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  1. Welcome from a Rebel living in Mobile. Glad you've joined us.
  2. Hey, Rushman! Good to hear from you again. Mexican prison?
  3. I feel like I really know Ken now in an intimate sort of way.
  4. Got that right, T. War Damn Eagle and Hotty Toddy! I see you live right across the Bay. We come over to Fairhope occasionally. Would love to get together for a smoke with you sometime, maybe at the cigar shop there in Fairhope, or at the back patio at The Grand.
  5. Wifey & I will be there the 7th-20th. Rome, Florence, & Venice. Cant wait! Enjoy your trip.
  6. Smoked one in The Grove right after we beat #1 ranked Ala f'n bama in Oxford (the first of two in a row). A pretty big deal for a life long Ole Miss Rebel.
  7. So. Like would someone please like summarize all of the posts above this one like in 45 words or less. And I like really really like need it like right now. So. Thanks in advance.
  8. Got a witness.
  9. Time for a second job, a larger humidor, and a new wife. Priorities, man. Priorities.
  10. I was torn between the Montecarlos and this and the panatela. Love all of 'em.
  11. Yep. And I'm smoking one right now and trying not to drown it in my tears.
  12. Good point. Substitute a Bolivar Tubos #1.
  13. BCJ Cohiba Sig IV Hoyo des Dieux Monte #4 PL Montecarlos Punch Punch Robaina Famosas You're going to see just about every marca/vitola in the HSA lineup in this thread.
  14. Let me know if these are box worthy. I'll be in Italy in three weeks and would like to pick some of these up if they're worth it. Hope you and your beautiful family are all well.
  15. IMHO, you're storage conditions are still way too high. Bring it down to 60%-62%. It will take several weeks to remove the excess moisture. When leaving the house with sticks to smoke that evening, I always cut them & test the draw, then place them in a freezer bag so as to try to prevent them from absorbing a potentially high ambient rH until I smoke them.

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