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  1. Soil is going to be an issue in general going forward .
  2. I think the any new Bond movie storylines should stay in the cold war era that is where 007 belongs .
  3. Majestics smoke way above there price point . FWIW they made CA's top spot for the size a couple years ago .
  4. Snakes !!!!
  5. An example of the risk of doing business with Raul and the gang , many end up in jail . . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4304532/The-Brit-condemned-Castro-s-dungeon.html
  6. Value has declined in Cuban resorts in the last year , for the same money , Canadians can and are opting for other more luxurious destinations south .
  7. I'm in your camp piggy , what if tomorrow never comes ? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar . Now, what to smoke next......................
  8. Opened for me a box of 2015 ELPprincipes at the LCDH Plaza Americas they were nice bought them and a Fiver of Cohiba Coronas ESP. Along with 3 bottles of Santiago 11 .
  9. Back from Varadero , the Be live Varadero was great and just a 10 min. walk to 63 . Had an early morning rum and cigar session ( 9am LOL) with Alphonso a great start to a Friday ! Was able to purchase a 100ct mix of customs from him , Churchill's , Lanceros and Robustos . FYI , Alphonso is on a rolling trip to Germany for a couple weeks as of last Monday .
  10. Sad but inspiring at the same time . RIP .
  11. It is in a great location and I may just give it a go someday . Thanks for the info folks .
  12. Hey Mike/Dana , sounds like the Comodoro was ok for your visit , it generally gets bad reviews, a package from Canada is very affordable . Would you use it again ? Cheers , Clinton
  13. Not to sure if the less than stellar ladies at Calle 63 will open up boxes for inspection . Probably just stick with Alphonso's as usual .

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