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    Beautiful asian women, XO cognac & extra anejo tequila,sporting clays,and dark and oily habanos
  1. Kudo's to the newsletter. Great item!
  2. Will we be seeing any new regional releases soon? If so, what is coming down the pipeline?
  3. Throw me a bone. I love the size and gauge of the Partagas varnished 8-9-8's. What alternate cuban brands measures up to that cigar?
  4. Best cigar store in Andorra?
  5. I miss the San Luis Rey DC
  6. Encantos
  7. Yea, I meant will we see anything new in the near future---2017?
  8. What will we see the next upcoming pacific regional release? Does anyone know the brand, format...bla bla bla ....and most importantly when we might see the next pacific release? Tobacco is my favorite vegetable.
  9. Dear God, help me to be as great as my dog thinks I am.
  10. I have 2 steelers tickets. 16 rows off the field. I have them for 20 years
  11. Can't get in. I was told it was full.
  12. Sold out but creating a waiting list.
  13. LCDH in Hamburg is taking pre-orders at 379.49 USD Their picture is posted.
  14. 10:30 local Brisbane time.
  15. Same time every day! Less confusion.

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