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  1. Is it even possible that oils in tobacco leafs can crystalize in RH 65% and 16-20 Celsius? Any chemists around?
  2. Nyt on suomipoika kateellinen=Now is finnish guy jealous.
  3. Oh my god! Only in Sweden can this happen.
  4. I have half box left. Very light smokes. The last one tasted a little bit of menthol.
  5. Whats that red drink? Looks good (both cigar & drink).
  6. 249 US$? I did not read all the replys and the aswer was alreydy there:(
  7. Today I pulled the trigger and ordered the GMT master II (Black/steel). Now I only have to wait at least 180 days.
  8. Box of Cohiba coronas especiales and 50 cab on Partagas shorts.
  9. Nice to hear. I have 10y old ceramic Rado watch that has zero scratches.
  10. I am thinking of ordering this model. https://www.rolex.com/watches/gmt-master-ii/m116710ln-0001.html It has aprox 6 months waiting time. I almost ordered it today, but it´s quite expensive so I am still thinking about it. is the bezel of GMT master prone to scratches?
  11. Glad I have one box of Md2 and DD. Need more
  12. I have once sailed 3 days near whithsundays. Beautiful place.
  13. I have sent Rob personal message last spring for Cohiba Coronas Especiales. He replied that he will look for it and I have not heard anything for months. Maybe I should ask nicely again. Rob is very busy so thats why I have not wanted to bother him again.
  14. Maybe sometimes 1/10 of the boxes would be reserved for europeans? For me it is impossible to buy Cohiba Coronas Especiales ( I have been waiting for >1 year), Cohiba Siglo III/IV/V or Bolivar Coronas Gigantes.

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