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  1. Dark wrappers that won't burn!

    Fridge for an hour before smoking
  2. Di's first fish

    Wow that's a great first fish congratulations
  3. FOH Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    My last bike was w 2003 cbrrr Looking at the hd sport glide later this year
  4. Smashing pumpkins landslide not better but just as good
  5. Dream Cigar Beverage

    Parkers heritage promise of hope it was a great bottle of bourbon
  6. Las Vegas cigar bars

    Parasol up parasol down at the Wynn I always make time for a smoke and a drink but bring your own cigar
  7. blanton's bourbons

    If you can get Stagg from the btac it's a nice pour
  8. Happy Birthday Di

    Happy birthday di hope your having a great day
  9. 50 cab of hoyo DC Or 50 cab of epI #2 and plpc
  10. HDM Elegantes. First Look

    Looks interesting if price is right
  11. What's up for the weekend?

    Going to tierra del sol for some wheeling should be fun
  12. Down time

    I try after 30 to 60 days then adjust to my taste if you're new to cigars in general try every 30 days after to see how they develop
  13. Definition of a shopping problem.....

    Let the woman shop we all have our vices
  14. High Humidity Issues

    I use a oasis xl boveda 65 and a fan from Mr piggy my oasis adds humiduty boveda regulates and fun circulates works like a charm when boveda starts drying I turn up oasis a bit to charge

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