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  1. PLPC, Siglo VI, CoRo, Sir Winnie, Monte 2, RAG, Des Dieux.
  2. Uhhh, dude.... what's with the cat and Miley Cyrus pics? What have you been searching on Google?
  3. Inventory

    The sound you make after smoking too quickly and drinking too much at a cigar gathering.
  4. Jerry Lewis RIP

    Nope. That would the Artists & Models. Rick (Dean Martin) was a struggling painter that takes a job drawing comics, based on the dreams of his roomate Eugene (Jerry Lewis). Eugene wants to be a children's book author and is obsessed with comic books, especially the Bat Lady (Shirley McLaine's character models as the Bat Lady). Eugene talks in his sleep whilst dreaming of the comic character, "Vincent the Vulture", and comes up with the secret rocket fuel formula. Rick writes about it in his comic and the govt and Russians get wind of it.
  5. You going to be anywhere else besides Qld? Or are you in Qld for just the one week?
  6. Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80 (also a titanium version, but not powermatic) Orient Bambino V4 Tissot Visodate
  7. Jerry Lewis RIP

    I too spent many Sundays watching the midday matinee Martin & Lewis films. Those were some of my favourite films. He will be sadly missed.
  8. We drank all his medicinal rum.
  9. I've had several Tissot watches in the past, from quartz to automatics. Never had any problem with them. And they are relatively cheap to repair/service. The Le Locle uses a modified ETA 2824-2 movement (power reserve bumped up to 80hrs). The 2824 movement is one of the most widely used ETA movements, from sub $500 to $4000+ watches.
  10. Tissot Le Locle Orient Ray II Melbourne Watch Co. Carlton
  11. These days "dress watch" can mean so many different styles. Do you have any specific style you are after? Square or round? Bracelet or strap? Plain dial or one with complications? Any watches you have seen that have caught your eye?
  12. 2nd's World http://www.2ndsworld.com.au/fridge-freezer/fridge/wine-cabinet/lemair-59-bottle-wine-cooler-black-1-id-LWC59
  13. Cigar Seeding

    Destroying them in a series of small fires?

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