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  1. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    Exclusivity is expensive
  2. 2002 H Upmann Grand Coronas
  3. 1990 H Upmann Petit Palatinos Silky smooth corojo wrappers that I can stroke for hours. You don't see thin wrappers in this shade anymore... that actually burn straight without relights. A small cigar (not machine made or bargain blend) that smokes like a big cigar.
  4. Don't we all?? Smoking will relax your lower sphincter on the esophagus, allowing gastric acid to flow upwards. When you're lying flat at night, the acid can travel into your mouth and cause the lesions. I'm not saying this is your issue, but just something to keep in mind... as chronic reflux can lead to cancer.
  5. I would suggest seeing a gastroenterologist to rule out acid reflux (silent reflux doesn't show typical symptoms). Look it up. I've been dealing with major symptoms over a month after having to take an ambulance to the ER. Not something to ignore or self-diagnose. Smoking only exacerbates symptoms.
  6. Yup. You better hope you don't get into any trouble, or you're completely on your own. Rights... what rights???
  7. Punch Coronations (T)

    What a good Punch used to taste like before they bombed the line with REs and generic blends.
  8. Punch Coronations (T)

    I never find any real enjoyment in the bargain blends. They never deliver the sweetness or complexity I expect... totalamente a mano or not. I must admit I caved and picked up some PL panatelas to try for watering the lawn and scooping dog chit. If these suck, no more cheapies for me!!
  9. Buying Blind

    Unless I'm putting my hands on the actual sticks before purchasing, it's always a blind purchase. I don't judge cigars based on aesthetics alone. No vendor will inspect each individual cigar in a box. A smooth and oily wrapper is no guarantee against plugs, loose fills, and poor blends.
  10. Modern Guayabera's

    Too metro for me
  11. Forget the birth year thing. Just buy a box of solid cigars that will age and perform. I bought some newer cigars for my kids birthday from 2013 that were highly graded and looked great... until you picked one up. They are underfilled junk with soft spots and poor packing. I have little faith to age all of the new stuff for years and years. I decided to dedicate my last intact box of Festival Marevas... since they aren't underfilled and I've already smoked many of them.
  12. Save them. You can have any pick from my guest humisack.... Camacho, domestic Bolivar, Partagas Black, etc. Just let me know when you're swinging by to get them.
  13. Partagas - smaller vitolas

    I'm a big fan of shorts myself. Sorry, not much experience with all the bargain blends. I gave up on the cheaper blends a long time ago due to inconsistency... some bland, some harsh. Aging isn't a cure all as well for poor blends.
  14. Do you know how much freaking work it is to flip all the cigars around after they all fell on the spotless floor??? It's much easier to bundle them up and lay them in the box as they are. They don't have time to waste. They need to get back to rolling Behikes!!!

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