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  1. Maradona

    Carlos at the Nacional told me he spent a couple years travelling with him as a kind of assistant . I believe as a favour/voluntold to both Fidel and Maradona . Some crazy things went on....LOL !.
  2. Must be just unimaginably awful when you cannot take it anymore and are driven to that point. RIP.
  3. Over $300 duty and taxes in Canada for every $100 value of cigars !!!! Don't think OZ is far off that also.
  4. Mine also has it PVR'd . I know of a couple gals getting (got) up at 3AM to watch it . Hey let the Girls enjoy the Princess thing .LOL .
  5. Cuba Plane crash

    Tragic . Speaking of old planes , it's somewhat unnerving when you see ashtrays in the armrests .
  6. The only box of gars I ever tossed in the the trash not fit to give away. LOL.
  7. Ashzilla HURR

    Thin wire ? LOL
  8. Blowfish

    My old ships Doc , real boozer , IV saline and O2 cured a lot of hangovers .
  9. Just Hilarious tales !
  10. Save 'em or smoke 'em?

    This is one very sobering and spooky thread . Good idea Mike , I am going to have a 2014 Hamlet today. Cheers ,Clinton.
  11. According to Cliff Clayborn : At its deepest part, it's just under 7 miles (6.831 miles / 10.994 km / 10,994 meters) deep. Within the thermosphere, the Karman line is at a height of 100 km above the ground which serves as the boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space. Exosphere is the topmost or outermost layer. It goes all the way up to 10,000 km above the Earth's surface.
  12. or a boat ! https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/quebec-man-facing-four-years-in-cuban-prison-after-boating-accident-1.3891008
  13. Stupidest thing I have heard in a long time.Little wonder Europe has the problems it does.
  14. Thing about Dog's they just don't live long enough . Sorry for your loss.
  15. Seriously risky to get behind the wheel. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/toronto-woman-previously-stuck-in-cuba-makes-it-back-for-son-s-funeral-1.1677062

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