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  1. On our way to Palm Springs

    since this is gone to bourbon somewhat...........$50 bucks what bottle would you recommend ?
  2. Yikes ! Miami is scary , but little wonder however. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article201368019.html
  3. Cool photos in this link. https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://www.king5.com/article/news/nation-now/postcards-from-guantanamo-vintage-photos-from-cubas-tourism-heyday/465-59541393-d468-402b-8e00-dfd240338a9c&ct=ga&cd=CAEYHCoUMTQxMTU1Njg2OTE2MzM2MDk5MzUyGWNiYzk1NTcwZTU5MDNiY2U6Y2E6ZW46Q0E&usg=AFQjCNGiezqyCVNAE5hR2IV2bSrNLd9fUg
  4. Not really for general TV viewing as bulbs are expensive to replace . Great with a screen for movies/special events.
  5. How hard could this be?

    Can make some cool lamps with the boxes also . https://www.pinterest.ca/kennethmackay/cigar-box-lamps/
  6. I always bring tupperware type containers helps protect against any crushing in the suitcase. IMO the safest place in a suitcase is at the top below the handle .
  7. QI is pretty good , I have a Humidor by them the Treasure Chest it is a nice piece.
  8. "older die hard Jezebel"........... LOL !
  9. CubaCrazyPaul Windsor, Canada 23 Reviewed 5 days ago My 2 Star Adventure !!! What to say about The Tropicoco? Well Let's just say, you can really have a Great Time, as long as you have a Game Plan. First of all, the Proximity to Old Havana is Primary, it's almost impossible to find an all inclusive, bargain hotel on the Beach this close to Havana. Just spend the 5 C.U.C. and get the T3 Bus into Old Havana and spend 2 or 3 Days, exploring Havana, with it's rich culture, history, customs & beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture. On your down time the Beach (across the street from the Tropicoco) is Beautiful, the Locals from Havana & the area also use this beach, making it all the more interesting & enjoyable! Time at the Hotel is best spent in the Huge, Open Air Tropical Lobby, Lots of places to sit & get comfortable, while making new friends with people from your Home Town, Country or from around the world ! The Hotel itself was a creation of some concrete crazed Russian, with Blueprints from Ikea (for a LEGO warehouse). Management has made the Lobby a warm cozy focal point and is constantly renovating, painting and repairing the building. The History of the Tropicoco makes for some good stories too !!!! For many years, it catered to Old ,Hugh Hefner wanna be's, The Frisky Geezers would entertain their little Cuban Cup Cakes, oblivious to how ridiculous it appeared. Management (for the most part) has gotten rid of all the trade, working the Lobby. Occasionally an older die hard Jezebel, will leap out from behind a potted palm tree & try to ambush you, but the staff will shoo her off real quick ! Grandpa now has to Prowl far from the Hotel to find a Little Princess, to add insult to injury, Gramps has to dig up an additional $50.00 C.U.C. out of his Pension money to entertain his victim in his room !!! The rooms are VERY BASIC, (but clean). NO trip to Cuba is without a Glitch or two or a little inconvenience, don't spend your holiday complaining, just tell the staff of your concern & let them help you. Almost all the staff there, will try their best to make your stay comfortable. As for the Food, BE SAVVY: I noticed many people would go for Breakfast, have a freshly made Omelet, then make their way to the large selection of sliced meats, cheese and bread, most would make a couple of really good sandwiches, then head off for Havana or the beach, (Lunch in hand). Most of the Hot Pork dishes are delicious, rice & beans are fine too, but the Chicken is more like Old Buzzard & the Beef !!!!!. (Really Strange), sort of a stringy meat mush, with carrots? It looks exactly the same on your plate, as it does in the toilet, (6 hours later). No worries with dessert, most are good. The Tropicoco is a different kind of place, but mostly a place that is changing fairly quickly. The dedication of the Management & Staff will see the Hotel become better & better. It's well worth a visit.
  10. Done , hope they can recover.
  11. This is troubling news indeed . http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/castro-freezes-cuban-private-sector-throws-future-doubt-52757833
  12. Hario Burr and Hario V60 for me . I understand Starbucks was sent packing from OZ LOL ! Serious about coffee down under .
  13. Nice thanks for posting .Interestingly that's the same group that played for us at Cayo Blanco in Nov. 2014 and the lady's Casa in Vinales where Mark stayed .

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