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  1. My buddy Boomer is always 2 steps away. He doesn't like the smoke much but puts up with it like my wife does.
  2. I'll be watching my grass grow or paint dry.
  3. Never had a bad one. Let El Pres pick them & you are good to go. Smoked a ETP ABR 16 tonight & it was fantastic.
  4. Too bad you just bought the Rover.
  5. Glad HSA offers Cohiba & Partagas maduros for those that like them. Curious if they appeal to smokers that are more open to NCs & appreciate the Cohiba band? I have had quite a few genio's & secreto's over the years & have a box of each in my humidor. IMHO they are ok but not worthy of the Cohiba premium price. The blend just doesn't meet my taste expectations & for the $$$ would rather have other Cohiba offerings. Construction has not been an issue. I didn't care for the couple Partagas maduros singles I've had but they were quite young. I would take a dark oily wrapper D4 over a Partagas maduro #1 100% of the time.
  6. Connie A - 90 Days. Better with time of course but what isn't?
  7. Straight up Lusi GR for $15 all day. Make it a DC & I would buy nothing else. 100 boxes in the Aristocrat & it would be nirvana.
  8. It's a slippery slope. I say live large & drink/smoke what you can justify or afford without crossing over to obsession or addiction. Enjoy life in balance. That being said I smoked 4 cigars tonight & a half bottle of Glenmorangie Signet. That's probably not being very balanced...
  9. Gibson Guitars

    Heard about Gibson's troubles the other day. Makes me sad but not surprised. Rock n roll is about dead. The days of garage bands are long gone & today's music is mostly electronica. Put down the video game controllers & pick up a Les Paul. I've never heard of anyone getting laid for being a good video gamer. I'm showing my age...🤘
  10. 1966

    Wow! If you are passing out Talismans at you cards games can I get an invite? Cheers!
  11. Aristocrat THC MXT 26.5

    I see a bunch of red stickers on those boxes. Well done sir. The sooner you buy the good stuff the sooner you have quality PSP aged stock. Quality stock + quality storage = Quality CC smoking experience.
  12. Do half coronas, pc's, minutos, etc count as 1/2 or 1/4 cigars in the equation?
  13. Thanks for the heads up John. I would love to hear some gin drinkers opinions on these two releases once tasted. Please do post.
  15. PLPC BBF El Principe CoRo RA Superiores Partagas Shorts HU Royal Robusto

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