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  1. Who would have suspected the T-virus would also work on films?
  2. Probably just 10 singles, to push the order over the free shipping threshold as mentioned.
  3. I'm guessing one of them would be me? I've smoked both the Encatos and Pacificos. When the SLR first came out, I was a little disappointed with it (smoked it at a CUNTAS event in Sydney). It was a nice smoke, but didn't really thrill me. Revisited it a few years down the track and it made a complete 180. Now it is a great smoke! The Encantos, on the other hand, has not let me down since the beginning. It has just gotten better and better over the years. If it were me, I'd buy both! But since you asked to choose between the two, I'd go for the Encantos.
  4. Back from Italy with a little booty? Need to lay off the pasta!
  5. I suggest all who attend the Sydney meet call Ken's mobile during the game...
  6. We can make an exception. JK. Any and all are welcome.
  7. Well, it's that time of year again, State of Origin. NSW Blues vs QLD Morons Maroons. Where: Green Peppercorn, Civic Hotel When: Wed 31st May - 6:30/7pm till late (kick-off @ 8pm but probably be a late start) Cost: Whatever you feel like spending Some of the boys will be having dinner before moving over to the bar to watch the game over drinks and smokes. If you're free, come on over.
  8. The Australian Govt will be telling the extortionists that they will need to collect the GST for any payments made.
  9. The Zacapa Edicion Negra goes well in an old fashioned or as a sipping rum. Zacapa XO and El Dorado 12yr old are also very good sipping rums.
  10. My humidor is set at 62.
  11. I believe only Site Admins can see that section. If we Mods could see those posts, those aged cigars would be sold the instant the post was released.
  12. I have some cognac and scotch from the 1980's. You're welcome to sample, John.
  13. Thinking the same thing here. Could have been wood mites.
  14. That ship looks similar to the Vulcan IDIC symbol.
  15. Not just women. Anybody who starts texting or calling/answering their mobile should be chucked out of the cinema. One of the reasons I stopped going to the cinema, besides crappy popcorn and exorbitant ticket prices.

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