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  1. What should I request?

    If you are looking for "value" or "best bang for your buck," you might want to consider seeing if she can find any Monte 80th. I'm not sure how difficult they would be to find. When I was there in May, I checked several stores and didn't find a box. One other great value that I wish I had grabbed a few boxes of was the Trinidad Vigia. When I was there, both the boxes of 12 and tubos were everywhere and are priced at almost half the price of what most are selling outside of Cuba. I focused most of my funds on customs and a box or two of the SLR Cuba RE. Ultimately, I decided I would pass over on "value" in order to get sticks that I can't find outside of Havana without paying an extreme premium. And by the way, if you enjoy customs, There is a lot of value in a bundle of 25 customs from Rey, Alex, Yolanda, etc for around $4/stick
  2. The best American rums 2017

    https://www.keywestlegalrum.com/ I actually met the owner, Paul Menta in May while in Havana. We both took the train out to Hershey, Cuba to see the old sugar mill/plant. He had brought in some of his different rums to share with the Cuban people and we passed around several bottles on the train. Really nice guy, some kind of kite boarding legend although we hit it off because I was wearing a Philadelphia Phillies t-shirt and he is originally from the area. I thought the rums I tasted were very good, although to be honest, I was having a blast in Havana, riding an electric train while also drinking Bucanero and smoking a Reynaldo Topes so it could of been crap and I still would have had a smile on my face!!!
  3. My father, brother, and I are planning a trip to Havana in May. Have been doing some research both on the forum as well as online on sites like Trivago looking for recommendations/pricing for hotels in or near Havana. I have used the search function on this site and have read some good threads but most give recommendations that either don't discuss pricing or are several years ago when it seems hotel costs were a bit cheaper. We would love to stay at the Hotel Nacional but room costs look to be between $300-$400 per night. I did a preliminary search and saw that the Hotel Comodoro was around $150 per night. Read a few threads about the hotel, saw some pics and looks adequate for what we are looking for which is simply a fairly clean room with some hot water that has some nice bar/smoking areas and a pool to sit by or swim if we wish. We will be spending most of our time traveling, drinking, sight seeing, smoking, etc. so the room itself is not that important, it just needs to be relatively clean. Looking to see what other options or recommendations that people have. Really looking to stay in the $100-$200/night range. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Trevor
  4. That's fantastic. Every time I have been there, there has been a limit of 2 of the Casa Fuente Lanceros. The only place that I know you can buy a bundle with regularity is at Holt's Fuente Mania in Philly which is held once a year. I have heard stories of guys in the past being able to grab a bundle by tipping the staff with a few nice CCs or NCs, wondering if these were readily available or did you get a personal favor from one of the staff? Either way...Well Done!!!
  5. I thought I saw the LGC #2 on the Discontinued List along with some other favorites like the Des Dieux and the Quai Imperiales. Not sure how accurate that list is, but I haven't seen any available recent production in quite some time. It would be interesting to see if anyone has any 2015 date codes to try and see how recently it has been boxed.
  6. best ever western

    I always lean toward Clint's westerns when I am in the mood to watch one. I think The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, along with The Outlaw Josie Wales are my two favorite from him. I just watch the Magnificent Seven the other night and got to remember just how good that movie is as well. If I had to add two more, to make a top 5, I would most likely put Unforgiven on the list. Lastly, as a comedy, I really enjoy Maverick with Mel Gibson, not sure why, but I've seen it a ton of times and will usually watch it whenever I see it is playing. On a side note, I've only watched it once, but I enjoyed Tarantino's new movie, The Hateful Eight. I need to watch it a few more times to see where I would rank it. It won't make the top 5, but to me, it was fun to watch.
  7. I'm in! I need all the motivation I can get!
  8. Great review...Sounds fantastic!!!
  9. Bonjour From York, Pa.

    Welcome to FOH...My father's side of the family is from the York area. I can remember as a kid going down to the York Fair every year. Welcome Again!
  10. ‘Jedi With A GoPro’ !

    Fantastic, loved it!
  11. Hoyo Le San Juan Boxcodes

    I agree...I've probably had close to 10 from my cab with the same box code and they have been very very good for a young cigar

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