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  1. Friday Funny .

    27 billion or 1 box of Edicion Limitada 2030
  2. Does anybody smoke cigars in this Havanita Lounge?
  3. Yesterday box code wasnt working in habanos check code site. It doesnt mean a lot as the box is so new and the site does not work sometimes but...
  4. Havent you seen any diference from 2-3 years to now?
  5. Cigaro journal is not a parameter anymore. 2-3 years ago they switched from CC to a NC magazine. Woorst timing ever. I didnt know LCDH's could sell NC's.
  6. Habanos New Releases

    I have seen so many lists across the years that I dont knowl when they are a new one or not. Anyway, the Cohiba Travel selection is already being produced and I believe it will reach shelves until the end of the year.
  7. Yes, you have to be blind to buy them
  8. As far as I know not all tabaco plants produce ligero leaves so not many available. The ones that are available I suppose are used.
  9. Wrapper Repair Help

    I wouldnt toss it. Try to repair it, it can be fun. And it's always good to have a "dead one" for the late smoke after 2 or 3 bottles of rum.
  10. Future Son in Law?

    I got married when I was 34. I do not regret.
  11. Professional flippers excited.

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