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  1. Just had a review on Cigar Inspector.
  2. Air purifier

    Good luck. In my experience, even if you have a window with a giant fan in your cigar lounge, you will still have stale smoke smell on your clothes, your hair, your furniture. Only smoking outside will eliminate all except the breath. By the way, I really like your show. When are you going to get your devil face back? And when are you going to do Detective Decker?
  3. I bought a box of AMO March 17 Siglo II's off of 24:24 last year. They were graded as PSP. Let them sit for a month in my 65:65 wineador. Took one out and it was a very tight draw. Used my perfecdraw and it was much better. This continued to be the case until last month (after sitting in the wineador for seven months). I puled one out and low and behold, they had a wonderful draw. It seems to me that acclimatization in the wineador has really opened them up. The same is true with my other cc's also. Just my story.
  4. 1966

    Maybe why he has that username?????
  5. DANG!!! Another white hat Texan! Is Bob in McKinney?
  6. Nate, what cigar do you smoke regularly? I agree with Johnny on this particular cigar. The LCDH Punch 48 is a good cigar, but not great. I've smoked a half a box and do enjoy them.
  7. First smoked brisket of 2018!

    I like that! A North Texas Herf! And I'll help supply adult beverages.
  8. First smoked brisket of 2018!

    That looks like a slice of Texas heaven! And apparently, your four legged friend agrees!
  9. First smoked brisket of 2018!

    Looks Awesome! Only supposed to get to 59* tomorrow. The weather guys said 51* today, but I'll wager that it never got over 40. Anyway, enjoy the first brisket of the season!
  10. So $344/ $442/ $466 Guess I won't be tasting any of these. Too bad.
  11. robert griffin III

    Ya just hope Flacco stays healthy. Cause Griffin won't last two games before he is hurt. He probably will go running to the sidelines, not slide and break an ankle. Hey wait, he did that didn't he?
  12. Very strong perfume from Cohiba Pyramids Extra's. Smelled like an ol' Ho. Not that I've smelled any ol' Ho's. I read a lot!
  13. So are these EL's? I thought they were going to be regular production. And in boxes of 20? If so, I believe all your prices are way too high. A box of 25 RyJ Capuletos goes for $585. A box of 25 MC#2's goes for average $279. If regular production, I say: Dumas $300 Maltes $365 Leyenda $430
  14. Cigars to stock up on

    Try LGC MDo4's. Small rg, but stonefruit abounds.

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