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  1. Duxnutz

    Lets Talk Cohiba

    I’m not a Cohiba snob by any stretch, in fact I rarely smoke them but I absolutely adore a well rested one. Siglo VI, Eplendido and robusto could keep content for a long time. Alway enjoy a CCE for a change of pace. Hardest thing about boxes of them is breaking into them as I know they are tough to acquire at a reasonable price.
  2. Duxnutz


    Probably for convenience, easy access from Anchorage. Have a few days off and gonna head up there. Never been so open to any and all ideas.
  3. Nice planes 👍🏻. I remember blue line Spd in the Aerostar being quite sporty with all that turbocharging!
  4. “Flies, Floats or F#€ks you’re better off renting!” I fly airliners roughly 800 hrs a year but would still love a small plane like a cub or even something on floats. Ditto with a sail boat. I guess I should make better friends with those that have these and just continue throwing my $$$ at cigar and whiskey hobbies.
  5. What a mess. How are they treating gifts?
  6. Shot this on my old iPhone the other day. Kinda pretty I think.
  7. Duxnutz


    Anyone recommend any fly fishing operators in Alaska?
  8. Duxnutz

    Horrible news out just now!

    These types of things alway come as a surprise. Well maybe not. One thing most men are bad at communication and when things like mental illness come to town don’t know how to react. I’ve seen it in my own life, people like to act concerned and feign sympathy then disappear. No wonder so many people are killing themselves these days..... we just don’t give enough fucks anymore.
  9. Here in Hawaii, we just smoke in the pool.
  10. Duxnutz


    Anyone have issues with Jeep? I’ve owned several Grand Cherokee’s, including a super old Cherokee with the cast iron block back in ‘96. Lasted a long time, even through winters in Wisconsin and parked out in the elements. Thinking about test driving the newer model this weekend but have heard reliability isn’t once it once was. My friend who owns an F150 just laughs at me uncontrollably. Pity I don’t like trucks.
  11. Duxnutz

    Heading to Hawaii on Fridaii

    Well on the flip side....... you could have had your ‘wife’ talk you into moving to said paradise then promptly lose her marbles and leave less than 2weeks into moving here. That’s my story. Life can be f^{ked up but it’s how we choose to react to the b.s. that decides whether we are gonna stroke out before our time or not. I say come out here, enjoy a Mai Tai or 10 and take a load off! Mahalo.
  12. Duxnutz

    Heading to Hawaii on Fridaii

    I’m not a local but live in the islands. My tip; go to the beach, find an area away from people and light up. Much more chill on the big island than Waikiki (I see ppl smoking there as well in spite of the signs) and with the VOG at the moment no one will probably be able to smell it!
  13. I was sinking pints of Guinness in Vegas while watching the goings on around 3am local time. Even got to enjoy a cigar during the event!
  14. Duxnutz


    Nice work! Maybe you could fly out to Hawaii with your label maker and help me out! I probably have at least a hundred boxes but storage location etc is an unknown to me. I love the digging and remembering where I got it or the last time I had a certain cigar. For me the spontaneity is most of the fun.
  15. Duxnutz

    Cuba Plane crash

    Interesting history. Old planes like this usually end up in Africa. I was asked to ferry an ex-southwest 737 to Africa just this week. What happened to inter-jet? Are they still flying? I flew on one of their old ass Airbus 320s to Cuba a couple yrs ago.

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