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  1. I really would like to see Kens wine colleccion & humidors! I bet they are awesome.
  2. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Like it or not but cigars are becoming a luxury product that only chinese and other rich people can afford. Sadly I am not one of them.
  3. Just buy it! hand picked can be pe/hq/psp. it’s all good!
  4. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Just to sell more LE/RE/reserva/GR and other Limited cigars that produce more revenue.
  5. I´m going to the neighbour island Menorca in may. Any recommendations about cigar stores at Menorca?
  6. For my experience Boveda is better than beads. Some of my heartfelt beads smells like some sort of chemical. Bovedas don´t smell anything.
  7. Maybe 50-100€ for one cigar. But not interested of a box of that price. Usually the moment is special because of other factors and good cigar is just as good for me. I am not a milloinaire like some of us are.
  8. I also bought a box of 898 couple of weeks ago. I put the cigars and box 3x ziplock bag. Freezer 4 days and 1 day fridge. Then I just put the box to my cabinet humidor. I allways freeze cigars before letting them in to my humidor.
  9. Humdity problems

    I have 2 hygrometers/humidor. It`s easier to notice if for example battery is running low and the hygrometer in not functioning.
  10. Really cool paintings. Amazing. If I some day have mancave one of those paintings would make it complete.
  11. I have thought that people will buy anything at any price. Crazy days.
  12. I have Adorini Prato and Adorini Habana deluxe. Those are really good humidors but bigger. Adorini Humidors are reliable, but not super pricey like elie blue. If money is not important than buy elie blue. It is only expensive for poor people
  13. http://www.boutiqueeliebleu.com/index-eliebleu-english-elieblue.htm http://www.boutiqueeliebleu.com/110-cigars-stars-stripes-flag-2-155.htm These are expensive.
  14. Do it! Do it! Do it!!

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