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  1. Monte 5s bought in Singapore duty free. Looked like carp and tasted same. I wouldn't have bought them but I didn't take any cigardps with me so had no choice. All the cigars at Singapore duty free were the same. I question whether they were even authentic. anyone else has similar experience there?
  2. Hi All, Its a marca that we don't hear too much about apart from the occasional box of coronas on 24:24 (which always look very nice) Just wanted some opinions on QUAI D'ORSAY Imperiales?
  3. I tried getting a table for Sydney dinner, sold out in 2 hrs
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiQVaGdJEMY&sns=em I think I lost it
  5. Congrats all... quarter of your body weight!! before and after photos would be awesome!!
  6. What a brilliant article and all very interesting and valid responses. Property prices aside, In a society where beautiful young girls at 16 feel the need to get boob jobs, Botox injections and fake eye lashes and boys are wearing make up, i worry about who will be making decisions for us and where the next generation of leaders will come from as we get older The media and big business have a lot to answer for but at the end of the day it is us that put mobile phones and ipads in the hands of 8 - 10 year olds, us that allows our young girls to be influenced by the images that they are bombarded with. Us that decide to get a $80K loan to buy that Audi and so on. Our parents work hard it is only natural that we want our children to have a good life but WE have lost the meaning of what a good life is. I would assume that for the young girls in Syria, Iraq, Africa, Vietnam and so on the last thing on their mind is botox, boob jobs and fake eye lashes.
  7. FOH Team, thank you kindly for the comp. I tried hard, have stripped quite a bit of weight and corrected some bad evening snacking habits I too didn't win but very happy I participated
  8. Johnny, do you prefer the Connie A or Mag 56 im trying to make up my mind which box I should get blind?
  9. I just ordered a box of EPI 2 blind but after reading Robs review naming them as the latest crack hoare I'm a bit worried!
  10. Nice... was it just a burst of flavour then gone or did that flavour last throughout the remainder of the smoke?
  11. I've been very disciplined 4 - 5 gym sessions per week no after meal snacking eating well cut down carbs but still feel it is not coming off as quick as I'd like 85.4 Kgs Definately in better shape though, feel fit and stronger
  12. Lately the playlist goes something like this Tom Waits Nick Cave Elvis Costello Ryan Adams Lucinda Williams
  13. High energy low cal breakfast helps me offset my favorite soon to be deleted Bolivar Corona Gigantes and maybe 3 glasses of red wine (wishfull thinking)

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