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  1. Really? Maybe you will....
  2. Des Dieux, if I could find them. From those currently available, cab of PLPC. Both as a smoke now and to age.
  3. Play the ball, not the man.
  4. You list them by time taken to smoke, don't you John?
  5. There are gonna be so many HdM Des Dieux wish lists!
  6. Ah, but said salesman could instead sell a new Porsche and still be gainfully employed, as will all the other people.
  7. If there is enough demand for it, and ol' bwana deems it worthwhile. Or you can put in a personal request with Rob to look out for a box for you. Saves you the hassle of missing out on the 24:24.
  8. But please don't register if you are never going to use the OLH!
  9. But buying a used Porsche is depriving some poor car wrecker his livelihood! And what about the people who work at the metal reclamation plant? Or the people who take parts and restore them for resale?
  10. Heard "Debbie" is moving real slow, only 39kph. The full impact will not be felt for a while.
  11. Sage advice. And remember, no backsies! Or you will incur the wrath of Di!
  12. Unfortunately, Rob is restricted by the time zones. Added to that, the last few times Euro only sales were conducted (posted in the afternoon Bris time), hardly anything was sold.
  13. Gotcha! Will look out for it.
  14. Thanks. Might grab a bottle a share with some of the Sydney FOH boys.

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