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  1. Cigar Seeding

    Seriously.... more like these two
  2. I hope your son recovers quickly... thoughts and prayers to you....I have found Upmann 54 to be very good, Monte Dantes are exceptional. Keep well Wertman
  3. Mate take your time... breath , and try to speak as if you are having a conversation with someone ...you know what it is about.... so you have nothing to prove . You will be just fine...
  4. Nice Steve.... good to hear your old boy is recovering... it is one big shit storm on us, hold fast chaps
  5. None what so ever ...stare deep into it ...
  6. Wish him / her luck, they may need it . Then erase that email fro your memory... Rob I think you are giving to much attention to doodle heads .
  7. Welcome to kenfessions

    Brilliant !! And for those of you who think you may come and here and confess all your sins ....dont Looking great already ...
  8. Says who.. you ? ..nice work folks very informative....
  9. you would know...I think Mus is taller than you......Rob do as you are told... poor Nat
  10. One of my Pet Peeves.

    Oh dear ,,,hard to believe I am almost out of these little babies.. thank christ we have you at the helm RA

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