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  1. Good to know. What about reservas/gran reservas?
  2. Just imagine buying a box in UK, Brazil, Austrália and get these cigars...
  3. I dont know if USA is poor. I know Brazil is.
  4. Mujica is a brilliant man. He was in my town some months ago but it was way overpacked and I could not have a ticket to attended the event. His speech in UN is remarkable.
  5. In poor countries almost nothing goes to workers. Boss and State get everything. Sad.
  6. Great. I would just add a 'price' cell. Maybe the 'purchase date' could be split.
  7. Well, the ball is still there. Kick It up!
  8. What about Punta? Enjoyed?
  9. It's not a stupid question. It looks like a RASS.
  10. I understand these articles are related to the strong rain that destroyed plantations and after that they had to re-sow. Not sure but what Robaina said is there was another crop after the usual one. Not sure.
  11. It sounds naif but I thought one crop instead of two was on purpose.
  12. That's a lot. For a forum or whatever. Thanks and Congratulations.
  13. Barbecue + beer. As simple as that.
  14. If I had to guess I would say 13-17 but 20-24 is plausible too. But this is just a guess.

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