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  1. Skeptical but open minded. I'm no guinea pig. Good reviews from those with discerning palates & I'm in for a box or 2.
  2. A big Russian Imperial Stout to complement a rich cigar.
  3. * Political correctness * Hipsters * Neck beards * Open borders without regard for nations sovereignty * Transgender bathrooms * Political agendas in all sports * Current music/artists that don't play an instrument. * Fake news * Lobbyists * Those that are not willing to openly discuss controversial topics & agree to disagree * Discontinuation of cigars to later bring them back at 3xs the price * Celebrities & athletes that have diahrrea of the mouth & push their personal beliefs * Big pharma that gouge sick people mercilessly * Vagina hats * Over taxation of soda, tobacco, fast cars, alcohol, etc. * Governments that control the people because they believe they know best * People that aren't willing to apologize or forgive Forgive me I've said too much...
  4. I say splurge as long as you will not regret the amount you spend. Make the buy something special. I look forward to doing just that at Christmas, birthdays, & special life events. Every time you light one of them up you appreciate that moment & often the memory.
  5. Like cigars - chasing a great cup of coffee or espresso can lead you down a rabbit hole. I find that high quality fresh beans, a burr grinder, a quality boiler espresso maker & some attention to the grind/tamp/extraction process produces a consistent superior shot that can be easily pulled. Once you figure it out there is no going back to Starbucks or the like.
  6. A little old school muscle. 1970 Hemi Challenger.
  7. An hour to kill while watching some basketball, so I fired up a SCLDH Principe. Awe man... it's not completely plugged but a very tough draw. So I start pinching the cigar up & down to find the plug. SOB another cigar with a plug right at the band. I don't run into this often because I mostly buy PSP/HQ cigars from Rob. However, when I get one it is usually at the band which makes it tough to cut out of a short cigar. Anyone run into this as well at the band & have thoughts on when it does happen why it is seems to be more common in the band area?
  8. Fire the grill up & grab a couple of Coronas out of the cooler to hydrate & start with a HDM EE. Next some grilled shrimp & a couple lobster tails. Jimmy Buffet in the background with tank top or t-shirt & flip flops. Next a wedge salad, 2xs baked potato, grilled asparagus, crusty garlic bread, a well marbled prime ribeye & a 2010 bottle of Valdicava. Following dinner an aged Partagas 898 V & a big glass of Ron Zacapa. No movie, head to the fire pit instead, classic rock in the background, light up a Lusitainia, grab a glass of Blantons with two rocks & chat/laugh with the my best mates. Love nights like this!
  9. Double Corona stockup

    50 Cabs of HQ/PSP Luisis. No Brainer if you can swing it.
  10. Been stocking up for years. No worries... just have been buying up what I enjoy to smoke in quantity. The writing is on the wall. Words of advice - Buy more than you can possibly smoke & you will avoid the future price increases, the discontinuation of your favorites that piss you off & the worst that can happen is you have too many aged cigars down the road. I have found that if I over stock I just sell a them to friends that are more than eager to take them off my hands. Buy a cabinet 3 times as big as you think you need & you are set. What worries?
  11. 109 or DC. Love them both.
  12. Monte 2

    Never had a bad one. There have been some minor flavor vaiations only. That being said.. I have only bought PSP/HQ boxes from our host & would suggest you do the same. You might be able to buy blind & save some money. I don't see the risk of getting a mediocre or bad box worth saving a $1 or $2 a cigar.
  13. I tend to smoke too fast & have to often force myself to slow down to not overheat the cigar. I think the benefit of a side by side would be not only for taste comparison but also to allow for one cigar to cool while puffing on the other. Trying this with two smaller cigars seems more appealing vs. smoking two Churchills.

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