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  1. I can feel your pain. Perfect cigar in many ways. Have 3 ERDM Tainos left for some special moments and a few boxes of LGC Tainos. Really a shame that they got axed.
  2. Dogs, we have Dachshounds. Smart, independence little creatures. Sorry it's upside. You see they do what they are up to. The truth they are very well educated.
  3. San Sebastian and Cigars

    San Sebastian = Donostia (basque Name) In the side streets there are some very small shops where you can buy cigars. do's in San Sebastian eat as much Pinxtos as you can wash it down with txakoli or cider if you visit the little bars, order some Pinxtos have you glass wine. Empty up and go to the next one, feel free to continue. dont miss to have sunset at the Concha. IMHO best place for a sundowner is the Hotel Mercure on top off the concha. Smoking not allowed, drinks and food okay. enjoy your stay
  4. Great buy. Completely jealous- enjoy them 💖 in good health.
  5. My latest finds ERDM PC very nice 🎁 Montecristo Eso. No. 2 always great to smoke My all time favorite and truly love Something solid as a rock
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RA RE 898 revisiting - tried one early this year. Was not so happy about. Today - what a lovely smoke 😍 happy for those who went deep.
  7. Sancho Panza Molinos 2002 PAR B2_2

    You are located in Germany? Send me a pm, you can find it out which year suits you more.
  8. Desert Island Cigars

    1. Hard decision between Trinidad and LGC 2. Can't decide between Cohiba III or HDM de Dieux 3. That's an easy one: ERDM Tainos
  9. Sancho Panza Molinos 2002 PAR B2_2

    Thank you for the review, glad I own 1,5 box from 2000. They are smoking good.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Everything okay with you?
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had the Chance to buy 3 single of ERDM Choix du Roi last week. What a jaw breaker with a 55 RG. The RG was the reason why I step a side from the MC 520. Never tried one - should I regret it? taste was green, lots of green tea and a nice sweetness. It really reminds of the RE Espana when it came out. 1/3 was mild 2/3 turns to medium last third to full choix du Roi - the Kings choice? Hmm would prefer a smaller version like a Lag. no. 1 or 2. But that's my 2 cents.
  12. Congratulation to the 3 winner. Enjoy your price 🎉💐
  13. Another go for another Review. I never found joy in the Non Plus or should I write the Non Plus had never been the non plus ultra for a CC for me? By accident I ran into the SP Bachilleres at my favorite vendor. I was starring at them for quite a while and made my pro's and co's of buying them or not. Well finally I did 😊 and never regret it so. Well it's an cigar with age on it. appearance: what an ugly veiny cigar. draw: perfect for me, cigar is well packed. I read a lot about saltiness in SP or in certain CC. Never had found it, never came across. smoking the Bachilleres it really really pop up the saltiness, creamy, leathery cedar taste. Man I love it. had the funny experience the cigar turns into a beatnik cigars. Burn is razor sharp. Very creamy and a little steam horse. molasse, cream, leather saltiness happiness. Could not ask for more 🌞 at the end I had to find the balance between smoking slow and smoking it too hot. Nice flavor of green tea. strength is between medium to medium/full. pitty HSA had deleted them.
  14. Thank you for the review. PC are really hidden gems.

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