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  1. SuperBowl LII

    Last weeks surgery on Brady's hand was to implant a sixth finger. Go Pats.
  2. Partagas Lusitania reserva. It just sits in my humidor awaiting a special day.
  3. BCE, Punch RS11, and Partagas Lonsdales.
  4. Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome to FOH. You will have a great time here.
  5. His full name is Joseph Clements. I didn't see any obituaries or any information that would show him to have passed on the Internet. I am hoping this is all fake news and that he will pop up one day to tell us he was just to busy building his wineador to let us know where he has been for the last 2 years.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    Spending thanksgiving with family. Already picked a BBF from April 2012 as my thanksgiving smoke. May follow it up with a RG panetal a extra (love these) if I don't freeze from being outside.
  7. H.upmann Connie 1 is my staple cigar. Never let me down, and I always make sure I have two full boxes in my inventory.
  8. Should be around $790.00
  9. I'm seeing UAO August 2017 on Cohiba Lanceros and Espys. This code may mean El Laguito?
  10. Hello from SF,CA

  11. I have a short list of hard to find. Sir Winnie's, Colas, des dieux, monte especials, Espys. Don't need any accessories at this time.
  12. Your first ever box buy?

    ERDM Choix Supreme back in 2007.
  13. Toasted tobacco, wood, and cocoa for me. On occasion I will get a blast on any one of those other categories listed above. Depending on the cigar.
  14. A note from Punch Joe

    Keep the Caribbean in your prayers. Let's hope this hurricane season passes quickly

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