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  1. Well done Rob , they look great would love to try some looks like I will have to go to a Cuba mate!
  2. Back from Havana

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy!
  3. Havanathon Prep

    Will be there Friday with Joel & Cameron ! thanks Rob
  4. #Cigar- Epi 2 #Music- Van Morrison #TV - Band of Brothers #Beverage- Single malt whiskey #Hobby- Photography
  5. Congratulations Mus.....

    Congrats Mus! , enjoy
  6. 2-3 a week in summer, 1-2 in winter
  7. Havana trip report

    Wow , sounds like a trip of a life time.would love to see pictures!😎👍
  8. Siglo VI , love them👍
  9. food in havana

    Thanks Ken , looks great!.looking forward going to Cuba for the first time next year! will try & vist a few places, love my food, cocktails & cigars

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