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  1. thank you for sharing, one day, i will get a box of Sir Winston's if im lucky enough.
  2. mine would be a cab of Punch Royal Selection No 11 - i have only ever had 2 of these and i would love more of them! they would be to age and smoke now.
  3. Had cigar number 1 last night, pleasant evening in Brisbane, not to warm, light breeze. Cigar has a nice dark wrapper, oily look with a taste of earth/barnyard and spice on the cold draw. Very solid construction, I was worried it may be tight to draw on, upon lighting there were no such issues at all. First third gives me strong earth taste, leather and a bit of cream. Medium bodied cigar. Second third I am getting a taste of wood/cedar, coffee and spice. With small amounts of earth now and a bit of what seems to be fruitiness, strengthens up in this third. Last third is still medium to strong, very nice even burn throughout the thirds, with the taste of wood/cedar, I am getting the taste of spice with pepper and fruitiness again, leather makes a reappearance. Overall for me an hour and 15 min cigar, one of the best cigars I can say I have had. Now to throw my selection in!
  4. Very good point Fuzz. i should have mentioned that
  5. the "LFTH" was the precursor to 24:24, as far as i am aware it does not exist anymore, if it happens it is very rare. OLH is the online humidor you can register for as per the outlined requirements in the attachment. above the humidor icon at the banner at the very top of the page it says Locker, these are the same things as far as I'm aware.
  6. Hi There, welcome to the Forum first of all, to try an answer your questions as i know alot of fellow FOH brothers will also chime in, Locker stock to my knowledge is cigars that members have bought over time and stored in there said locker with our wonderful host, if at any point someone decides they need or want to sell these, they sell back to Rob. every now and then Rob will do a locker sale just like today. -- see link for how it works. and to answer your other question, it is all up to you, some of the aged stock that comes up is incredible and most of it is very well sought after. buying aged stock means you can smoke it now if you wish and not have to wait for it, it is a personal preference. hope this helps! aged stock is always extremely quick to move on the 24:24
  7. stay safe Far North Queenslanders
  8. great to hear, it is awesome news, as many have said thank you for the hard work you have put in to rebuilding the site Alex.
  9. coffee for me as well
  10. Congratulations!
  11. i will be trying to get a few boxes of the 2017 deletions - Bolivar Tubos No.1, BCG's Siglo V, Le Hoyo DU Prince, Punch Punch, Monte No.3, Trinidad reyes and Coloniales and a box of the Don Alejandro - this is all subject to Funds permitting and what i can be lucky enough to get on the 24:24
  12. that is fantastic! cheers for sharing, it is very comprehensive!
  13. that is one awesome set up, thank you for sharing it, and for sharing the detail as to what you used. Cheers
  14. this certainly gets my attention, i have plan all ready to go and keep everything i need for it almost as an emergency kit The drinks - start with a few nice craft beers, move onto G&T's The food - a very nice Rib fillet about 3cm thick on the BBQ on a lower heat and let it cook for a while The music - my normal rotation on my playlist, some old, some new and all the best btween The Movie - i would have about 5 or 6 guy movies to choose from - depends on the mood i at the time i guess. The Sports - AFL The Hookers The Cigars (order). - start with a PLP, 8-9-8 and a RASCC The Dress Code - shorts and shirt, singlet if its still a warm night.

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