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  1. if I could have a cuban roller in my wedding I would marry again. With him if necessary!
  2. Maybe he doesnt speak english. Maybe he is a band smoker... Of course he is a bander. A real cigar smoker would somehow comunicate with you.
  3. I Think he is asking why cant we see in a regular basis (semesterly, yearly) a spreadshit or something like that with factory/code. I understand it shouldnt be hard but I guess few people in Cuba have all the codes and, more important, few people care.
  4. of course they are. custom rolled in the streets! not saying they are fake but they look a bit pale to me but based on what OP wrote I think he has experience and bought real ones. I hope.
  5. Some years ago I asked Rob If It was a problem to discuss prices in the forum. He said it wasnt if it was a regional or a release. Of course things change but since when I asked him I mentioned prices for these kind of cigars several times and neither him or moderators asked me to stop. I presume it's still ok. Rob?
  6. friday in switzerland. partagas 615 CHF punch 510 CHF
  7. Farewell F.O.H..

    you have your reasons but I am sure most of us would like you to stay. I´ve been trying to unplug me from the virtual world for a long time and it´s a constant battle. in the last week I uninstalled Whatsapp from my cell phone. my intention is to use internet just 1 hour/day and use cell phone just to make calls. not easy in my Uber society. well, as a matter of fact I have no ideia if you are leaving the forum for this kind of reason hope to hear from you in the future. take care.
  8. Dusky Beauties

    hipsters use typing machines.

    AGAIN!?!?!? congratulations!
  10. Aristocrat THC MXT 26.5

    congratulations. "I have a lot of work to do, given that I only have about 150 cigars currently". yeah, sure, work
  11. What The Swiss...

    I cant remember the last time I had it. maybe 20 years ago. time to move on. lets smoke? I will burn some tobacco leaves now. IN YOUR FACE, GREENPEACE!!!!
  12. What The Swiss...

    not discussing the product itself. magnificent. fortunately human race (in some aspects) have been evolving in the last centuries and ancient practices are now being banned. maybe one day they will say: "the primitives used to reap tobacco plants to smoke! can you believe that?"

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