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  1. Time to start saving up some money for a new suit!
  2. WHEN ORDERING......

    Time to get out the ban hammer, Di!
  3. We have discussed this in the past, Jase. You know my views.... I'm gonna be soaked in rum (not Bundy!), then cremated with a whole bunch of my cigars. I have instructions in my will regarding how my booze and cigars will be disposed of (surprise, Jase! you got the job). If you don't like drinking and cigar smoke, you're not invited to my funeral!
  4. Farewell F.O.H..

    This is a sad day indeed. Guy, it has been a fantastic run, and I wish you all the best for the future. Your kindness, knowledge and contributions to this forum will not be forgotten. I can only hope that you pop back in every so often just to let us know how you are going. Take care, be well, and enjoy life! Chris
  5. Dusky Beauties

    Wow! 104 years. Alex must be a hipster, he was writing blogs before it was cool... or even invented!

    Happy b'day, Greg!
  7. Your Toy of the week...

    Surprisingly well, to be honest. I used to work for Mazda years ago. Every few weeks, we would go to the storage yard to pick up cars for the lot. The guys I worked with were all over 6', and had no problem fitting into the MX-5. It was fun racing back to the lot with brand new MX-5s.
  8. Hawaiians are probably not as uptight as mainlanders!
  9. They probably weren't getting enough publicity for their new warning system, and were too cheap to spend any more money on advertising.
  10. As shocking as it may be, look at the bright side. Unlike many government services, this one does work.
  11. Use the search function at the top of the page.
  12. That's a "whip" emoticon, not a sperm!
  13. Sorry, I thought you were talking about another show...
  14. You can get some of the best made stuff out of China, if you're willing to pay for it. However, most companies that move production to China (and other Asian countries), are not looking for the best quality and rarely want to pay for it.

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