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  1. oliverdst

    Apps to use in Havana/Cuba

    Tha A La Mesa app crashes whenever I try to locate a place (Android). Happens with you too?
  2. oliverdst

    Apps to use in Havana/Cuba

    Cadeca currency. I don't know how accurate it is but today rates are ok. Cuba Cadeca. Official exchange rate of foreign currencies. Get it free now here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.xpros.cubacadeca
  3. oliverdst

    Share your Cuban haul

    usually these "specials" sell out fast in any store. there is no reason to believe that an specific store will have them in the future. as a matter of fact partagas is a very crowded store. If I had to choose just one store to visit Partagas wouldnt be in my top 5.
  4. Probably the last one I had was a year ago. In my memory all the ones I had were better than Sublimes and 520. EDIT: but I remember there was a strong metal flavour around 2013.
  5. oliverdst

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    Accordimg to ANY dictionary a cigar at 80% is not called a cigar. It's called 'sponge'. And should be used only to extinguish fires.
  6. oliverdst

    Share your Cuban haul

    If you don't mind where did you get those Saint Luis Reys? Just curious. Not in my radar. I saw them just at the airport.
  7. oliverdst

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    never heard about that. what I hear often and dont believe is that Cuba is a big humidor. check the average humidity and temperature in Havana and let me know if your home humidor has this settings.
  8. Double figurados should be rolled just by 9 degree torcedores. Way to easy to be underfilled or tight.
  9. RyJ Tacos will be released in the beginning of September in Spain.
  10. oliverdst

    FOH, I have hit the jackpot!

    I think he was saying that the pictures show original cigars...
  11. Metal from a Monte Grand Edmundo. I think it was his sick period because nowadays it is one of my favorites limitadas.
  12. oliverdst

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Brazil 10% mandatory. Some places includes it in the menu price and do not charge you in the end. In this case many waiters lie that the tip is not included and the customer can tip as much as he likes. Lol
  13. oliverdst

    New Quintero Band

    I bought a petaca. Outter box is the same old one.
  14. Global release of Hoyo Rio Seco will be in september in the middle east.
  15. oliverdst

    Cuba in Aug.?

    sure, bro, just go and have fun and I am sure you will. rain doesnt kill. yet.

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