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  1. My past New Years libation that was shared with my closest friends on a ski trip. Finished it! Only 100 ceramic bottles made - Nectar of the gods.
  2. Picked up a bottle for $24 here in California. Sweet rum, nice change of pace with pineapple notes on the finish. Sipped neat & was wishing it was higher proof with a little more bite. Smoked an aged PLPC with it & thought it was a good pairing. Good & worth the $ but not great. Mixed it into a dark & stormy cocktail & enjoyed it more. Better in a cocktail than a sipper IMO.

    Whats up for the weekend?

    It has been a while since I've lived & smoked in Portland but I remember Broadway always had quite a few Opus in stock. Big lounge & friendly BOTL.

    Aristocrat help

    I have the cooler option as well & it is a great set/forget feature. I live in a warm weather climate & without it I would have to pay closer attention to house temps. In addition to the cooling option, buy twice the size cabinet you think you need. They fill up quickly when you are aging stock & hanging out here looking at all this cigar porn.

    high roller bourbons

    WLW BAC didn't make the list but is absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, very difficult to find & is marked up greatly on the secondary market like Stagg. The chase to find these rare bottles is somewhat like another form of hunting or fishing for that prized specimen.

    PSP Cigar Club

    That would take all the fun out of it. It is the chase that keeps us on our toes. El Pres figured that out years ago...
  7. Makes me sad. That is what is wrong with communism & socialism. I hope 1 day it all changes for the best for the people of Cuba. Liberty & capitalism is the only hope for their future quality of life. I hope to see it in my life time
  8. I have a ritual of smoking a cigar on Chritmas eve while grilling the dinner steaks. There have been a couple of years when I lived in Chicago that it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit with snow coming in sideways with the wind howling trying to grip a cigar with gloves freezing my ass off. It would be much easier just to shut the grill hood & go back inside to warm up rather than struggling through the cold. Not a pleasant experience but wouldn't dare break tradition.
  9. Maxamar is in Orange about 10 min from Anaheim. People are friendly & good selection of NCs. Not a luxury lounge but there aren't many options. Side note - if you want to visit a great California brewery check out Noble. Not far from Angel's stadium & is well worth a visit.
  10. Fortunate to have a large aristocrat armoire humidor with lots of room so I arrange by marca & vitola on each shelf. I use an excel spreadsheet then to keep track of aged boxes.
  11. Value: PLPC Everyday: Lusitania Special: Espy or Selectos Finos
  12. I live at the beach in So Cal & balance humidity issues by storing my boxes in XL Ziplocs with boveda packs. I've been doing this for about 4 years without any issues. My stock smokes & ages just fine. No plastic odors or yellowing but find that air does leak in & the bags will inflate a little. As much as we may obsess about our storing conditions cigars aren't as delicate as we concern ourselves with.

    email of the week.

    PM him this thread. I'm guessing you will not hear from him again.
  14. I think humidor size can also determine the ability to age multiple boxes & influences purchase decisions for some. No wrong answers just different priorities, space restrictions & bank accounts. I would like to see some aged PLPCs (5+) from time to time. They are hard to come by.

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