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  1. I don't know if I understand correctly. Are you saying that there will be no Regionales for one year?
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yolanda from 2015. Still very good. I don't know why some people say customs do not age well. Maybe if many more years. Opinions?
  3. Impressive images. Good time to be a friend of an employee.
  4. FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    who is the one with glasses?
  5. That's not a problem. Most smokers see a double banded and no matter what "marvellous cigar!". Those like us that have the world of cigars as a hobby are the ones who suffer. Sometimes the cigar circus tires me.
  6. New Quintero Band

    I didnt think you questioned my source. Another example. Some days ago I posted in the chatbox that 2019 Festival will be 18-22/feb. I´ve just received a message from a friend in Cuba that I trust 100%, so, yes, these dates are confirmed.
  7. One Day Cuba Trip Report - June/2018

    The boxes werent hidden. If I wanted to pay 150 they would be mine. The official price is 117, what IMO is already expensive. No cigars on the displays, not allowed to walk in the humidor, overprice...
  8. What Happened to John Nelson?

    So is he still working? Does he answer customers emails?
  9. New Quintero Band

    Usually when I have a 100% solid information and I am sure about it too I mention the source. You can check my history (dont waste your time doing it) and you will see that I've been doing that for a long time. When I have an information that for any reason I dont feel confortable opening the source I dont do it, In this specific case the problem is not the source - who has been always right - but with HSA. We kind of know how they work and if for any reason this band doesnt appear in a near future the source may look like a clown for some, what I dont want. But like I told you, I have never heard wrong infos coming from him. Just to illustrate what I am saying. The Vegueros new logo was designed for someone who works in many Habanos products. It's been ready for almost 2 years I guess. Have you ever seen it? No. In this same scenario it is the Quinteros band.
  10. New Quintero Band

    btw, this is unofficial info.
  11. Favoritos are in my rotation list. I think I posted some months ago a new logo to Vegueros. I dont know if it will be used but interesting to see minor brands being worked.
  12. One Day Cuba Trip Report - June/2018

    probably those who look that will spend a lot and not a guy who should be looking a mess. schmucks. it´s not allowed. if I were in a bad mood I would have teased them about that.
  13. Maradona

    [world cup related] @nino is this as bad as it looks? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/18/saudi-arabia-plane-rostov-fire-midair-world-cup-uruguay
  14. If I had to think as a HSA president for sure I would launch a Cohiba. Any size. Any price.
  15. Chopo cigar Cutter

    ScrewPOP Am I the only one who thought ScrewPOOP??? I wouldnt say MKT team is working hard. They have several tools. I like some of them.

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