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  1. Aging at High Temps

    I don’t have enough experience to know either way, but I did a quick internet search on average temps in Havana. It seems that for most of the year Havana temps range on the higher side of what many would recommend for storage. For people that have stumbled on a well aged cigar/box in Havana....do they not keep or smoke as well as one stored “properly”? Curious myself as my storage seems to fluctuate to ambient household temps which sometimes do reach high 70s.
  2. I'm optimistic that recent production will age well. But as said before it is anyone's guess. I smoked a 2011 RASS last week. Last one from a 25ct box and for the most part been stored in my everyday humidor so consistently exposed to fresh air. Damn thing had me green and ended my night early.......had not lost a bit of strength IMO.
  3. My definition of a sublime cigar is similar to what many others have posed. It's all relative I suppose. Maybe I grade tougher. I've been smoking for 6 years....so maybe 1000 cigars total. At the most maybe 3 or 4 that would be considered sublime. But that's the hook! Every time you light one up it just might be the holy grail.
  4. Lets Talk Cohiba

    Siglo 2, CoRo, Especialies. The CE have been hard to find as of late. My white whale is a CE from EL.
  5. HUPC is a favorite of mine, but would also add Siglo 2, Monte 4,and PLPC into that mix. Love them all! edit....Connie I is in there too
  6. I was self employed for 7 years as an independant distributor for medical equipment. It was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot but can't say I miss those years. Self paid health insurance for a family of four, no benefits, no retirement plan, and a heap of taxes paid federally and to cash hungry California. Doing my job during the day and then tending to the books at night was never my thing. I was recruited by a competitor, a publically traded medical device company, and took on a new role with them. I've been with them for 2 years and it was the best work decision I've ever made. A large company with plenty of inefficiencies, but the best employee benefits I've ever had. When thinking about it, this is the first job that I like and love doing! Cigars have played equal roles in both jobs. I love to light one up at the end of the day and relax. The exception being is that I travel more frequently with my latest job, so smoking has decreased when away from home. But when I am home, I'm working out of the home office which accounts to a late afternoon cigar more often than not!
  7. Ken, I have watched many reviews where all we see is your screen door (Bruce playing behind it), the balcony railing and few water containers. 😉I've always been curious to see what the view is from your perspective. The animal/bird noises we sometimes hear off your deck are incredible. If you are inclined to show I'm sure there are plenty of members who would love to see!
  8. 2017 Deletions.

    It's odd that they would go on an amazing Du Prince run right before announcing its deletion. Honestly, what the hell? I sampled the first Prince from a newly acquired box (probably 5 days after shipment) It was one of the best cigars I've had in awhile. Interesting move? And even worse.... One of my top cigars and always on rotation. HUPC....SO SAD!!!
  9. Merry Christmas to All

    Happy Holidays!!! Love you all here!!
  10. I'll take a Tuesday/Monday spot if still available? Thanks El Pres!!!
  11. Petit Coronas

    2 young kids and an attention span that lasts roughly an hour (I usually smoke alone), the PC is the perfect vitola for me. Over 75% of my collection is either a PC or smaller.
  12. I've bought two. 2009 HU Mag 48 which i have since sold or traded off. And 2011 RA Allones. While I didnt care for the RA when they were young, the last one I had a few weeks ago was quite good.
  13. Has a Porr Larranaga Corona Gorda been mentioned? I'd buy a box of those
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    CoRo - DEC UME 13 Enjoyable, but definitely way before its prime.

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