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  1. Thanks for a great story! And you really dress up nicely!
  2. Glad to hear somebody else has this. Not to worry, eh? Ok. But I will keep logging on.
  3. We all I'm sure, at FOH are very sorry to hear this. Our sympathies.
  4. la Trova - RAG Feb 18
  5. Was gonna say ribs, but it's got to be chicken fried steak and mashed taters with lotttttssss of gravy...
  6. RIP No Reservations! So sad to hear this.
  7. alloy

    Rock The Red!

    ROCK THE RED!!!!!!! Caps! Caps! Caps! Vanquished the blue jackets, the HATED pittsburgh birds, Tampa Bay (sorry Prez! Or is that just football?), and then the LV Golden Knights! A MUCH Deserved Lord Stanley's Cup! It's been a long time coming! I was hoping in 1998, but got swept by the Red Wings.
  8. Haven't tried the 50's, but the 54 really was a good cigar.
  9. I have a box of 2001's. They are just like your review. The draw is a little firm, but smoke production is awesome! Thanks for your review.
  10. I'm up for a box split!
  11. Just another Texan!
  12. alloy


    I was sitting out on my third floor balcony smoking a Siglo II. After smoking, I came back inside and noticed my upper right arm was covered with 14 mosquito bites. Didn't see them, didn't hear them, but talk about itch!!! Neosporin is helping. Going to set up a fan.
  13. The box of 01 SLR lonsdales that I received from El Presidente ( In the Carol St. Martin raffle) I received the last week in April have been sitting in my wineador. I said WTH and took one out to smoke. It was tight, so I perfecdrawed it and man, what a great stick! 1.5 hours and I was left with stone fruit and citrus on my tongue, A 17 year old smoke was just simply unbelievably great. I thank you Rob for these are smoking just great. Especially a 2001.
  14. Although NC, try a baccarat if you want sweetness.

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