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  1. Los Lobos La Bamba vs original Ritchie Valens:
  2. That whole sonic attack thing - Did they really think it would not be detected? That there would be no backlash? Weird
  3. Whoa - El Prez is ranked number 1. I am especially impressed with the picks so far this week (13 correct already, on a crazy upset filled day). What is your secret, Prez?
  4. Interesting article on Cuban Davidoff availability dwindling.
  5. Thanks, Prez! I'm in
  6. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I can't tell what year it is from, but it was dusty.
  7. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I was driving in a small town, and saw a liquor store with a "closing soon" sign. Picked up some old dusties pretty cheap
  8. Arturo Fuente

    Between all the fires and theft this company experiences, I am shocked they have so many cigars available for sale.
  9. Important! Science is more important than fear and propaganda!
  10. Marilyn Monroe once went up to Albert Einstein and whispered: "Let's make love. Our child will have my looks and your brains!" Albert turned her down (!) by saying: "But what if the poor thing had my looks and your brains"
  11. Steph Curry and that Cigar

    Honestly, my first emotion was melancholy. The PC nazis have destroyed so much that the smoking of a victory cigar is such a controversy.
  12. Playa Del Carmen

    Fake Cubans everywhere. Our resort (Barceló) sold fakes. Got a great Punch Punch and Edmundo Dantes at the LCDH though. Expensive. If you go to Barceló, be prepared for crowds and marginal service. Long waits at check out AND check in. They have low quality and mid quality hooch - specify mid-quality. Even though signs say you can't reserve lounge chairs by pools, you have to of else they are all gone. Make dinner (restaurant) reservations early. Avoid the gift shop - shocking level of rip off prices and poor service

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