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  1. The OP never answered the question about his storage conditions or how long he waited to smoke stock after transport. Another question I have is what is the ambient rH generally where he smokes. If the OP is just coming to CC’s after smoking NC’s, CC’s are just going to have a tighter draw than NC’s. Don’t confuse a tight draw with a plugged cigar. I smoke 8-10 CC’s a week. Most were bought from FOH. I only experience maybe a 25% rate of having to use my Perfecdraw, but I store at low 60’s rH & most have been in my humi for months if not years, & I smoke all inside where the ambient rH is high 50’s low 60’s. Just trying to help, but we need more information to do so.
  2. Very creative, Tbird! Would like to meet you sometime over in Fairhope for a smoke.
  3. la Puntilla update

    Surprised to hear about the construction issues on these. I hope it improves before I get there in June. I'm looking forward to meeting Alex and picking up a couple of bundles of these to share with @madandana.
  4. Freeze ‘em. A beetle outbreak can come along after the two month quarantine. I believe I’m correct on this.
  5. My wife came back with a parasite that hung around long enough for us to name it José. We’re going back in June on a cruise stop & she's already told me she will not be eating or drinking on shore.
  6. My First Order

    Where in Alabama are you, @liquid360? There are a few Alabamians here. Buy with 100% confidence here.
  7. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Yes, worth it and a good deal. You're not going to get any "bad" deals here. If you decide to jump on it, put them away for 6-8 weeks at low 60's rH/68-70dF before you dig in.
  8. Saturday Humor

    ...and looking for a new secretary.
  9. You're gonna love it. Fill 'er up!
  10. Share your Cuban haul

    @GotaCohiba, that haul will always be impressive. Is that Yolanda?
  11. sipping rums

    Thanks for posting, Ken. On your advice, I recently purchased a bottle of the Flor de Cana 18 Year Old, and have savored every sip. And thanks again for the help with the wine list.
  12. RIP MOM

    I'm so sorry to hear this about your mom, Mike. I'm glad you posted it so those of us so inclined can lift you and your family up in prayer. Try to substitute the thoughts of her last days with thoughts of the good times with her. Hang in there, my friend.
  13. Hey Y'all From South Alabama

    Welcome to FOH from Mobile.
  14. Greetings from the Middle of the Ocean!

    Yep. I'm sure. Don't know her. I searched IG for "stogieluvr" ending in "vr", and I see you are following him. I'm stogieluver (ending in "er") here and on IG.

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