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  1. hilariously funny, love it every time i see it on the TV.
  2. very well written and again another great review.
  3. Punch punch from '15
  4. Sensational, never had a Fonseca no.1 before and nailed it! Pretty stocked to be 2 from 2 now. Congrats to all who have got it right.
  5. Congratulations seattledude! Well deserved. Good work to everyone who entered and succeeded in losing some weight!
  6. Not to bad lost 7.1kg's. Good luck to all and well done with the results!
  7. Montecristo Dante LE 2016 from the local lads tasting last weekend.
  8. very sorry to hear of your loss mate.
  9. Partagas Serie P No. 2 from 2013 Sancho Panza - Non Plus - 2014 Monte Number 2 - 2013 all were singles so i didn't have box codes only year dates.
  10. Damn, makes me wish i owned a boat now! some very nice pictures and boats here
  11. wow that is quite crazy, surely that cant just be hidden in someones backyard, they have to be very well set up to pull off stealing a 40 foot container!
  12. leave in the original boxes.
  13. Wow great work to all! Was a great cigar in deed

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