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  1. In the Deep South, Soul Food has it's own special meaning. For me, a born and bred Son of the Deep South raised on Soul Food, my go to favorite meal is fried pork chops, black eyed peas, turnip greens, fresh home grown tomatoes, and corn bread. Wash it down with sweet tea. Had that for dinner last night and left overs tonight were just as good.
  2. Wednesday Funny

    Amazing ingenuity. And not American. Imagine that. Love it!
  3. I think I'll just stick with my rum and diet coke aka Cuba Libre Lite. Nothing pairs with CC's like Rum and Coke, imho.
  4. New Quintero Band

    That would be for the Alabama RE. (I can say that. I'm from Mississippi)
  5. One Day Cuba Trip Report - June/2018

    That’s gotta be a Reynaldo. What is that...about a four-five hour smoke? His humi had the biggest damned cigars I’ve ever seen. 😳 Great reports, Oliver. Thanks for posting.
  6. Maradona

    How is Brazil expected to do, Oliver?
  7. Was “gifted” this on a cruise ship recently. Couldn’t convince the guy it was fake. He insisted I take it and smoke it anyway. Not a bad fake, but I’m not burning this one.
  8. Now I'm really curious about your user name. Not really sure what those medals are, but regardless, you're a hero in my eyes.
  9. 21 Best bars in the USA

    Manci's Antique Club in Daphne is in my neck of the woods. It's okay. IMHO if you can't smoke a cigar in it, it's not a great bar.
  10. First timer Havana Trip report

    Bubble wrap & then wrap cloths around that & keep them in the middle (not top or bottom) of the suitcase. Muled many bottles of rum that way with no breakage so far.
  11. First timer Havana Trip report

    You have to put all liquids in your checked luggage. Cigars in your carry on has never been a problem in my limited experience. 😎
  12. Share your Cuban haul

    Alex is at the Hotel Comodoro (actually at the cigar shop which is in the hotel complex). Yolanda is right next door at the Melia Habana Hotel LCDH. Reynaldo is at the LCDH at Hotel Conde de Villanueva. All will usually have custom roll stock available when you walk in. I preordered with Alex & Reynaldo because I knew I would be short on time & wouldn’t be able to stop by the next day to give them time to put an order together. Even though I preordered, I don’t think either of them really pay much attention to preorders knowing they most always have stock available.
  13. Aging????

    Too late.
  14. Some photos from Havana

    Photos include Jorge, our driver; oliverdst with Reynaldo; Yolanda; Alex; my bride; La Corona factory roller; Club Habana roller.

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