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  1. Real men tell their wives they are going to smoke inside in the air conditioning. No need to put anything away [emoji14] Arnie is a perfect example. He smokes where he likes. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying a Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No 3 on the Yangtze. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi from Guilin, China.

    It wont be long before we see Chinese cigars on the market. Chinese farmers are always lookout for new crops to plant. And China has just about every climate known to man and plenty of land to grow. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi from Guilin, China.

    Actually the pollution isn't as bad as people think. I've only experienced two days in Beijing that were foggy and the rest were beautiful blue skies. The Chinese government are on tree planting spree to help with the pollution. You wouldn't believe it but China has so many trees it's amazing. The roads are lined with trees and shrubs and more trees. In fact its hard to see the buildings because of the trees. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi from Guilin, China.

    Yes it's been a wonderful trip. I'm 6'4 and covered in tattoos so I'm not bothered by pickpocketers or theives. I do get enjoyment from the rural Chinese peoples that have never seen a westener let alone one my size with tattoos and piercings. I've been stopped so many times by people who want photos, I've held kids, hugged girlfriends and been grabbed by older men and their mates... next time I come here I'll charge 10 yuen each photo to finance my trip [emoji6] A lot of poverty and people begging. Picking up some chinese language too, handy to be able to tell people you don't want to buy some of the things stall holders try and force on you. I can honestly say yoiu should come to China. The people are friendly and the scenery is amazing. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  6. Howdy folks. Im almost mid way through my China trip. Ive been to Beijing to see Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City and Xi'an to see the terracotta warriors. Now im off to take a three hour cruise along the Li river. China. It's a must see for anyone!!! Except they dont provide milk in the hitel rooms. Im dying for a good cuppa.... Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello from Orange County CA

    Welcome to the forums
  8. Glad to be here

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  9. Greetings

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  10. Yup. They'll sail through the regular season and into the playoffs easy.
  11. It all makes sense now Thanks Go 49ers!!!
  12. Hello FOH from Alberta Canada

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  13. Nah those guys would get creamed by a decent rugby team if they didn't wear all that girly padding.......

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