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  1. I posted a reply to the story. Loved his enthusiasm, but he is way too worried about the health effects of cigars.
  2. Eight years ago today, on St. Patrick's Day in 2010, our great friend and my cigar mentor, Chuck (Tampa1257) passed. I usually make a post on this date in his honor. For this year, I thought it best to top the posts about this great occasion in 2008, when FOH friends, including Rob, met up in Tampa Bay. It was a truly memorable occasion and everyone who was there will always remember the event. Here's to Chuck, a great man and a dear friend.
  3. Lots of great suggestions here. Hoyo Petit Robustos are a sure winner. I have never had a beginning cigar smoker try one and not like it. A bit smaller than the Epi 1. I also like the suggestion of RJ Coronitas en Cedro. Like the Hoyo, they are great young. I find them to be more full bodied so you have something for people who want some heft. Last wedding I went to, I got a box each of those, and also one box of non Cubans that I favor, the CAO Flathead Spark Plug. They are $2-3 a stick and very flavorful, a dark maduro with a lot of cocoa and spice. Enjoy!
  4. The one I smoked was great, but young. I want to give the others 5 years. For me they were worth it because they were of special significance in marking the opening Barack Obama made to Cuba. For me, NO cigar is worth $29 bucks just on price, I find plenty of great cigars for $10 or less.
  5. Diplomaticos #4 and #5. I found these intense and loved them in small doses. Just don't want to smoke a full #2. I have some of the Cuban Regionals, thank heavens, but I grieve the lack of small Dips to buy in volume and age. Making it even more grievous, I had a box seized by US Customs years ago, it couldn't be replaced. Dip 5s were the first Habanos I ever purchased, from my cigar mentor, Chuck (Tampa1257) so they are even more special to me.
  6. A late 90s Monte Especial #1, my cigar mentor and friend Chuck (Tampa1257) and I each smoked one. Chuck's review is the lead review for this item on Cigars Review, the words make my mouth water
  7. Sure, I've been to the Davidoff lounge. It's big and beautiful, has a full bar, and work stations. Large selection of cigars if you need something to burn. I far prefer the atmosphere at King Corona in Ybor. Informal and you can't beat the local vibe, food, and drinks.
  8. I've never smoked the RJ Mille Fleur (I have fallen in love with the RJ Coronitas en Cedro as my cheap RJ so I am sticking with it). I'm on my second box of Partagas Mille Fleurs. I agree with the characterization of them as being a bit "rough". They are full bodied and peppery, and they are perfect for when I want a meaty, full bodied cigar but am not in the mood to sit quietly and reflect on complex flavors. I like them for when I am doing yard work or grading papers, they give me excellent flavor and a jolt but they are not a cigar to marvel at. They are not as spicy as the Partagas Short which is a just bought a cab of. I personally am a big fan of the Partagas Culebra for a unique white pepper flavor, and of the 898 for what is at this time to my palate the most elegant and smooth Partagas cigar. Enjoy!
  9. Hello Daniel. Welcome to FoH. I've been a member here since 2006. You have come to the right place. I don't post here much any more but you will find great information and friendship. I too am from the Tampa area. I've been smoking and collecting Cuban cigars for 10 years now. I just got back from a four day trip to Havana with my lovely wife, celebrating our 40th anniversary and Barack Obama's vision and foresight in opening things up between Cuba and the USA. I don't have any Cuban family (yet) but since being introduced to the Habano Leaf, it has become a passion and I have come to care deeply about the welfare of the Cuban people, and to celebrate their culture. Send me a direct message and we can see about connecting. I'm out of town this week so we may not be able to meet before your trip. Enjoy your trip! Good luck to you and your Dad.
  10. Great post. Ramon Allones cigars have a flavor that is truly unique. Over the last year I have been systematically sampling non Cuban brands to identify the best, and I have NEVER smoked a cigar with that distinctive RA flavor. That full bodied stewed fruit flavor is astonishing. Personally I am happy with the sizes that are available (including Superiores), and grateful that RA has not fallen into the state of another favorite, La Gloria Cubana, which has been decimated.
  11. Wow, thanks for the great suggestions. Yep, I will have a direct flight back to Tampa so buying at the airport and not having to worry about breaking bottles in my luggage is how I will go. I have had the Maestros and my palate isn't good enough to prefer it, but I will definitely try toe Ron Cubay as well.
  12. So there has been a lot of talk about the new rules allowing Americans to bring cigars back from Cuba. I am already well supplied and I'm not sure that I am going to find unique stock or better prices there, although I'll keep my eyes out. I'd like to bring some Havana Club 7 back. Does anyone know if you can buy that at a Duty Free shop at the airport, and let them give it to you as you exit the plane, so you don't have to pack it in checked luggage? Also, anyone know the price at Duty Free (if they have it at the Havana Airport) versus buying it elsewhere? I've ordered HC7 from overseas but the shipping costs are high. Thanks for any info from someone in the know.
  13. Beautiful thread. I'm going to Cuba in December, my first visit, I'm gonna put together a suitcase full of stuff. Got some great ideas here.
  14. A European vendor known for very high quality service sent an email out today, noting that because of problems with tobacco production, increased tourism to Cuba, and expected increases in purchases by Americans, their supplier will not be able to sell them Cohibas, and a number of large format cigars. We are getting a peek at the long term effects of changes in US policy. I'm in the camp that expects Habanos to maintain their high quality, perhaps even improve it, and allow prices to rise. I'm glad that I have a stockpile of great cigars already.
  15. I had a fiver from 2002, as others have said, it was an amazing cigar. Rob, I have a box of 5 I bought from you, they have a 2014 box code. They look beautiful, dark perfect wrappers. I'll wait until they are five years to touch them and bring them out on special occasions when I can truly enjoy a three hour smoke. If Rob has any in stock, I definitely recommend you pick up a fiver.

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