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  1. You guys stop liking all these figurados or in some time you will also start liking my... Cuabas!
  2. Ahahahah Beautiful Why Carl Lewis is not in the ad?!?! Oh wait...
  3. I dont like Disney but Universal is cool.
  4. Which cyber security firm?
  5. I heard Cohiba Atmosphere is already opened in Manzana. No, thanks.
  6. I cant accept the fact that the wrapper influences so much but I have no data to say that It doesnt.
  7. Congratulations. I guess you have a great trip and life ahead.
  8. I confess this is the first time I hear about It. I had to Google. "Smoking caps otherwise known as thinking caps and lounging caps are caps worn by men while smoking to stop their hair from smelling of smoke. They are also worn to keep the head warm. They were popular in 19th-century England and usually used by gentlemen in the privacy of their home. They are often worn with a smoking jacket. They are probably of Arabic, Chinese or Turkish origin. They are similar to the fez, and the kufi."
  9. Congrats, skinny boy!
  10. Good picture. Her Facebook will be a success.
  11. Something like that happened to me in Colombia in 2000. I was travelling by bus trough south Colombia. Of course I was warned about Farc. They said "DO NOT TRAVEL! But If you insist do not travel at night". So I avoided travelling at night but that specific day I really did It during daylight. Long story short: the whole bus had to hop out of the bus and Farc made a search inside the bus. Just me and 3 more gringos. 40 colombians. After some minutes a guerrillero asks: Whose backpack is this? Inside the bus there were more 2 or 3 guerrillero and they asked why the hell my backpack was locked. I didnt reply but unlocked It. Search done. I am free to go. Scary but was educational to see Farc so close. I remember as clear as the day a guerrillera with a rocket launcher almost bigger than her.
  12. Yes, that would be good. But as I have no digital scale at home when I first weighted I was wearing shoes 👣
  13. And who on earth go to the other side of the world to spend a work holiday when your marriage is in less than a year and your family can't even afford tickets?
  14. Pretty usual checking people/luggage departing a country. No one wants to have dealers making business in your own territory. And there are political reasons as well (donating equipaments to a country to help in the search, if I am not wrong Japan donated x-rays to Indonesia; bilateral agreements; good old money to the state...). About Schapele, the little I know, I would say her brother hided the marijuana in her things.

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