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  1. Come over to Perth for a catch up J ...we will toughen you up ...nice review they sound amazing.
  2. Yep ...looks as though we are a batsmen short.... Maxwell is not a test batsmen ...Khawaja should be at four ....WTF Maxwell ....I agree Ken we deserve to lose.
  3. Oh yes.... magnificent
  4. Always sad to hear the passing of a member RIP....thanks Lisa x
  5. Get ready for a shit load of pm,s
  6. Far to late ...no longer receding.....receded ..
  7. Cuaba EL has a lost a little , still very good
  8. I see ...I thought they may of been some sort of horse jumping equestrian things..even better
  9. holly snit.... no disrespect ...at first I thought I was looking at a young Ken garget
  10. I have given J my vote.... therefore I cannot like anyone else no matter how good you look... what a classic photo....
  11. BRA OCT 13 Punch Punch
  12. Verdict ?? ...
  13. mag 56 in the olde Cuban Singapore....was such a great smoke ...sat by myself with some Balvenie Caribbean cask ..was amazing
  14. great review and thanks for the pics

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