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  1. I am ENT surgeon from Finland. The tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membrane of your mouth. Do not use alcohol mouthwash! It will only irritate your mouth. Alcohol and sodas (containing carbonic acid) will also irritate so try to avoid. Laryngopharyngeal reflux is something that you also might have. Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, chocolate and fatty food will make it worse. Make an appointment to your local ENT doctor for more advice. He can prescribe you anti-reflux medication (for example Omeprazol).
  2. I have winedor at home but after 2 years I decided to keep it without the cooling. The RH humidity of the winedor was significantly differen at the bottom than at the top because the temp was also different. Since the temp is now same as the room temp the RH remains at 65-66%.
  3. If the temp is 10 celsius and RH is 60% the absolute humidity is 5,6g of water/m3. If the temp is 20 celsius and RH 60% the absolute humidity is 10g of water/m3. Temp 30 celsius and RH 60% = 18g/m3. You get the idea.
  4. I don´t believe that theory. I am ENT surgeon and I can say that cigars are not sterile. It does not matter how you treat them they have mold and bacteria all over them. The cigar boxes are not sterile. It does not matter that you use sterile gloves when you touch them because it has been touch by many people previously and leafs has mold naturally. Of course I was my hands before touching cigars but thats just common sense.
  5. Is it even possible that oils in tobacco leafs can crystalize in RH 65% and 16-20 Celsius? Any chemists around?
  6. Nyt on suomipoika kateellinen=Now is finnish guy jealous.
  7. Oh my god! Only in Sweden can this happen.
  8. El Ray del mundo PC

    I have half box left. Very light smokes. The last one tasted a little bit of menthol.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Whats that red drink? Looks good (both cigar & drink).
  10. 249 US$? I did not read all the replys and the aswer was alreydy there:(
  11. Today I pulled the trigger and ordered the GMT master II (Black/steel). Now I only have to wait at least 180 days.
  12. Box of Cohiba coronas especiales and 50 cab on Partagas shorts.
  13. Nice to hear. I have 10y old ceramic Rado watch that has zero scratches.
  14. I am thinking of ordering this model. https://www.rolex.com/watches/gmt-master-ii/m116710ln-0001.html It has aprox 6 months waiting time. I almost ordered it today, but it´s quite expensive so I am still thinking about it. is the bezel of GMT master prone to scratches?

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