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  1. Happy Birthday Bart

    Hope it was a good one, Bart!
  2. Your first ever box buy?

    I posted earlier in this thread that my first ever box purchase was a box of Robaina Unicos chosen and autographed by Carlos Robaina. My wife and I posed for photos with him. One of the highlights of our trip to Cuba. Ole Carlos looks happier to be with my wife than with me.
  3. Pre cut of CC

    Mathieu, I was also going to suggest the tabletop four hole cutter. I've asked for one of those for Christmas. It may be a good solution for you. But I'm curious. How you handle the lighting process? The answer to that question may help us offer other suggestions on the cutting issue.
  4. Nice! Congratulations! Love mine. Bob builds a very high quality product.
  5. Bama fans are the worst. They all...well, I'll just let it go at that. So glad they got beat. My Rebels beat State. It's been a great weekend.
  6. Thanks for your service, Sailor. Good advice above. Some in the low 60's rH (at 70dF), and don't get all caught up in not smoking from your collection just because they haven't reached some mythical age. True that most CC's will improve with age. True that most CC's will need some acclimation time, usually 60-90 days, in your low 60's rH humi, after receipt in the mail. But there are always exceptions, so don't be afraid to try one ROTT (right off the truck), and smoke some of your stock along the way here and there, keeping most in the box to age. One method I use is to find a cheap and cheerful marca/vitola or two to use as your daily smoke. One or two that you find really enjoyable enough to keep you away from your better stock that you're aging.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    We're already decorated for Christmas, so the Fall/Thanksgiving décor is put away. Wifey and I will be doing Thanksgiving tomorrow, just the two of us. First time ever without all the family, and looking forward to the peace and quiet, eating turkey and dressing, and watching the Ole Miss vs Mississippi State game. We watch in separate rooms...she went to State, and I went to Ole Miss, so we learned long ago we can't watch it together. GO TO HELL, STATE. (I hope she didn't hear me say that) HOTTY TODDY!
  8. Hello from Newmarket!

  9. I would be more concerned about the high rH than the temp.
  10. Back from OZ picture thread

    Thanks for posting, Mike. We want more!
  11. Agree with Piggy. 60% rH @ 70dFis it for me (all CC"s). Absolutely no higher than 65%. Negative effects on burn and taste anything over low 60's.
  12. Aristocrat Humidor

    Love my M Plus. Heirloom quality. You'll love it. Congratulations!
  13. FOH NFL Week Three Leaderboard.

    I laid out this year; otherwise all of y'all would be eating my dust.
  14. Your first ever box buy?

    A box of Unicos from Carlos at 5th y 16th. He autographed the box without my asking, and then he posed for photo's with my wife & I, so it was a just another great memory of that trip.
  15. Bart, I'm guessing your midget is about six feet tall. Good to see you post again. Haven't seen you around in a while. Mine, about 1800 sticks, 22 marca's, vitola's...I don't know, but most everything 50 rg and below are covered.

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