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  1. 50 cab of hoyo DC Or 50 cab of epI #2 and plpc
  2. Looks interesting if price is right
  3. Going to tierra del sol for some wheeling should be fun
  4. I try after 30 to 60 days then adjust to my taste if you're new to cigars in general try every 30 days after to see how they develop
  5. Let the woman shop we all have our vices
  6. I use a oasis xl boveda 65 and a fan from Mr piggy my oasis adds humiduty boveda regulates and fun circulates works like a charm when boveda starts drying I turn up oasis a bit to charge
  7. Not a bad day a Lil #4
  8. I take a ibuprofen 800 before bed if that doesn't work I poor a double bourbon and light a cigar followed by gator aid
  9. Not a bad day
  10. I start checking 1yr to 18 months then adjust accordingly
  11. Classy very classy

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