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  1. I have used a marine cooler, beads & a remote temp/humidity monitoring system with great success. Put it in a cool closet or a stable temp area & only open it when you have to spray the beads. The smell is amazing when you open the cooler.
  2. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Doesn't surprise me. Haven't seen stock anywhere in quite a while. I did enjoy them quite a bit just not very often. I have always kept a box on hand. Best memory with this cigar was climbing to a peak in the Austrian Alps with a friend & smoking a SLR Serie A while taking in the majesty of the mountains & watching a herd of mountain goats. Bummer they are gone! PM me if anyone has a box they want to sell.
  3. Reviews on the new releases & regionals that garner interest are much appreciated. There are many reviews available on various sites for the staple regular production CC's for those that aren't familiar but it's always helpful to get insight on the new releases that Cuba charges a premium for. I find the 24:24 tips that Rob posts on regular production that are smoking well to be sufficient.
  4. Box date within last 12 mos. Best - Monte Media Corona Worst: Fonseca 1
  5. This tabletop makes V cuts easy & I find myself using it 75% of the time. Push the cigar in the first slot if it's less than 50 rg & pull the handle. Test the draw & If it's tight rotate & make an X cut. 1 of the best accessories I've ever purchased. I highly recommend.
  6. A PLPC with about 4+ years of age on it. Always satifying to me any time of the day & any situation. If I have more time to smoke I just fire up another. Also, love the 50 cabs for aging. Sweet & rich caramel bombs.
  7. I've had a couple of these burners as well & they have both failed after 12 to 18 mos. of moderate use. They work well when they work & are a great conversation piece. However, I will not be buying a 3rd for obvious reasons.
  8. Media Corona. Have Rob get you a box or 2.
  9. I have had the ECM for 3 years & been very happy with its performance & quality. No issues so far. The ECM was carried by a retailer that I trust & they gave it very high marks. They didn't carry the Lucca so it made my decision easier. I believe the ECM has a larger boiler for frothing but not sure if that is really that big of a deal in a residential application. The units appear to be similar in many ways & I don't think you can go wrong with either. Good luck with your decision.
  10. Haven't smoked any 16 or 17s other than the Monte Petit Edmundos with the very dark wrappers from El Pres. They are delicious chocolate bombs... Buy PSP/HQs & let them sleep for a few years!
  11. Review - Edmundo Dantes ER Mexico

    Thanks for the review Gents. You further confirmed other reviews I've read. Picked a couple up in Cabo a few months back. Glad it's a good cigar because it is quite an expensive regional.
  12. Good thing he didn't offer & you accept one. It would be considered Russian collusion.
  13. Your Toy of the week...

    Wow. Hope he gets it.
  14. Your Toy of the week...

    Sweet Ford. Looks to be super clean with a nice resto. He's dreaming at $125k!
  15. CNY....FOH Custom

    Wow! Love that combination. FOH custom & 91 Dow port. I'm very jealous. Well played.

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