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  1. Magnificent...thanks for the pics ...sweet action
  2. he was a Lamborghini.....looks like a Volkswagen now
  3. Brilliant piece ....bloody brilliant... wipes the floor with the Ladbrokes and bet365 ads..I don't gamble at all ....we are being hammered with theses ads and they are now sponsoring major sporting events.... which to me borders on conventional morality.... plus everyone knows what a bunch of dirty cheats Canadians are....a distant second to the dirty rotten seppo though .... Cheers Ken 7
  4. Miss my mum....one of the smartest and most beautiful women to have ever lived ....make it count folks x
  5. Ha bloody brilliant !!
  6. well done keep at it
  7. keep going brother... and take those shoes off when you jump on
  8. must be happy looks like you are doing a hand stand...... well done though.... could see the change in the last video review
  9. Have been twice ...heaven on earth....sure you will get to smoke a cigar or two ..if not it wont matter to much ...such a beautiful place ...all the 7 11 ABC type shops sell local cigars ..like these Hula Girls sticks .....always a bit of fun picking up a few and trying them ....Have fun
  10. I was a little lost .....when the topic started with Happy Days I thought you were suggesting it was a good thing. I was never allowed to watch Hay Days Sad news ....
  11. Brilliant ...thanks for the pics as well
  12. only kidding I have some cool pics I shot with my camera though
  13. Very cool and thanks for sharing ....usually it their are two ...territorial little suckers and they do bite ...had one hassle me in the Maldives once ....blew its head clean off with my spear gun ....funny huh trigger fish .
  14. next we eat you ...

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