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    Happy birthday Lisa. And many more. Best regards, John
  2. tom petty

    rest easy Sir, your work is done. you'll be sorely missed.
  3. Thanks for the event. Any night except Wednesday (ny weds) works for me.
  4. Finally!! a non-apologetic thread dedicated to the big boys. i know this is a hot topic. i follow almost every thread on this forum and have for years. everyone, well not quite everyone, but almost everyone claims they love the skinnies and will die an agonizing cigar death when they're all gone......"woe is me they're killing them off one by one", "what will we do, what will we do".......but every person i see smoking these days is smoking a big solid cigar. smoke what you like......but whatever your personal passion there is no denying these big dogs bring it for flavor, and in the case of the Mag 56, quality and consistency to boot. Smoke: H Upmann Mag 56 TOS DIC 15 Source: FOH Setting: Central Park West and 68th St, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY (1/2 block from my apartment and 1/2 block from Tavern on the Green, just outside Central Park). On a bench about twenty feet from a passed out homeless guy. i hate living in NYC with an absolute passion, but today is brilliant weather, 75 degrees, slight breeze, and the best people watching on the planet. Beverage: Black coffee Music: Toots and the Maytals....if you like reggae and aren't listening to these guys.....try them. i'll say it.....better than marley. smooth, professional and just the best. this music is perfect for the beautiful day we're having. Review: I cut the beast, took a dry draw, and was worried that it felt light. That was the last negative thing about the experience and after the cigar was lit the first puff was full and my fears were put to rest. Tons of smoke right from the start, no indication of under fill and a perfect burn. I don't pretend to know flavors.....never noticed a passionfruit overtone or a hint of dried hibiscus in all my years of smoking. But this cigar was smooth, smooth, smooth for something so big and so young. What i did sense was a nice blend of tobacco taste, maybe some leather, and a touch of honey. I'm going to say this would put a sig 6 to the test for smoothness. As the cigar continued the flavors built, but only in a sort of generous intensity, not to any kind of sourness or unpleasant bitterness. I honestly didn't sense a change in the blend, just more of it as i smoked. I removed the bands at about the half way point, no harm to the cigar and the burn remained nearly perfect. No touch-ups required after the initial light. I simply didn't want it to end and was disappointed when it did. btw, one of my pet peeves is when there is an ugly aftertaste following a smoke......no hint of that on this cigar. the aftertaste was pleasant and enjoyable. Conclusion: I know these are big and expensive but my opinion is that this is one of the best cigars i've smoked. Not recently....but ever. As Rob has noted repeatedly on the 24:24's the future for these 56's is limitless. I'm about halfway through my first box, and this is a cigar i will continue to buy when i find it and enjoy into the future. And if you just can't bring yourself to smoke one this big, close your eyes and try one......just one. Pretend it's a delicious petite corona that lasts longer......and is on steroids.
  5. i guess i've been consistently listening to Allman Brothers music for 45 years. to say this is a loss to those in my age bracket is quite the understatement. but the loss isn't just for us oldies, but for all lovers of southern rock and the haunting sound of the double lead guitar. this one hurts. RIP Gregg.
  6. Happy Birthday Di

    happy happy birthday. very warmest regards, john
  7. Caribbean cruise

    Well don't forget that st Thomas is US virgin island and doubt there will be a lcdh there unless it's brand new. Never has been one in the past.
  8. these could, in my humble opinion, be the very best cigars you'll ever buy. in your entire life. seriously, congratulations and i know every one of these has the potential to be a religious experience. best regards, john

    Happy Birthday Lisa. And many more. best regards, john
  10. Your Cigar of October 16?

    i had six from a box of Sig 4's, TEU Aug 10, that i opened recently. each was excellent and they dominated October for me. i could probably go on a strict diet of just this cigar and be okay the rest of the way. certainly for now they are excellent. best regards to all. john
  11. Singles Drawer

    sadly it does not.
  12. Singles Drawer

    i know it might sound crazy but if you cut each single so that it is exactly 2.95 inches long you won't have to worry about the dreaded transference of tobacco from one tobacco stick to another tobacco stick. sounds wacky, i know, but if you think about it long enough it makes sense that the competitive nature of the cigars is negated when they are all they same length. you should try it.
  13. it's almost like we could use a whole sub-forum where we could talk about humidity exclusively and forever. amen.
  14. Happy Birthday Diana.

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Diana Happy birthday to you (And many more)

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