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  1. Who's got a long one?

    My top choice of '16 production is the Boli CG, although tough to find. In stock, RyJ Churchills might fit what your looking for.
  2. Consistency

    I smoke probably 600-700 CC's per year, and I honestly hardly ever run into construction problems. The taste of a Cuban cigar, to me, far outweighs the inconsistency of the product. I smoked non-Cubans for 15 years before discovering CC's, and I never found that non-Cuban that blew me away, or even close. I'll never go back to non-Cubans.
  3. Cigar choice

    You guys got any openings to fill at the office?
  4. Sending up a prayer for your son and your family. Man, that has got to be rough to deal with.
  5. When a cigar won't stay lit?

    I have a box of Partagas Super Partagas, and half way through the box about 90% will not stay lit. They are stored in the same humi everything else is stored in, and I don't smoke them any differently than any of the other cigars. They don't have draw issues. Very frustrating to fight a cigar that won't stay lit. Life is too short.
  6. Sorry, Shlomo, I don't. I had already purchased boxes elsewhere and really wasn't looking for anything other than RE's & LE's, so I didn't pay any attention to the pricing of the regular stock.
  7. Went through there in May. No RE's or LE's.
  8. Competition is usually a good thing, but when one of the players is government owned and can price their product regardless of cost, the NC makers better watch out. Might turn out to be a good thing for us CC smokers.
  9. Pictures, man. Pictures.
  10. how to catch a mud crab

    Perfect example of why women live longer than men.
  11. Is there such a thing?

    Try storing your CC's at 60-63% rH. See if you like them at that lower humidity level, but it will take several weeks to acclimatize to the lower rH so that you will notice the difference in taste and burn.
  12. Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome to FOH, Jon. A few members here from NOLA. I'm in Mobile, and going to the Quarter this weekend. You'll love your Aristocrat. Bob does great work. I've had mine for three years now, and it is full (and so is my credit card).
  13. A little cigar art

    Very nice!
  14. Wrapper Repair Help

    Toss it. Life's too short to fight that all the way through.
  15. Piggy, I am shocked that your answer to a "humidity" topic was so brief.

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