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  1. This is kind of standard world wide when transiting through another country there rules apply, something I have always been wary of when transiting through US with Cuban cigars in the past
  2. Pics of the rest of the box would help,
  3. bland cigars happen I have had some of the best looking cigars be a terrible disappointment and amount to still crap cigars 5 years later. Packaging looks fine
  4. Never read as much bollox in my life second tier vendors [emoji23]
  5. Yes the usual secondary market flippers and gouging shops will have them. But since you could probably buy a box of coronas and chop 1 cm off and have the same cigar at half the price why bother
  6. No it would be cent. Euro is like dollars full value of one and up is Euro 1.5 etc is one euro and 50 cents. Quite a outstanding fail at trying to be insulting and funny at same time.
  7. It's not as simple as categories like you have broke them down into. Grey market for all goods not just cigars is when a retailer sources stock outside of the official distribution chain. This can be a simple as a vendor like rob for example buying stock from H&F and not PCC, (used him as he does not) So some of the most well known LCDH in Europe that sell big selections of regionals cigars are grey market vendors as they are sourcing some of there stock from out with the official distribution network.
  8. Quite a few, I am a fellow Scottish member
  9. I flew out through t2 a few months ago, whisky selection was not good and cigar was even worse
  10. You are talking prices from a flippers perspective I am sure smallclub is same as me and does not need to line the pockets of these type of people. That's cause you keep selling them all as per your other post. It's not a 100 dollar cigar your smoking if it cost you 8 it's still a 8 dollar cigar. I for one would rather smoke what I enjoy. If I get to a box after a few years and it's not too my taste I will give away the rest normally to fellow smokers so they can try.
  11. I would be very careful shipping them back into the UK, I would take them all with you personally if you have them shipped with a mover customs could seize them unfortunately. Drive them back or fly with a extra suitcase for them.
  12. I know it is a bit off topic, but would be good to have the storage info of these cigars with suspected plume. Not so much the rh and temp but the media used (beads, boveda, active humidification etc) also what is used to top it up. Distiller water/ humidifier solution etc. The reason I am thinking this I have encountered something very similar too above pics when using a humidor that had a bad seal so I was topping it up very regular and keeping in at a high rh. I was using at the time a humidifier solution and had assumed it was the pg causing the white substance. Switched to distilled water and it stopped appearing on the cigars
  13. Why no just wait and get him too bring you them back.
  14. Why

    Do you mean tar build up? Like a dark black substance Or do you mean the nicotine effects you more?

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