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  1. The last LE fail?

    Could the appearance of easily assessable auction groups such as on Facebook around this time be playing some part in this? Rather than waiting to get a idea of the release, from a smoking perspective before buying and especially buying in bulk. People now see these releases as an investment first and buy as much as they can... and if they turn out to be good cigars that's a bonus.
  2. The last LE fail?

    I agree with this. The cost the LE/RE programme has had and continues to have on decent regular production cigars, imo makes them all complete failures in terms of quality cigars, though for making money clearly they're all winners. The emphasis has switched, They were a company that specialised in making cigars and are now a company that specialises in making money by way of cigars.
  3. I certainly am a grumbler. I'm not a fan of NC's either but what I have noticed over the last couple of years is the increasing ease of getting hold of Cuban custom rolls, good quality custom rolls for that matter. And available in any size you like, (Corona, Lonsdale, Daliah, Skinnies etc..) These are the cigars that have been taking up a larger percentage of space up in my stocks in recent years. To me it seems HSA are inadvertently creating an underground 'competitor' all be it tiny. If circumstances change in Cuba, how long before small private marcas return to the market?
  4. Let's give Casa Del Habano St Martin a hand

    Done. Wishing Carole and her husband all the best.
  5. I think Fassbender is ideal to take over from Craig and add some...
  6. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    You know it's all messed up when a $15 Siglo VI is now the cheap cigar in the equation!!!
  7. I have 1 humidor with HCM's and keep meaning to switch the others which currently have HF. Like someone mentioned mine have turned a brown/yellow colour and smell awful.
  8. Le Hoyo du Roi

    I've smoked a couple boxes Du Roi's from '99 and they were outstanding. I am a big fan of the Le Hoyo line though. I've seen quite a few different Marcas with nailed SLB's around the late 90's. ERdM Tainos and PSdC1 are the ones that spring to mind, I'm not sure if the Du Roi's had them or not but it's certainly nothing to be concerned about.
  9. Habanos New Releases

    I wish they would stop messing with this line it was perfect as it was, IMO. The best thing they could do with it now though is roll some friggin' Des Dieux!!!
  10. I've had some great boxes of the RyJ PC.. I would be sad to see this cut. Look what they just did to Upmann, another marca with a few PC vitolas (or there abouts) They went and cut the best one!!!

    I hope so. Please tell us more?
  12. I often get nutty 'undertones' in the Juan Lopez seleccion no.1
  13. It would be nice if some of them eventually entered reg. production.. the price point pretty much fits. Maybe in 25 counts though? After all if they're proving such popular sellers why not? The RAS and BGM spring to mind, and the price gold medals are fetching on the second hand market is crazy given what the cost initially (iirc around $70 a box?), money that could be going to HSA.

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