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  1. Because when I smoke cigars that arent available yet I am better than you! More likes, more views. If they are expensive even better!!!
  2. "KSA" cigars?

    The thread went from educational to boring.
  3. Washing your cubans

    Should I click or should I not?
  4. I was thinking kind of the same thing. But on the other hand I am quite sure he smoked many other magnificent cigars.
  5. Inside the factory: - Ok, it's finished. What about the price? - ... - What are you smoking? - A Medio Siglo. - How much did you pay? - $350/box. - So US$56000 for the cheap one.
  6. Partagas 170?

    They are regular sticks. The second band is from Encuentro de Partagas 2015. I would say the cigars are from the same year. The upper one should be a P2 but not with that band. Other members will help.
  7. Beautiful. I would love to hear for some minutes a reader. One of those things that just cigar lovers would appreciate I guess.
  8. I will understand "sick" as flu or cold. Smoke - never Drink - sometimes
  9. "KSA" cigars?

    As a rule the whole cigar community is a very generous one. We love receiving cigars and it's even more when giving. I am happy there are wealthy guys like him. Unfortunately there are crooks who sell what should be something "unmarketable": a gift.
  10. Partagas Serie D4 Giant Tubo

    Rauchen ist tödlich Germany. No experience but I think it's just a big tubo with regular tubes inside of it.
  11. I've seen some of them over the time. Not that hard to find. More a show off than an useful tool IMO.
  12. Habanos 2018 Release List

    A "?" would help in the thread subject.
  13. Cigar Aficionado Magazine?

    Wise decision.

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