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  1. Aristocrat Humidor

    Love my M Plus. Heirloom quality. You'll love it. Congratulations!
  2. FOH NFL Week Three Leaderboard.

    I laid out this year; otherwise all of y'all would be eating my dust.
  3. Your first ever box buy?

    A box of Unicos from Carlos at 5th y 16th. He autographed the box without my asking, and then he posed for photo's with my wife & I, so it was a just another great memory of that trip.
  4. Bart, I'm guessing your midget is about six feet tall. Good to see you post again. Haven't seen you around in a while. Mine, about 1800 sticks, 22 marca's, vitola's...I don't know, but most everything 50 rg and below are covered.
  5. Hello from a Lurker

    A warm welcome to FOH, Be. Glad you've come in out of the cold. As to the new wife problem, take out a loan, stock up, tell her the loan was for her engagement ring. Problem solved.
  6. No need to spend money on that. I just need a little surgery.
  7. All of my smoking is done inside in my man cave, so weather is no longer an issue. If not for that, I would be smoking shorter smokes in the heat of the summer, and in the coldest winter months. The only difference in the seasonality of my smokes is football season. I save my double coronas and churchills for football games on tv.
  8. Okay. I'm impressed. Very impressed. I just thought I did pretty good utilizing my wife's luggage. Damn it, boy! Very. Nice. Haul. Congratulations!
  9. What should I request?

    Custom rollers are spread out among some of the hotels, factories, etc. Perform a custom roll search here on this forum and you will find reams of info.
  10. What should I request?

    I would go for custom rolls. As many as you can get. But that's just me. You can get everything else here, and higher quality. Whatever you get, freeze them when you get them before putting them away in your humidor.
  11. Buy all the custom rolls you can bring back, and insist on a receipt. Check the limits you can leave the country with. Don't worry about the reentry limits, as U. S. customs really doesn't care (unless you get one in a bad mood). You can buy high quality regular production here, so don't waste money and space on those down there. Oh, and the most important thing...bring me back a black/white Hotel Nacional ash tray.
  12. I just happen to be smoking, at the moment, the next to last one from a MOE JULY15 box. Or, I should say "trying to smoke". As I posted last week in a thread by El Pres, I can't keep these damned things lit. It's a constant battle of relighting all the way through these. I have another box with the same code, and I'm hoping they aren't of the same construction/blend, or whatever is causing this problem. These are not tight at all. They just won't stay lit. My humi has over 1600 CC's in it, at low 60's rH/70dF, and I don't have this problem with any other sticks.
  13. Word of advice to BMWBen: you will do well to take Ray up on his offer, if extended! (hope I didn't put you on the spot, Ray).
  14. Who's got a long one?

    My top choice of '16 production is the Boli CG, although tough to find. In stock, RyJ Churchills might fit what your looking for.
  15. Consistency

    I smoke probably 600-700 CC's per year, and I honestly hardly ever run into construction problems. The taste of a Cuban cigar, to me, far outweighs the inconsistency of the product. I smoked non-Cubans for 15 years before discovering CC's, and I never found that non-Cuban that blew me away, or even close. I'll never go back to non-Cubans.

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