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  1. Stoyan

    Your first ever box buy?

    It was a box of Monte Grand Edmundo EL 2010 in 2011. I still have 6 or 7 singles of them left.
  2. I have seen it for sale here in Bulgaria for around 280-300 euro, if I remember correctly.
  3. Stoyan

    Best City to Buy Habanos?

    I vote for Andorra. There are more than 10 cigar shops very near to each other. They all have different rare or aged stuff. With the strong dollar nowadays prices are almost the same as in Cuba. They don't mark up the aged stock. The only negative is that some of the shops don't have a English speaking staff.
  4. I'm in for the Sunday 18th 8pm Brisbane Europe Sunday AM ....sometime
  5. Stoyan

    Punch Monarca (tube) PUL NOV01

    Nice review. I have a few, hopefully mine will be as enjoyable as yours!
  6. Stoyan

    New Feature: Member Map

    Great idea. Nicely done!
  7. Great purchases. The white Cohiba 50th ashtray is just stunning, and those customs look delicious.
  8. Stoyan

    Cuba Shopping List

    I would add the RA club allones at 83 for box of 10
  9. 9900 or 50051 if i can create a new digit

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