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  1. Been waiting forever for Cohiba espys and lanceros and a 50 cab of Lucy's.
  2. Sir Winnies my al time favorite Connie 1 party 898 Rass
  3. anjimj

    Your cigar of the weekend?

    La Escepcion Selectos Finos. It's just that one cigar that makes me stop and realize why I love Cuban cigars.
  4. anjimj

    Greetings from Buffalo, NY

    Welcome to FOH!
  5. anjimj

    Your Standout Regional

    Selectos Finos is by far my favorite. Had one tonight after a nice Porterhouse steak. I was in heaven for 90 minutes.
  6. RA Superiors in a Dalia format would be great. Agree sir Winnie in a smaller format would be nice such as a petite corona.
  7. Just smoked a beautiful 2014 HDM Palmas extra. A perfect 40 minute smoke.
  8. Long Davidoff matches when I can. DuPont maxi jet and ligne2 when I am alone. vertigo with company because they always need to use my equipment.
  9. Can't wait to see it filled up
  10. Deadhead here for over 25 years. Loved the 77 run buffalo boston and 5-8-77 Barton Hall..Have most of those 77 shows on CD. been lucky enough to catch them at Fenway and the Garden last couple of years. Great thread.
  11. Mag 46 Hdm #2 Bolivar Tubos #1 BCJ Mag 50 PSD5 Cohiba Sglio4
  12. anjimj


    Sorry for your loss. May your mother rest in peace!
  13. H.upmann Mag 46 Lucy Cohiba Siglio IV RA Superiors BBF Monte Edmundos Ryj Churchills

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