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  1. I often get nutty 'undertones' in the Juan Lopez seleccion no.1
  2. It would be nice if some of them eventually entered reg. production.. the price point pretty much fits. Maybe in 25 counts though? After all if they're proving such popular sellers why not? The RAS and BGM spring to mind, and the price gold medals are fetching on the second hand market is crazy given what the cost initially (iirc around $70 a box?), money that could be going to HSA.
  3. I'm looking to sell an opus x football signed DAN Marino 

    iff any body is interested pm me

  4. I'm looking to sell an opus x football signed DAN Marino 

    iff any body is interested pm me

  5. Not officially, seem to be in the same 'MIA' category as the Des Dieux, SLR Serie A & others.
  6. Generally fat and expensive.
  7. HSA: "We have much confidence in our tobacco, so much so we're letting the quality speak for itself, gone are the days of big gaudy double bands and shiny boxes.. from this day forth all Habanos cigars will now be available in unbanded SLB cabs of 50."
  8. Not much change this last month I don't think. (Can't find the previous thread to see what I weighed! lol) Anyway I'm 14st 5 lbs as of this morning.
  9. I'm smoking a lot of the BCJ at the moment, a couple of years ago it was the PC (especially 2014 BPC's) IMO it was one of the best cigars of coming out of Cuba in 2014, from what I've smoked since then it does seem to have lost something. For me BCJ has the edge currently.
  10. I wonder if the tobacco from the second crop will differ in quality given the soil wouldn't have had the usual rest before replanting the next season.
  11. I only had a handful of the Royal Belicoso but from the few I had you could certainly tell they had a different 'richer' blend to reg. production QdO. They seemed to have less of that 'green' vegetal flavour early on too, which to me made them more approachable younger. 'If' the blend has changed I can see the reasoning why, I think it would prove more popular to a larger section of smokers. Whether they have or not will be easy to tell as we'll be able compare like for like in the very recent 'old band' (haha) Coronas and the supposed new ones.
  12. I can believe that. I've only had a couple boxes of Demi Tasse, non with any age to them, whilst I didn't get the cardamom they were the next closest ERdM I've had to the Grandes.
  13. Cardamom in ERdM - only ever really got it in the Grades de Espana.
  14. Loved everything about these. Size, price point and blend. I finished off my last box over Christmas as they really opened up over the past year.. I couldn't keep my hands off them. Wish I had bought a couple more boxes as they definitely have the legs...

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