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  1. Hello from BC

    Welcome to FOH fellow West coaster. Cheers
  2. Hello from Calgary!

    Hey Kruz. Welcome to FOH.
  3. Another hello from Montreal

    Welcome from one new member to another.. BTW did you ever track down those sir winnies.?? Cheers
  4. Hello from west coast

    Thanks for the Welcomes. Now I need to figure out how this all I see these great offers but have no idea what some of the acronyms mean.. H.Q- high quality.??? PSP.???. Time to start digging. Cheers
  5. Hello from west coast

    Surrey to be exact..( insert joke here ) j.k It's home.. Great looking site with a lot of familiar faces and names I've seen before. Look forward to meeting more B/SOTL's. Cheers

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