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    Wine, Cigars, Footy but most of all my Family:)

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  1. JC67

    Farewell F.O.H..

    All the best Guy, hopefully you will be back.
  2. JC67

    Best Cigars During Talking With Women

    Mate short answer... there are none
  3. Do you know that Malcom played the lead and rhythm guitars on Stevie Wright’s classic.. Evie? Shoot to thrill Cold hearted man Back in black
  4. Every time I here this guys name I can’t help but think that if you add an extra o it spells buffoon!
  5. Stand by me. John Lennon throw your arms around me. Crowded house...(debatable)
  6. New York groove Ace Frehley someone please ad the vid, I'm in transit
  7. JC67

    Cigar Seeding

    That's really cool !! Do you roll cigars or cigarettes from them?
  8. JC67

    Jerry Lewis RIP

    The old films were great but he also made a brilliant black comedy with Robert Deniro in the 80scalled " the king of comedy" Not your usual Jerry Lewis role highly recommended
  9. JC67


    How do you purchase it?
  10. Do you prefer to smoke oily cigars when you get them or let them rest?
  11. Queen were are truely great band of which we rarely see these dayys Freddy was an amazing performer. Regretfully I never saw them live but there are some great dockos about Freddy... i can remember one not long before he died where he said that he felt that he only had one true friend in life and the rest were were all hangers on. Pretty sad. did anyone see Queen with Paul Rogers singing? I think that would have been pretty awesome.
  12. Johnny What's the name of the band and where are you playing?
  13. Thanks, info appreciated I've had bad duty free experiences before and had to live with crap cigars through my holiday. Sounds like that's not the case here. regards jc
  14. Heading through Abu Dhabi shortly and was interested to hear opinions on stock and pricing from anyone that has purchased cigars from the airport store recently?

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