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  1. Consistency

    There's a difference between poor consistency and poor construction. There should never ever be an excuse for creating a product so poorly that it can not be used in the manner it was intended. Yes the flavourprofile will always be different because the leave and crops are all different. But a cigar should never ever be rolled poorly and sold that way. As to why? NCs are better than CCs? Probably cos of the workers standard of living and pay scales and tools they have available to use. But that's always the case. When you're a "second tier" producer like NCs, you try and find new ways to make your product superior to the "real deal". And if you can't beat them with your tobacco. Beat them with a superior produced product. And people will buy. People do buy. A LOT! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mate. Next time I'm around you gotta be my tour guide. Those inviting ladies look like a winner. [emoji16][emoji1417] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Security seal on Cuban Cigars

    The date code and stamp code are on the main box. Those 5 packs come in a box of 5s normally (I think) and that big box has the date and code on it. Kinda like some LEs that have the stamp and box date on the outer cardboard packaging and not on the box itself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. In between cold fronts

    Great stuff Steve! See you next wekeend mate!!! Long time between smokes my friend.
  5. Public speaking advice

    I just get nervous and sweat a lot. I find though if i am infront of a class/group of people and sitting down and talking im fine. So if you can lean on a table or something instead of standing infront of a pedestal then i'd do that. Also apparently there's a link between eating/drinking and speaking. If you can chew gum or take a few sips of water while talking then you can try that.
  6. Old 24:24's database?

    Very interesting way of searching for the old pages! Thanks for the tip!
  7. How would you respond.....

    You guys are all going to be have major egg on face when this bloke finds Mr Allones and informs him of his poor quality control and Mr Allones comes to his senses and produces perfect cigars everytime... Just give him the address of HSA office and tell him they only accept face to face feedback.
  8. Dubai Duty Free

    Concourse A has poor selection. Concourse B has the biggest humidor and selection. But yes everything must be opened before you buy. I've some ****... including what looked like a box that had been half submerged in water. Concourse C has some aged stuff in the lower level shop because people don't go there very often. But that will soon change as they are upgrading it and have already upgraded certain sections. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Dubai Duty Free

    Yep..... their quality can be terrible at times!!! never ever buy blind from there... you can get some fantastic boxes from there every now and then though!
  10. So... baseball in the rain has less home runs?
  11. Welcome to kenfessions

    I need two questions answered..... 1) where are these photos taken? Clearly not his house. 2) who does his grammar? i dont think ive ever seen ken use a capital letter.
  12. I just recently sold my Serpent F180 and my Tamiya F201. I've still got my Tamiya F104 Pro that i won the WA state titles with. I long ago sold my Team Durango DNX8. I will probably get a HB Racing D817 when i get back home because the 2018 IFMAR World Championship is in Perth! So it'll be a good thing to fail miserably at
  13. Anytime @ChanceSchmerr ! The cigar is great. It's the only Partagas cigar i like. I don't like anything else in the Partagas range. Price point? I think HSA is hoping not to sell them so that they can keep them all for themselves.
  14. I would imagine this no phones thing also adds to the "alertness" of passengers during take off and landing. Seats upright and tables folded away and no bags at your legs, so the path is clear for evacuation. Cabin lights off for night time take off and landing so that you can see out the windows at what hazards are out there more easily. Headphones off so that you can hear whats going on. Phone away so that you're not facebooking while the plane is burning. I've had to emergency evacuate a plane before. It's carnage. And that was only a small plane! An A380 would be pretty much impossible to evacuate i would imagine.

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