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  1. ‘53 Chevy 5 window pickup. Due for a 6.0L LS (500+ hp), 5/6 spd manual, 4 link rear and coil overs. No pics yet
  2. Probably not. A fat cigar doesn’t produce any advantage to producing a better blend. I hate loose rolls or having to puff 3-5 times just to keep a cigar going. With the elevated price points, my interest is lost.
  3. Nicotine sickness

    Whatever way you want to look at it, smoke is an irritant, just like alcohol. There’s too many factors at play with your physical health and stress to blame it on cigars. I’ve recently had issues with with acute acid reflux. I was sometimes experiencing dry mouth and minor heartburn while smoking. Fast forward, I’ve been to the ER a couple time due to numbness all over my body, trouble swallowing my own saliva, difficulty breathing, etc., etc. I have erosion in the esophagus, inflammation in the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (luckily no cancer). I’ve lost 25 lbs in a couple months and still have issues with eating, swallowing, breathing, and muscle tension and pain. If I can’t take a draw on an unlit cigar w/o feeling irritation in my throat... I may never light up another cigar. Bottom line is that there is an issue with your health. Cigars only exacerbate the condition and symptoms. Figure out the root cause with the assistance of medical professionals rather than guessing.
  4. Irritants are great for healing
  5. "KSA" cigars?

    Seem to be as rare as custom rolls
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I stopped trying to tell other smokers this years ago. Too many people smoke with their eyes and their wallet
  7. The jar keeps all the congeners from flying away.
  8. Nice review Raymond! I smoked some of those a ways back 97’s... but never pursued them. A certain vendor seemed to have an endless supply at one time. I haven’t experienced that kind of richness in any of the newer cigars I’ve smoked(regular production). I honestly don’t know if it will happen. Earlier this year, I met a friend in Kansas City. I brought an 80’s RyJ Celestiales Finos en cello to smoke, one of my favorite cigars... vintage ones. I decided to smoke it before dinner... just to ensure my palate was fresh. Half way in , I kept thinking... mother f*****... I should have lit this up AFTER the dry aged ribeye!!!!
  9. I said MANY..... not ALL. If SLRs we’re flying off the shelves like Cohibas, they would have never been cut. When I was buying 97 and 98 SLR in all vitolas 15+ years ago, they were available at several vendors for years... all vitolas... all aged. When a stupid SLR RE comes out with double bands and numbered boxes... how long do they sit on the shelves???? On the other hand, the entire catalog has been butchered like the face on an aging, Hollywood actor....
  10. It’s not an issue if storing singles in a vacuum chamber at -56”w.c.
  11. SLRs (like many other marcas and vitolas) were never sought after... until they became discontinued. Many smokers seek exclusivity in their smoking choices, rather than a preferable size and flavor (not flash) in a readily available cigar....
  12. Your first ever box buy?

    2000 Monte #2 with $hitty h2000 wrappers. Have never bought anymore in 17 years
  13. I hate peppery cigars.

    Pepper is prevalent for me in young cigars. I hate it. Spice is good... pepper bad
  14. They're available.. if you don't mind paying $600+

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