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  1. I tried to connect via mobile and was mute. Changed to laptop and worked but as you saw I was with my kid so couldnt really participate. Next time.

    I buy it for 10 thousand! (who is wrong now? )

    Maybe I am wrong. I consider these factors: 1020 units, ashtray, bone china, jar itself and asian market. I do want to be wrong. What do you think? 3 thousand? Anyone else?

    In few years It will go to the 5 digits. Very good price as an investment.
  5. Thanks, guys. I am planning a day trip to Havana during my stay in México in some weeks. It will be fast so I dont intend to go to many places and the few I visit I want to stay longer. Well, some things changed since I posted this thread but the trip, apparently, is still on. Other suggestions still welcomed.
  6. http://helios-atelier.fr/portfolio-item/cave-a-cigares/ CAVE À CIGARES La coutume d’inhaler la fumée de la combustion de certaines espèces végétales est une pratique qui existe depuis l’aube de l’humanité. Depuis des siècles, des hommes et des femmes se délectent de ce véritable objet de passion. A son rythme et à sa guise, l’aficionado effectue un rituel de dégustation, il choisit le moment, l’endroit et la nature du cigare qu’il désire gouter. Nous nous sommes donc rendu compte que peu de produits au monde ne bénéficie d’un traitement aussi méticuleux quant à sa présentation et à son confinement Le cigare est une matière vivante et l’intérêt d’une cave est de maintenir un niveau d’humidité constant garantissant la meilleure conservation de ces précieuses vitoles : arômes, goût et souplesse. C’est pour cela que la table est composée de deux outils : hygromètre et humidificateur. De plus, le verre est doté d’un traitement ANTI UV qui garantit une conservation optimale des Havanes.EBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER Copyright © Helios Atelier – Tous droits réservés – Mentions Légales
  7. Do you know a good place to spend the night smoking and drinking in Havana? Like from 8-9 PM until 1 AM. Preferably smoking friendly and not just a place where "humpf... yes... you can smoke...".
  8. Did you get it in Mexico? I am going to Mexico next month and I was told that they havent been seing there for a while.
  9. Du Gourmet

    It's in the food section of the forum.
  10. Cigarmony.com Is changing!

    not shipping to Brazil anymore?
  11. which cigars are these?
  12. This timezone kills me
  13. List of Sporting Cheats....whose our number one?

    Oh, la mano de Dios... We cannot forget that Malvinas (Falkland) war was still hot in 1986. Some years after that (1995) a Brazilian player used his arm to score against Argentina. in the penalties Brazil disqualified Argentina and they went crazy. The scorer just said: it was the hand of God too.
  14. Cigars that are not 3 times cheaper inside the island that should be seen as expensive.

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