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  1. Fuzz

    email of the week.

    He already stated that he could tell from the taste, so the box is no longer unscathed.
  2. Fuzz

    Puerto Rican

    Nice first post. It is customary to post an introduction here, before asking the forum for assistance.
  3. Fuzz

    email of the week.

    I've been incorrectly checking the authenticity of my cigars all this time! Rob, I demand that you refund me the cost of my cigars! I have found some of my cigars over the last 10 years to be lighter in colour than others, sometimes soft to the touch (my humidor is perfectly set, not overly humidified ), and occasionally they unravel when smoking! (weather has nothing to do with unraveling ). And let's not forget those poorly constructed Tampas, where you ran out of wrapper leaf and had the foot of the cigars all shaggy and loose . No wonder I don't like the Bolivars I've received from you! I have never had a "real" Cuban cigar! How are you going to rectify this? Yeah, yeah, I know.... "Fuzz, go <moderated> yourself!"
  4. Fuzz

    email of the week.

    Tell him, happy to refund, but you must return the cigars via registered air mail. Once received, the cigars will be inspected for authenticity (you want your fakes back, not somebody else's fakes) and a restocking fee will be applied, before a refund for the difference is paid.
  5. If you are going to get an ashtray, be warned... they are bloody heavy!!! I bought the large one and it put my bag over the limit. I just got lucky that the check in lady let me go, instead of telling me to buy another bag like the group before me.
  6. Have to agree Rob and Ken. Everyone's tastes are subjective. I personally can't stand Bolivars. Haven't had one that I can say I truly enjoyed.
  7. Fuzz

    Temperature too high !

    It's a basement, not a sex dungeon. Although...
  8. Fuzz

    Temperature too high !

    Would help if you can give some more details, ie; where is it located in your basement, are there any things near the humidor (hot water heaters, exhaust pipes etc), what is the current temp in your basement, etc.
  9. Core temps were similar in our tests. From my experience, the ash kept the heat in. Of course, different material and use, but the principal is similar. There are lot of variables in this test that you would need to account for and minimise. You could jury rig a small vacuum pump with some rubber tubing and a plastic syringe, to better control the draw on each cigar. An IR temp gun can take external temps, but you'd need a probe to get the core temps. Not sure if a needle temp probe would withstand the heat of the core, and they are bloody expensive. Interestingly enough, I did come across a paper on pyrometry, and one chapter was on the temperature of a burning cigar. Dates back to 1919. https://www.nap.edu/read/20231/chapter/57
  10. Fuzz

    Test topic

    Good lord! There's so many emoticons now! How will I ever choose which ones to use?!
  11. I have an IR thermometer and thermocouple at the office. But I can tell you right now that ash does act as an insulator. I've done that test so many times with charcoal briquettes. I think I may still have the pics of two different briquettes, one with a very heavy ash layer that didn't fall, the other that easily fell off. If I recall correctly, the core temps were similar, but the outside was off by 100C.
  12. Because they are oxidising. Happens all the time on my PLPCs.
  13. Correct. Shopping portals like eBay and Amazon will handle the GST collection.
  14. Thanks for the reminder on that thread.
  15. But, but, you're rinsing off all the plume!!

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