Double Corona Lagavulin 16 '86 Margaux The Voyeur by Alain Robbe-Grillet Blade Runner Mad Men
  15. Doctorossi

    top 10 movie sharks

    I don't know how the sharks with frickin' laser beams made the list, but the iconic (James Bond) sharks they were riffing on are nowhere to be found...

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