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  1. They're great. I think they are the most similar in the Partagas line to the old Serie do Con line, my favorites in the Partagas line.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I smoked what has become a favorite, Romeo y Julieta Petit Julieta. This one was from 2006 but I've found they are great with just a few years of age. Beautiful mild floral flavors to my palate. Inexpensive to boot.
  3. Rob did an experiment and posted about it some years ago where he removed wrappers from various cigars and exchanged them to assess the impact of the wrapper on overall flavor. As I recall he estimated that it had a small difference, maybe 10%. I don't recall whether maduro wrappers were in the mix, seem to remember they were.
  4. I've smoked a lot of these, probably smoked through 5 boxes. They were my favorite Partagas (now all gone). I have always noticed a very distinctive "white pepper" flavor from these cigars, with a bit of salt. It's a type of flavor that is different than the thicker ring gauge Partagas. I find that the Partagas Culebras have this flavor as well, and they are still available! Finally, I have never found Partagas cigars to become too tame with age. They might be the way you like them now but I don't think you have to fear them going dull in the years ahead. This would be among my top requests for a Habanos to bring back to life!
  5. Why Does This Happen

    For me, the thing that produces that tarry problem is smoking with a wet mouth. I have to watch that, but moisture at the head of the cigar seems to be what traps the tar. Always hold the cigar in your fingers, never just leave it in your mouth to puff. Sometimes I take a second or even a third clip of the head, if it is moist and you use your cutter to take off a bit more, you will find that it freshens the cigar right back up. This is especially true with longer cigars. Hope this is helpful.
  6. POLL: Favorite non-Cuban cigar brand?

    OK I saw the results. I love the Fuentes, they are a Tampa family, but nothing in their cigar range compares to the quality of the top end Padrons. Period. The end
  7. POLL: Favorite non-Cuban cigar brand?

    I can't figure out how to see the poll results but it has to be Padron. The low end Padrons are very nice. The higher end 1964s and 1926s (I like the 1964 Maduros) are amazing. The Family Reserve Cigars are among the best cigars on the planet. How the Padron family does what they do without having Cuban tobacco is one of life's great mysteries.
  8. HdM Petit Robusto

    I don't smoke enough of these from multiple years to know whether they are becoming more intense. I would suggest you trust Rob on that, he is in a unique position to comment on this. But you can't have too many of these, either the Petit Robustos or Epi 2s. No better cigar when smoked fresh. Buy Hoyo des Dieux if you want to age a Hoyo!
  9. HdM Petit Robusto

    Great cigar. I think of it more as gingerbread. I don't think the flavors have changed, you can't really rely on these reviews. This is one of my favorite cigars to introduce people to cigars and to the special joys of Habanos.
  10. 45-60 Min Smoke

    A few favorites in the small cigar/good price range--RJ Coronitas en Cedro, and Bolivar Tubos #3. Both are hearty, full bodied cigars, lots of flavor. The Bolis get really nice with age.
  11. I may have aged them to death.....

    I bought some 1999 Hoyo du Prince, around 2--6. Smoked about half the box and they were OK, but a bit mild. But over the past 5 years or so, they have become duds. I smoke one every 6 months or so, hoping I'll get a winner, but it's just not happening. I pitch them after 10 minutes. I'm not ready to throw out the remaining dozen, just can't do it... I'll try the rest and pitch them if they aren't good, hoping to find a winner. Yes, some cigars just don't have the legs to age for 20 years plus.
  12. I have a commute of about an hour each way to my office. I never smoke on the way in to work, I don't want to smell like smoke at work. But I bought a small humidor for the office, I keep the humidity carefully regulated. I have a nice assortment of cigars to smoke on the way home. Favorites include Upmann Half Corona, RJ Petite Julietas, Partagas Shorts, Hoyo Short Robustos, Monte 5s, RASCC, and various non Cuban maduro cigars (CAO MX2 Daggers and CAO Brazilias, both in tins, and CAO Flathead Spark Plugs). Just right to finish on the drive home with a bit of time to spare. Since I often hit heavy traffic on the way home, the cigar makes the journey much more relaxing. I've had a few mishaps, dropping a lit cigar into my lap or the floor, but so far no serious wounds or scars. I've got a routine, windows down before I get home, and a nice orange air spray that I use, my car never smells like cigars.
  13. I've been buying and aging cigars since 2006. I've built up a big stockpile, but was always on the lookout for bargains and interesting cigars to buy. Last December, after rearranging my very full humidors, I decided to make a New Years resolution not to buy any boxes in 2017. I gave myself an out that I could buy singles. It's been a good thing for me. I used to spend so much time hunting for things to buy, and spending plenty. I'm finding that it's a joy to explore what I have instead of constantly buying more. Depending on how fast I smoke, I estimate I have a 5-10 year supply. I've made it to Easter without feeling deprived or seriously tempted. I expect I'll come back to buying in 2018, but with a different frame of mind. Anyone else ever do this?
  14. Ybor City FL Article

    I posted a reply to the story. Loved his enthusiasm, but he is way too worried about the health effects of cigars.
  15. The OFFICIAL FOH Tampa Get Together Thread

    Eight years ago today, on St. Patrick's Day in 2010, our great friend and my cigar mentor, Chuck (Tampa1257) passed. I usually make a post on this date in his honor. For this year, I thought it best to top the posts about this great occasion in 2008, when FOH friends, including Rob, met up in Tampa Bay. It was a truly memorable occasion and everyone who was there will always remember the event. Here's to Chuck, a great man and a dear friend.

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