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  1. People keep standing in line for every single release, so it’s not ending anytime soon. It’s a wonder the RAG and RASCC still exist. The RA profile (at least for current buyers) must be extremely easy to create...
  2. Romeo y Julieta Celestiales Finos en cello... only the old blend will do... 80’s and 70’s. The cigar has it all. Body, complexity, intoxicating aromas... floral, exotic spices, balanced sweetness. The finish goes on and on... and exhaling out your nose will make you feel alive. I love vitolas with some curves to caress...
  3. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. Choose any cigar you want... start with sparkling water, switch to a sweeter white wine... then switch to a big, oaky red. Then you’ll know what suits you best.
  4. They move down Windward?
  5. Always sweet, when given a choice... port, colheita, muscat, Sauterne, ice wine, late harvest reisling, etc. Never anything with heavy tannins and no acidity and sweetness to balance things out. No palate numbing IPAs neither, nor super peaty malts. Sparkling water when in doubt
  6. Añejados program

    Very interesting piece of info. People used to laugh when I stated that the EL maduro junk was a scam. No coincidence that all these double banded cigars seemed to come with fireproof H2000 wrappers. Since 2002, I’ve never spent any money on a single EL.... never will again.
  7. Very nice space. I think I’d be afraid to do any welding or engine work in there.
  8. not bad on a three weight

    Awesome fish. It would be even more impressive if that was on a #24 midge and 7x!
  9. I lived in the west loop for about 5 years. The food is the only thing I miss. I would go for the metal grid ashtray.
  10. Burning gunpowder...mmmmmm
  11. big trout in nz

    Looks like sinking lines and baitfish patterns. I’ll take em at that size on any method that works
  12. If I’m that hard up to smoke for 10 minutes, I will just grab one of my pipes. That thing is ridiculous. If I can’t hold a cigar , I’m done with it. I also don’t lick the bottom of a glass when my drink is finished. 🤪
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    If I opened up a cabinet like that while troubleshooting, I’d walk and tell the customer to let me know when everything gets rewired
  14. Not to worry... the ratios of coffee, grass, vanilla, honey, cardamom, stone fruit, fruit cake, pepper, cedar, and burnt toast extracts are all written down and protected.
  15. Wouldn’t be thinking about cigars. I’d go straight for the crack and everclear

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