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  1. Sorry for your loss of a friend Lisa. Terribly sad that he was so young and such a quality human being.
  3. I've smoked Monte 2's since 1995 and they still manage to be one of my top three favorite desert island cigars. To me they are like a good life partner: not always perfect, sometimes a pain in the ass but ultimately they understand you and you them and they just give you that special feeling. That being said, I will be honest in that since joining FoH and buying boxes selected by Rob my rate of bad cigars has dropped significantly and a Monte 2 is always worth spending more $$ on to make sure they keep you happy.
  4. Lant83, your education should serve you well and thank you for sharing. I edited my post because I didn't realize I had come across so non chalant about it but it is a serious thing and taking care of oneself is priority one and we can't do that without proper assistance from healthcare professionals and not just some schmo on a forum! that said I am still able to enjoy cigars and am damn thankful!
  5. Hey TomF, you aren't alone for sure! I had a similar thing happen in 2014 (and am still paying the ER bills!) and as Diana is well aware I was ominously warned by my doctor at the time that I needed to quit cigars. I changed my diet, started exercising and (regretfully) sold my entire collection. A year later I visited another doctor who told me I was in fantastic shape and although I have the arrithmia I would be okay having a cigar every now and again. So I pace myself, pick and choose the best opportunities to enjoy a stick or two and really enjoy them for what they are.
  6. I once had the brilliant idea of walking around Manhattan with my wife and a montecristo 520 on a warm Saturday evening. I was having such a great time I smoked it until it burned my lips only to become horribly ill while riding home in a hot subway car moments later. I lied to my wife and told her I must have been poisoned by the dinner we had enjoyed earlier in the day... The LAST thing she needed was more ammunition to warn me about my health while I smoke!
  7. Oh so YOU'RE the Greg that's always making me happy with emails of good news and advice on how to be patient! Cheers buddy, have a great time!
  8. OH I love this sort of thing... Boring as my list will be, here it is: juan Lopez no. 2 diolomaticos no. 2 hoyo epicure no. 2 bolivar corona gigantes El Rey Del mundo anniversarios of course if any bolivar belicoso finos surface you can replace any of these on the list for those!
  9. I was wondering where you were at these days and holy crap it looks like time well spent!! Looks like a fantastic trip!
  10. Terribly sad news. And another person to remember as you light up and wander off in cigar fueled thought. My condolences.
  11. Wow, this is an impressive bunch of recipes (even nachos, Heheheh) here's contribution: peppered salmon and grapefruit avocado salad - salmon fillet: generously coat top with cracked pepper corns and salt, then cook skin side down for 20 minutes at 350 degrees While that cooks, build the salad: - one avocado, diced and put into large bowl - one grapefruit, remove skin and cut into chunks and place into bowl with avocado and any remaining grapefruit juice and stir - add arugula or any of your favorite spicey green salad to bowl and coat - top with handful crushed walnuts and olive oil, mix in salmon and enjoy the hell out of a healthy tasty quick meal!
  12. HAAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS DIANA and congrats to Rob because YOW! love works, you have proven this! All the best to you both!!!
  13. Well that adds another level of drama to buying blind.....
  14. OY it's 2:45am and I happen to see this while trying to fall back asleep and now I'm starving and want this burger! Sounds amazing!

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