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  1. I had a box of Liga Privada No 9s that I waited too long to smoke and they went blah. I still kick myself...
  2. dowjr1


    Wil have to keep an eye out...been wanting to get some.
  3. I personally just cannot enjoy a small cigar much. They can have great flavor but if the format is too small it doesn’t work for me. Which brings me to the PLPC. I love the write up about their five year transformation. I simply wish PL would put that into a Corona Gorda or Robusto Extra format. I would even be excited about a Belicoso. Sigh.
  4. Pigfish’s posts make my brain hurt.
  5. Which PL are you trading? What are you looking for? 

  6. I have only had a few of the Salos and have been quite happy with them.
  7. I prefer a larger ring. I will never buy a petite corona...scroll right past them. Regardless of flavor, the feel in the hand and heft are just as important.
  8. I am a fan of the 2's and Prez turned me onto them, but I think I like the No. 1 even better. I like the CG format a bit more and the flavors seem a little richer or darker. Perhaps Prez/others have similar tasting notes they'd like to share. I just noticed I have three boxes of the No.1 so I must like them hahaha!
  9. I was lamenting a short 24:24 listing for the weekend only to realize it's not the weekend. Brain a bit fried I guess after today's drama. So here is the story. Let me know your thoughts as it took me a while to get the details. So I own a dog training business with locations in three states. I recently opened a new location about four months ago and my head trainer (military vet w several yrs K9 experience) is not returning calls. I'm told by the apprentice trainer (whom we will call Mark) that the head trainer had a mental episode and is at the VA for the week with no outside contact allowed per doctor orders. I think wow I hope he gets the appropriate treatment and gets well. After a week I'm told he is going to another facility for 30 days in another state....also no contact. Then next day I get a call from a client who had signed up for 8 lesson package. She alleges that trainer was very flirty and there was an attraction. Over a few weeks, he did three lessons, all at her house and there was drinking and an overnight stay involved. She then claims she was going out of town and he offered to Board and Train her dog...and that she accepted and paid him $1,000 cash under the table. Head trainer's girlfriend (yes you read that correctly) denies payment took place. I asked client if she could prove the transaction...waiting on response. The dog was under his care for three days then mental episode happened and client had a friend remove the dog. She is asking for a refund of $1,500 as some lessons were done and equipment provided which she will keep. I don't care about the refund, but as the owner, I knew nothing of the dog being boarded and there was no client liability release signed for the dog (which is standard practice). If I confirm the payment then easy decision. With no confirmation of payment I have a trainer who (at the least) was boarding and/or training a dog without my knowledge. We also have personal relations with someone who is a client of the company. Client could be a nut job, but her email describing things had a lot of details that I think were accurate. I have confirmed, through device records, that the lessons at the client's house were indeed 2+ hrs long when they should be one hour. Plot twist: Client says the apprentice trainer saw her give the cash money to the head trainer and that he knew the details. Apprentice trainer, (who was a client and became fast friends with head trainer) was recently hired on recommendation of head trainer. I have no proof of this accusation other than client's word. Well there you go...thoughts? I have pretty much made up my mind but would love some input on the drama.
  10. Plantation is just fantastic...especially their pineapple infused version...just amazing.
  11. Been wanting to up my coffee game of late. I have a decent coffee maker now but would like to hear from the real coffee hounds about what coffee make they have, want, or love.
  12. Expert status always a dicey and subjective thing although there are some objective measures. I don't profess to know them, but I'm sure they exist. Does only smoking a cigar make one expert? Or should one know leaves, regional crop reports, etc to become fully abreast? I don't know. Regarding Pigfish, he is an interesting guy and his posts, at least for me, are sometimes difficult to fully grasp. I think his brain is wired differently in relation to mine. That is a good thing for him. 😆
  13. Yup I'm with Ken on this one. A Corona is about as small as I can tolerate. Part of my enjoyment of a cigar is the weight in hand so too small def takes something away.
  14. dowjr1

    Back From Disney

    I believe you...but it might be close.
  15. Wifey (and girls aged 5 and 2) just got back from a week at Disney. I am not really a fan of that place as it is expensive, hot, and often very crowded, and the food is usually crappy and I don't drink the Disney Kool-Aid. I can't possibly imagine wanting to pay money to visit a place I view as one step away from purgatory. My wife on the other hand happily chirps on about how "It's the happiest place on earth!", wears Disney clothes, sings the songs, and drinks out of Disney mugs year round and does the same for our kids. I go because I'm being a good team player and I know the kids and wifey like having everyone together. But this visit was particularly brutal: average temps were mid 90's with no clouds, average daily walking distance was 6-7 miles (pushing a large double stroller) packed with people, and the usual tasteless deep fried or poorly prepared gruel. Of course no stogies with kiddies around and certainly no sneaking off on a family trip to get one in. It pretty much sucked. I am simply perplexed seeing all the people with Mickey Mouse ears on their heads walking around...including grown men. What? SOOOOOO glad to be back! Anyone else not a Disney fan?

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