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  1. No combover is complete without a weather resistant hair product
  2. Bitterness, tannins, and other dominant flavors numbs the palate and masks any subtle flavors present. The same goes for very hot/spicy food
  3. One of my favorite Romeo’s. Fortunate to have some en cello. 80’s and 70’s blends are drastically different than 90’s specimens
  4. I’ve lost some weight recently, although not the sole intention. I had to change my diet due severe reflux. Unfortunately, I’ve been in close contact with 3 different bariatric surgeons for reflux surgery. I’ve always had a slower metabolism in general, so weight has always been an issue for me. If you can cut out a majority of carbs(including plant based carbs) and high fat, the weight will fall off. I dropped 35lbs in 3 months easily. Whether sugar, grains, fruit, potatoes, nuts, etc... these carb sources are all minimized in my daily diet now. Although, I find healthy fats not to be an issue for my condition... in comparison with carbs.
  5. I prefer 70-90% humidity and 80-100F for my sticks as well...
  6. The problem is that most people would never even read instructions or requirements, unless it prevents them from posting. Many view forums as a free resources to get free advice and information at no cost to them. People jump on public forums constantly to ask if they have fake cigars... without attempting to simply pull up google, do a search, and take their own time to research all the information out there. This is similar to your neighbor never waving or introducing themselves to you since moving in, but just knocking on your door one day asking to borrow your drill.
  7. It’s reflux reaching your larynx and pharynx instead of just your esophagus. I had lots of mucus and throat clearing, stuffy noses, sinus issues, etc. This can lead to breathing issues, swallowing issues, chest pains, neck pains, etc. due to constant irritation and inflammation. I was on PPIs for a year but weaned off due to malabsorption and side effects. Diet, weight loss, and lifestyle modifications are the only true treatments.... and surgery if those aren’t effective.
  8. It would be beneficial to rule out reflux (LPR) issues as well. I’ve had numerous sinus/ear and post-nasal drip issues for a while... that eventually lead to severe complications. I’ve refrained from smoking and drinking for a year now. You can also look into allergy testing.
  9. It’s a factor of water content, wrapper quality, and construction. It’s less common than in the past due to light fills and thick wrapper leaves being the norm.
  10. Brandon

    Espresso maker

    Here’s my usual routine as I’m trying to get the dogs to poop, feed the dogs, get the kids dressed, and load the work van...
  11. Brandon

    FOH, I have hit the jackpot!

    Check out the plume!
  12. Brandon


    When I lived in the West loop, I never smoked outside much. I mostly smoked in a shop or in my small apartment/condo
  13. Used to mostly buy boxes with 3-5 years of age for smoking. Fresh cigars were bought for aging purposes. Most were tried young, but most weren’t palatable with less than 3 years. Eventually built up some stock after many years of buying more than I smoke. With the internet, auctions, etc.... vintage prices are highly inflated. I don’t even bother looking for aged stock anymore. In addition, blend changes are a factor. The premiums just aren’t worth it for my tastes, smoking habit, and budget.
  14. Carbureted engines, chrome grills and bumpers, machined wheels not painted all black
  15. ... and the extra 10 dimensions of complexity that those fuzzies possess...

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