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  1. Havanathon Prep

    Great to hear you'll be joining us again, Leif!
  2. Havanathon Prep

    Some of the boys (Jeff, Cameron, Joel) will be at the Norman Hotel having lunch and drinks till 3pm. Not sure if I can make it, as I have a few things on in the morning till just after midday. Address: 102 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba Time: 11:30am - 12pm Anybody who is free and in Brissy on Friday, head on over before kicking off at Czars.
  3. As Havanathon 2017 is but days away, I'll post some pics of Havanathons of yesteryear: Warren: "Nate, Did you see the look on Johnny's face?" Johnny: "Fwoah!!!"
  4. Havanathon Prep

    Ah! Good to hear you'll be there this time, Dicko!
  5. Havanathon Prep

    Sydney FOH boys will be there! (Jase, John, Kam, Nick, Steve, Will and myself!)
  6. Next Level Man Caves

    My billiards table (a Heiron & Smith 10 footer) looks exactly like this one. Pity the room doesn't!
  7. Cycling Australia

    To drink? Yes. To squirt at a magpie? Only if there was a small pilot light in front of the nozzle.
  8. Cycling Australia

    The mouthpiece is to blow into to deploy his anti-magpie party whistles attached to his helmet.
  9. I would recommend taking a break from this thread.
  10. Alfais, since joining, of your 25 posts bar 2 have been in this thread. Is there a point to this or something you would like to explain?
  11. Feels like it some days... About 15% of NZ's population lives in Australia, most of them in QLD, with about 80,000 in Sydney.
  12. Sydney has just over 5 million people, whereas NZ is about 4.5 million.
  13. Not enough to start build a scale replica of Stonehenge, but I'm getting there.
  14. No such thing in Oz. Though, in Nimbin you can get away with smoking marijuana. The local cops tend to either give you a caution or completely ignore you.

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