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  1. I have an untouched box. Maybe one more year?
  2. I tried before. It's not.
  3. And for smokers that now are trying to stop but "it's Impossible working in that place".
  4. I have 2541 posts and chances are they are no better than Dr Guano's.
  5. I am pretty sure these humi will be really sold for €3800 where sellers cant rise the price but they will disappear before they reach shelves/websites and after few weeks pop up for the triple in some forums.
  6. Do not click here.
  7. Glad that you didnt bought an used Oasis device that came with a humidor.
  8. You guys stop liking all these figurados or in some time you will also start liking my... Cuabas!
  9. Ahahahah Beautiful Why Carl Lewis is not in the ad?!?! Oh wait...
  10. I dont like Disney but Universal is cool.
  11. Which cyber security firm?
  12. I heard Cohiba Atmosphere is already opened in Manzana. No, thanks.

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