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  1. Headed to Daytona beach bike week on my new ride!
  2. Excellence resort in playa mujeres Mexico or my wife and I enjoy Aruba as well. I've heard great things about Turks and also st Bartha but haven't been. Also Key West is close and layed back. And good fishing.
  3. Corona is excellent. Both the downtown location, which is my favorite, and the sand lake location. Hit me up if you have some time and want to meet up for a cigar or two.
  4. Patriots hogan brady Julio Jones
  5. Maui Jims for sure. Like has been said already. Best polarized lenses there are. I've been wearing them for years.
  6. I was expecting some photos of women out at bars. Disappointing.
  7. Really cool interesting place-club. With a cafe at the way back of the place. I had a late night Cuban sandwich there.
  8. Really sad I missed the demo but had to fly home. But what a great guy Armando is. Really enjoyed speaking with him.
  9. Another Glen photo. Shown here after the partagas dinner with his favorite drink. The pina colada.

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