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  1. Outstanding!!
  2. Do a search on the Forum. There were a few threads a while back now, that had lots of info on the topic. sorry can't do it from where I am right now.
  3. You just need to do the research yourself. Asking others is really senseless. It's your own tastes and palate that will decide what you like. Many will point you in a direction, but it's all up to you. Just get a sampler, and go from there. You will know after what you like. Do a search on the site, you are not the first, and certainly not the last that will ask this question.
  4. When they get too bad.... toss em, they are only cigars! Why waste time and effort on them, just grab the next one in the box 😛
  5. Definitely in the minority, but don't mind them at all. always have tended to like larger RG cigars, as well as DC size also. Dont know why, just have always seemed to enjoy them more.
  6. Why would you want to get rid of the bubbles?!? Seems to dismiss the actual reason of having a Cola?!?!
  7. Too bad. Havent had one do that before, and have had many boxes. My favourite NC cigar by miles.
  8. I've had some over the years. They come in a cool clear tube, so that's why I always seem to receive them from friends that go to Cuba! Ive never found them awful, but nothing to write home about. Not good enough to fall under the "cheap and cheerful " category here!!
  9. Too low for me. I sit at 65% and 65F. Where I have cabinet in basement never seems to change from it. Never seem to ever have an issue, so I'll go with it!!
  10. That's good. I have been waiting for these for a while now. Dont mind the size at all.
  11. Maybe you should PM Rob, have a strange feeling he may know😏
  12. Great review Eric! You got a lot more out of a cigar than I ever could. Loved the read. My divorce is coming through soon, so may have to get one to try😜 Jeff
  13. Can't agree with you more! Being from the Great White North, the winter games are usually more suited for us Canadians, but really do love the completion at the Summer games as well!
  14. I have to agree with the R&J #2. Great little cigar

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