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  1. You should be a Houston Astros fan! At least for this season. We've never won the World Series despite an appearance in 2005. We've existed since 1962. We're having a fantastic season this year -- second in MLB, and best record at this point in the season throughout our history. We have been in rebuilding mode for the last 7 years or so and have built back up through the draft and our farm system -- the right way -- without buying players for the most part. Cheer us on!
  2. Practicing attorney -- Energy and Healthcare, the lifeblood of Houston, Texas. Also have a healthcare consulting business working with primary care physicians across the country.
  3. Final Mould Report

    Fantastic study and extremely interesting results. Thanks for all of the work here and to all that contributed. Rob, you need to offer something to or make a wager with other vendors if they can produce a sample with something other than mold... put their money where their mouth is.... I was a skeptic. Now I am a non-believer. But, there's intrigue and maybe even hope that something is still out there. I stay tuned.
  4. Dijit's review nailed it in my opinion. Surprised to find so many similarities in our tastes of this cigar. Overall mild cigar that started creamy, with a tad of spice. Toasted almond through the middle that transitioned to leather. Toasted almond and cream to the end, with a hint of spice/pepper. Overall a very enjoyable cigar. Had a little bit of a loose draw, but nothing egregious and no tunneling. This and cigar number 1 (punch punch) have been my favorites so far. looking forward to the reveal.
  5. Thanks for organizing! I can see this is a lot of work for you. Very much appreciated. Rules appear clear and well thought out. Looking forward to participating.
  6. Fathers Day Plans

    That was a great video. thanks for sharing. i can't imagine the product if RP had access to cuban tobacco. outstanding quality control.
  7. If you have space, I would like to participate. I'm in Texas. Thanks for coordinating!
  8. Box split anyone? ...and, of course, I'll keep the "box."
  9. I'm also in Houston. I have spent considerable time testing different storage parameters and dry boxing to find what suits me. For me, I did not find that dry boxing provided much benefit, particularly when smoking outdoors (as I generally do). Regardless, you will get some burn issues smoking outdoors, but it is minor, even when raining. What works best for me is storing my cigars with RH in low 60s and temperatures in low 70s. (I generally keep between 61-63RH and 71-74F). I do not dry box anymore. When I did dry box, I would use a desktop humidor without any humidifcation device or boveda, etc. With AC in my house, the conditions would generally be around 51-54%RH and 70-74F. I personally did not find any benefit to dryboxing and had the same burn issues when smoking - and this usually just means having to re-light once or twice or correct the burn occasionally. Going direct from humidor to smoking now (simply bc cuts out the middle step) and found it works fine for me. The burn is the same. I do not find that the cigars get harsher towards the end as other posters have stated. Find what's right for you - no amount of reading about others' opinions will lead you to your answer.
  10. I tend to agree with dominattorney on this one. Beautiful cigar. great construction. dark oily wrapper. nice even burn. was just unidimensional and flat for me.
  11. Sorry to refresh old thread.... Over the last 8-10 days or so, I smoked all of the ELs from 2015 (Mag56, RaCa) and 2016 (Topes, Dantes, Caps). The only dud in the group was the Dantes, which lacked flavors and as a result, needless to say, any complexity. The rest have been pretty darn good. My rankings: 1. Mag56. (TOS Dec 2015). Superb smoke. Way too fat. Flavor bomb. I've smoked a handful of these so far, and the one from this last week lived up to the rest. All have been excellent. Already developing into one of my all time favorites. 2. R&J Capuletos. (LAU Sept 2016). Classic R&J flavors. True to form. Overall excellent. Have smoked two from this box and both great. Looking forward to rest. 3. Ramon Allones Club Allones. (TOR Oct 2015). Again, true to the RA family. Good complexity from a young smoke. I struggled between this and the Topes, but ultimately the ring gauge was the differentiator. 4. Trini Topes. (SOM Jul 2016). Another flavor bomb. A bit harsh and young, but great flavors. Comes in at #4 on the list simply because the others are so good. This is still a great cigar, but can use some down time to get rid of some of the heavy spice and mongrel. Again, way too fat. Have only smoked 1 so far. 5. Monte Dantes. (TOS Nov 2016). Did not enjoy the cigar at all. No flavor. Hopefully a dud, and the rest of the box will be compelling. What are your rankings for 2015/2016 ELs?
  12. CoRo - BMP April 2016 and PTR Aug 2015. Never been my favorite robusto, but lately been loving them.
  13. Psyched about the Texans draft. Once Mahomes went early, Texans had no choice but to jump up and get Watson. Great move. And I love that his coach said on houston radio on friday that Watson is a winner and will bring a Super Bowl to the city. While maybe a stretch, it's great to see his college coach so praiseful. I would've liked more attention spent on the O-Line, but I'm also psyched about the D'Onta Foreman pick (full disclosure, I bleed Orange). He will be a good compliment to Lamar Miller since Foreman is a true between the tackles runner. I saw a tweet that Watson and Foreman are the 2017 version of Dak and Zeke. While we don't have anywhere near the O-Line as the cowgirls, the comparison is interesting. Kind of deja vu that last offseason I was excited about a new QB (Brock) and a new RB (Miller) too. Hopefully this combo will be better. It Will surely be an an exciting year as a Texans fan.
  14. Cigar no. 2 -- construction is very good, wrapper has a nice sheen, but is somewhat veiny. overall, good looking cigar. pre-light smell is rich in barnyard. Cigar's draw is just how i like it - requires a tad of pull. The first two thirds are uni-dimensional. Strong cedar with hints of leather. Very spicy. peppery. The first two thirds are very strong. And a bit harsh, which I attribute to age. One of the stronger cigars i've smoked in a while. The last third mellows out for me. Flavors are not as sharp. Still has that spice though. Still getting cedar and leather with hints of toast. Overall, i personally was not a big fan of the cigar. ...and i have no idea what it is...
  15. Picked up a box of these in Havana this past February (RAE Feb 2015). Smoked my first one today and was blown away with how much flavor this little sucker had. While I didn't get the coffee, the nutmeg and hint of cinnamon were there. Very pleasantly surprised by this cigar and wasn't expecting much.

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