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  1. 7:30pm Central U. S. time. OOPS, I mean 8:30 Central U. S. time.
  2. Cool story. Glad you made it through with no problems.
  3. Nice haul! Don't forget to freeze those sticks.
  4. Never heard of that. Sorry to hear about this. I hope it goes away very soon. Look on the bright side. This is an aging opportunity for your stock. Wish I had a miracle cure for you.
  5. TRT will greatly increase your risk of prostate cancer. This is what my doctors have told me.
  6. All good suggestions. But a very important one is to lower the rH in your humidor to between 60-65% rH for CC storage. I think some research here on the archives of this forum will explain why you should do that.
  7. Restores my faith in Mankind. I can't believe the Libtards haven't rioted outside the place saying their rights are being violated.
  8. I've seen it done, and was told the story about it directing more smoke to the palate. I don't buy that. It makes sense to me, though, that it increased the surface area without cutting too far into the cigar thereby minimizing the chance of it unraveling. Pyramids don't have a triple cap, so there's more of a chance of the wrapper unraveling with a cut too far into the cigar. Just my humble, and guessing like hell, opinion.
  9. Nice intro. Welcome to the FOH family.
  10. Welcome back, Keith. Lot's of new members, I guess as a result of the U. S. travel restrictions being eased. Oh yeah, you may not have heard...Obama eased things up with the embargo. Trump tightened them back up. The 2017 box codes haven't been very good, so Rob has a hard time finding 24/24 stock that meets his standards. That's about it.
  11. I don't have a lot of Cohiba stock, and most all of the Cohiba stock I do have has 2013 box codes. All are from El Pres. I have purposely tried to hold off smoking them, but over the years I have been weak, and smoked one here and there. I wanted to reach that magic five year milestone when, most say, Cohiba's reach, or begin to reach their peak. I'm sitting here smoking a Siglol VI from 2013. Four years old. Not the magic five, but damn. This thing is blowing me away. One absolutely fantastic smoke. I now get it. I will be ordering more. The premium price is hard to swallow, but it is worth it if you have the patience to let them age to that magic mark. Now, I wish I had not been so weak and wasted all those I smoked over the last four years.
  12. Doesn't hold enough cigars for me, and it clipped too much off the head. So, I think I'll pass. I mean...FOR REAL???? COME ON, MAN. (but it would be pretty neat to have one of those)
  13. Don't know about that, but I tried cleaning mine with dish detergent and water, but still had the plastic smell. Then, after reading it on here, I tried cleaning it with a strong vinegar and water solution, dried it in the sun, and that did it. No more smell of any kind. Worked great.
  14. You're going to have a hard time topping that day. Good for you! Now, go get your liver checked.
  15. I used that Sterilite box before I got my cabinet humidor. The one I had held at least 20 boxes of cigars. I put a 6" Heartfelt beads stick in the box, and it held the rH perfectly at 65% with virtually no maintenance. As to Rob's suggestion to put those sticks away for one year, I'm not sure which cigars you ordered, but generally the rule is to put them into your humidor for 30-60 days at no more than 65% rH @ 70 dF, and then smoke away. As with most all Cuban cigars, they get better with age, and most hit their sweet spot after 3-5 years of age from the box date. But, I think most members here will tell you to smoke 'em after you've let them rest a month or two after receipt from Oz, and then smoke away. If you want a desk top humidor, you can find those everywhere on line and, as Shlomo said, at most local cigar shops.

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