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  1. Congratulations Chris! Thanks again for hosting this pass and including me.
  2. Box shot out yesterday to Boosted. Everything was looking good. Zeedubya did an awesome job on re-packing. Everything was in good shape and all humidipaks were fresh. Some of the sticks show slight travel wear, including some cracked feet. But, nothing to worry about as all will smoke well. There are some incredible smokes in there. Huge thanks to ChanceSchmerr for putting this all together. He's doing an amazing job. Thank you for letting me be part of this. Also, muchos gracias to Tave1225 for throwing in the ERDM. Much appreciated. Here's a shot of the put/takes. Puts on top (left) and takes on bottom (right) [can't figure out how to rotate pic]:
  3. Thanks to Chris for organizing the pass and to everyone who is participating. There are some amazing smokes in here! Here is my proposed put/takes: PUTS: Reg - Cohiba Behike BHK 54 (TEU Nov 2010) Reg - Edmundo Dantes Conde Belicoso 326/6000 (TOR Sep 2015) Dbl - Bolivar Colosales - RE Alemania 2006 (POS Aug 2006) Dbl - Ramon Allones 8-9-8 RE Alemana (Box 462/2000) (RAE July 2015) Dbl - Ramon Allones Super Ramon RE Canada 2011 (OGA Jun 2011) TAKES: Reg - Cohiba Lancero 2005 Reg - Bolivar Belicoso Finos 2006 Dbl - Diplo Bushido RE AP Dbl - Bolivar Pondersoso RE Bel Dbl - RA Sur RE Libano and here's a photo of the proposed puts: Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Still recovering from Harvey here. I get anxiety thinking about those in the path. Godspeed.
  5. Hurricane Harvey

    My house is still dry. My parents' house flooded last night. They are in their 70s. No power and stranded on second floor of their house. I had to go on a rescue mission this morning. They live roughly 20 miles north of me. Driving there with the flooded roads was an adventure. Driving through whatever looked like I could make it through. Unfortunately through people's yards and property. No doubt I damaged some landscaping. I was able to get about 2 blocks from my parents' house. Made a couple trips through the water that got to about 4 feet at points to get some of their valuables out. Then helped my parents - one at a time - to the car. Their home was gone. Completely under water. But, they are dry and safe with us now. Kids are happy with grandma and grandpa in the house. What an effing day. ...and the rain is still pounding. This is a drone photo of the intersection in front of my parents' neighborhood this morning. Top left of photo is a Mormon church. That's the only recognizable thing in the photo. The waterway has crested and the water is building. I got my parents out just in time. News is reporting the water rose over 2 feet in their neighborhood within a few hours of me getting them out. ...and the rain is still pounding. Watching as it inches closer and closer to my garage this evening. What an effing day.
  6. Hurricane Harvey

    Rain still pouring. Moved our essentials to the second floor as water is getting ominously close to entering the house. Even emptied the aristocrat and moved cigars to higher ground. With the forecast, it appears it's just a matter of time. Many friends and neighbors have already lost their houses. Hoping for some relief, or at least an ark to come rescue us. My nerves are shot at this point, but all the worrying and planning can't stop this water from rising. Might as well smoke something nice...
  7. Hurricane Harvey

    Houston is underwater. Rain still coming, it is pounding right now. Could be 20+ inches more over next 2 days. City cannot evacuate b/c of floods. Water getting to second floor of homes in parts of the city. They are advising if you go up to your attic, bring an axe to cut yourself out. One of the worst flooding events in US history and we're still in the beginning/middle. Prayers to everyone. Stay put and stay inside. Godspeed.
  8. Hurricane Harvey

    We dodged Harvey last night. Tonight, the rain is pounding. Looking at around 10 inches in 6 hours. Could get interesting. Many houses in Houston area will flood if that is the correct forecast. Hoping no tornadoes... Everyone thought we dodged a bullet in Houston, but looks like it's just starting to get interesting... Best wishes to everyone. Stay dry.
  9. FOH Mould Study

    Fantastic study and extremely interesting results. Thanks for all of the work here and to all that contributed. Rob, you need to offer something to or make a wager with other vendors if they can produce a sample with something other than mold... put their money where their mouth is.... I was a skeptic. Now I am a non-believer. But, there's intrigue and maybe even hope that something is still out there. I stay tuned.
  10. Dijit's review nailed it in my opinion. Surprised to find so many similarities in our tastes of this cigar. Overall mild cigar that started creamy, with a tad of spice. Toasted almond through the middle that transitioned to leather. Toasted almond and cream to the end, with a hint of spice/pepper. Overall a very enjoyable cigar. Had a little bit of a loose draw, but nothing egregious and no tunneling. This and cigar number 1 (punch punch) have been my favorites so far. looking forward to the reveal.
  11. Thanks for organizing! I can see this is a lot of work for you. Very much appreciated. Rules appear clear and well thought out. Looking forward to participating.
  12. Fathers Day Plans

    That was a great video. thanks for sharing. i can't imagine the product if RP had access to cuban tobacco. outstanding quality control.
  13. If you have space, I would like to participate. I'm in Texas. Thanks for coordinating!
  14. Box split anyone? ...and, of course, I'll keep the "box."
  15. I'm also in Houston. I have spent considerable time testing different storage parameters and dry boxing to find what suits me. For me, I did not find that dry boxing provided much benefit, particularly when smoking outdoors (as I generally do). Regardless, you will get some burn issues smoking outdoors, but it is minor, even when raining. What works best for me is storing my cigars with RH in low 60s and temperatures in low 70s. (I generally keep between 61-63RH and 71-74F). I do not dry box anymore. When I did dry box, I would use a desktop humidor without any humidifcation device or boveda, etc. With AC in my house, the conditions would generally be around 51-54%RH and 70-74F. I personally did not find any benefit to dryboxing and had the same burn issues when smoking - and this usually just means having to re-light once or twice or correct the burn occasionally. Going direct from humidor to smoking now (simply bc cuts out the middle step) and found it works fine for me. The burn is the same. I do not find that the cigars get harsher towards the end as other posters have stated. Find what's right for you - no amount of reading about others' opinions will lead you to your answer.

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