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  1. Cigar Lounge Style

    The only time I smoke in a cigar lounge is when I'm traveling, and finding a decent lounge in whatever city I'm in is always a pleasant surprise. That being the case, I'm not picky. Just happy to have a lounge that allows smoking inside, out of the elements. I suppose my perfect cigar lounge would include low light, dark wood, wooden floors, a nice bar, comfortable, oversized leather chairs and couches, big screen TV's with multiple sports on each, and a ventilation system that works, but not so well that it stirs up the air too much. I like my smoke to hang around my head so I can enjoy the aroma, before it is gently pulled into the ventilation system. Pretty much describes my Man Cave, except for the multiple TV's; I only have one, but it's all I need.
  2. Friday Funny

    Not much difference in that and me holding a lit cigar in the same hand that holds my drink. The size of the explosion, I suppose.
  3. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    The rH definitely makes its way into the boxes, even if closed. I think it even makes its way through freezer bags, albeit not as quickly. Mr. Piggy could probably enlighten us more on this topic. I store my boxes with lids completely closed, and that damned nail will get under your fingernail and hurt like a mother if you try too hard to push it back into the box.
  4. Custom rolls packaging question

    We'll be on Oceana's Sirena. By coincidence, we'll be boarding just at @JY0 is disembarking. He's going to give me a report on the smoking venues while on board. This ship has two enclosed smoking rooms, which is highly unusual these days for cruise ships, I'm told. This ship is small, relative to the behemoths plying the seas these days. Only about 650 passengers on board. Not many, if any, children. Older passengers, like me. One of the smoking rooms is connected to one of the bars, and the other is near the pool. The last, and only cruise I've been on, about 16 years ago, had a very fine cigar lounge. Sadly, those are almost nonexistent, I think.
  5. Custom rolls packaging question

    Good idea! Thank you, Mike. Y'all enjoy the beach.
  6. When purchasing custom rolls from the various sources in Havana, are they packaged in some way leaving the shop? Based on photo's I've seen, I know they are bundled and tied with a ribbon. Are they then wrapped in something (I've seen cellophane) by the roller, or put in some sort of bag, or what?
  7. Need some help

    The RyJ bands look good, but I agree with 99 that the shade variation is significant. That doesn't necessarily make them fake. The cigars in that box could have come out of different boxes. The RG cigars look good, but I can't pass judgement on the box. The RyJ box doesn't look like anything I've seen before, and doesn't look legit to me. Bottom line is, if it were me, I'd pass on both and just buy what I want from Rob.
  8. Escaping the icebox

    Good for the both of you! Hope you enjoy it. I know you will.
  9. Looked on Face Book and didn't find him.
  10. Rob, I will be in Havana the first week in June, and I would like to place an order with Alex. What is his email address for pre-orders?
  11. Pulled Neck Muscle Fixes?

    Rob, take it from someone who knows. The absolute worst thing you can do for a pulled muscle is to coddle it. I promise you this works. Work the hell out of it. Whatever movement makes it hurt, do that over & over & over. It will hurt like hell at first but it will get easier as you work it. It will help to apply heat before you make those movements, & doing it under a hot shower works even better. Take some Advil to help ease the pain. But above all else, work the hell out of it & you will get over much more quickly. The key is to make that muscle contract & then totally relax, the more repetitions you can stand, the better.
  12. New addiction.

    Man, just looking forward to you and the lovely Dana being back down here on the Redneck Riviera sometime so we can show you some good ole Southern Hospitality! Take care, my friend.
  13. New addiction.

    Recently received a very nice Hotel Nacional ashtray from a "Dana". Cigars coming next??

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