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  1. fraser island

    CDO.in rhe righr order if you wouldn't mind
  2. fraser island

    Wish I could pluck that barnacle off that turtles head
  3. fraser island

    Bloody brilliant mate
  4. Clearly the world has gone quiet mad... good thread Roberto
  5. Catch of the day!

    A few nice specimens Western Australian Dhu fish...pink snapper..my old sea dog mate
  6. Good for him ....I usually get in 2 a day....if I had the time, I would do six as well...
  7. Spearfishing Tonga

    Massive Coral trout.... easy pickings ...and bloody good eating
  8. Very nice....I would of had a crack at that.
  9. Spearfishing Tonga

    Magnificent Bill.....I bet you loved the warm water... are they coral trout ? love the wetty mate
  10. Fish commits suicide

    Ken looks happy to
  11. Fish commits suicide

    Nice tailor.... He looks happy.
  12. Have an omega panerai lumtec or two. Just picked up a couple automatic Swatch in Singapore...$209 notes each...very cool , my everyday watch
  13. Come and live in Australia... problem solved
  14. Always on the lookout for more monte Dantes..Delish
  15. Just back from Singapore..an amazing time...caught up with a few mates on Saturday night...they were wearing guayaberas ...it was like a scene from american physco ...bastards..i want one....will try for havanathon..Rob give me the heads up where to get one please.

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