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  1. bourbons over $150

    I was thinking: I don't see BTAC on the list, but those retail below $150. Then I noticed they do use some "secondary" market prices on this list. So I would add some of the BTAC, as they are often great and command more than $150
  2. My favorites in the picture: Redbreast 21, Highland Park 18. I like Lore, Longrow, Hazelburn. The prices in the picture illustrate why I comparison shop online, however.
  3. I just wondered: How would the cost of the Cohiba Majestuosos compare to the price of gold? I don't have the exact weight of this new cigar, but it looks like, by weight, it is about 1/3 the cost of gold. I am skeptical that this would be a good long term investment. Any thoughts?
  4. That whole sonic attack thing - Did they really think it would not be detected? That there would be no backlash? Weird
  5. Whoa - El Prez is ranked number 1. I am especially impressed with the picks so far this week (13 correct already, on a crazy upset filled day). What is your secret, Prez?
  6. Interesting article on Cuban Davidoff availability dwindling.
  7. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I can't tell what year it is from, but it was dusty.
  8. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I was driving in a small town, and saw a liquor store with a "closing soon" sign. Picked up some old dusties pretty cheap
  9. Arturo Fuente

    Between all the fires and theft this company experiences, I am shocked they have so many cigars available for sale.
  10. Important! Science is more important than fear and propaganda!

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