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  1. LCDH in Varadero?

    Well stocked reg. production.
  2. LCDH in Varadero?

    Friendly staff at the Plaza A . IMHO Alphonso's customs are as good as any I have had in Havana .
  3. Seen a few beetle holes in boxes of reg production on the shelf in Cuba at the LCDH , obviously not frozen . Box of Party shorts in Varadero at 63 Calle was almost pure dust .
  4. In a holding pattern over Dulles once 737 for 35 min., low fuel had to land, only one runway open do do high cross winds. Plane came in sideways and straightened out just in time to touch down , very hairy .
  5. The Greatest Generation . Thank you.
  6. 220V shop heater works great .
  7. Johnny O's

    I just recently acquired some of John's cigars and I am impressed .
  8. There is just something about the magical glow of a Neon Sign that LED's cannot replicate .
  9. Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy 50th bud and many more .
  10. irma in cuba pics

    Wow best pics of the storm I have seen . Intense .
  11. Fingers crossed it may stay east of Cuba .

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