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  1. Well don't forget that st Thomas is US virgin island and doubt there will be a lcdh there unless it's brand new. Never has been one in the past.
  2. these could, in my humble opinion, be the very best cigars you'll ever buy. in your entire life. seriously, congratulations and i know every one of these has the potential to be a religious experience. best regards, john
  3. Happy Birthday Lisa. And many more. best regards, john
  4. i had six from a box of Sig 4's, TEU Aug 10, that i opened recently. each was excellent and they dominated October for me. i could probably go on a strict diet of just this cigar and be okay the rest of the way. certainly for now they are excellent. best regards to all. john
  5. sadly it does not.
  6. i know it might sound crazy but if you cut each single so that it is exactly 2.95 inches long you won't have to worry about the dreaded transference of tobacco from one tobacco stick to another tobacco stick. sounds wacky, i know, but if you think about it long enough it makes sense that the competitive nature of the cigars is negated when they are all they same length. you should try it.
  7. it's almost like we could use a whole sub-forum where we could talk about humidity exclusively and forever. amen.
  8. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Diana Happy birthday to you (And many more)
  9. RIP and we will not forget you or any who have served. You are heroes all.
  10. the new logo makes me wonder........ how many cigars do you own?
  11. I always thought it meant a cigar that had been rolled in that area kind of between China and the USSR. You know, where Genghis Khan lived. Maybe I'm wrong on that.....
  12. this is the most awesome email i've ever read, lol. in fairness Prez i think you should tell us all who this guy is. he might just need a little guidance, lol. (also could you tell us who ******** is so we can get some of those bargain sticks?)

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