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  1. pappy van winkle prices

    Bourbon and cigars are going in the same direction. As long as people taste with their wallet, the trend will continue.
  2. Red ‘76 Olds Cutlass Supreme with white vinyl top. Living in Texas, touching any part of the car during the summer resulted in burns.
  3. You can’t beat a foot long from Costco!!! That’s where my wife goes when she gets a hankering...
  4. Chopo cigar Cutter

    No worries, they will include a keychain bandage holder for an extra $5.89
  5. Triple wide half Gordita Gispert... what everyone is craving... they just don’t know it
  6. Any Maduro or EL with asbestos wrapper Guantanamera Any Maduro or EL with asbestos wrapper Guantanamera Any Maduro or EL with asbestos wrapper
  7. The “middle class” smoker seems to be a dying breed. The average smoker doesn’t buy intact boxes and leave boxes untouched. The lower price point and/or tubo flash will appeal to novices buying cheap gifts, or those looking for an “affordable” smoke. It’s amazing how many folks won’t break the $5/$6 barrier for a cigar... just like people will buy certain cars just to save 2-3 mpg on gas. On the other hand, there are the top shelf smokers whom think that more bands, fancy boxes, and big price tags equates with a superior smoking experience every time. Personally... my dream would be to have a stockpile of just TPCs, PCs, Coronas , and lonsdales Regardless ... HSA just comes up with the ridiculous strategies. It’s the average consumer that solidifies their direction....
  8. Solo, Weekend Trips from US?

  9. Usually average a couple cigars a month... less during winter and summer heat waves. Quit for about 6 months after tendon surgery. Currently going on almost a year since my last smoke... due to health issues
  10. Even if it disappears, it will eventually come back as an RE, etc. You’ll have plenty of time to save up several benjamins for that 10 ct box!
  11. Didn’t anyone tell them to keep sprinting back and forth in circles, but never slow down???
  12. Lemons

    You’re correct. Currently under India's Tata Motors
  13. Lemons

    A British manufacturer with Ford ownership... [emoji6] A lot of folks want everything in one vehicle.... 0-60 in 4 sec, 450 lb-ft of torque, seats 8, looks cool, 25+ mpg, can take a corner at 60mph, etc. I find it’s best to prioritize what’s most important, and learn to sacrifice on the rest. Never buy the first, major revamp of any car. Wait to see what does/doesn’t fail. If you wait to buy the cars when all the greatest changes are made, be prepared for TSBs, breakdowns, or lots of trips to the stealership. If you really care about saving several hundred a year on gas, stick to 4 cylinder sedans. Cylinder deactivation, engine shut off, etc... will all put additional wear on the starter, affect performance, or provide another source for failure or issues. SUVs, trucks, minivans, and sports cars are always harder on tires than compact sedans. Every car has issues. If you know how to work on cars, the minor issues aren’t a big deal. Major design issues are always a major headache. Every manufacturer has the potential to produce lemons... some more than others. At the end of the day, accounting and lawyers run the companies... not the engineers. Over engineering is NEVER a good thing. A warranty is only as good as the stealership and manufacturer you are dealing with. Hopefully they are competent in fixing the issue, or you can get a refund. Start keeping a detailed log like you are expecting to go to court.
  14. Always at a rate just sufficient enough to see a complete burn around the circumference... slower rates in general for smaller rg’s

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