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  1. A Visit to Montreal

    Another favorite is Joe Beef, damn that place is good. There are so many great restaurants in Montreal, strong culinary culture.
  2. Same here. As per the lifestyle, to me it's just part of the broader sense of really enjoying things that taste good, be it cigars, food, wine, whisky, etc. It's the pursuit of sensory experiences that shape who we are as individuals. Some people could care less and some people will to great lengths just to taste something amazing, that's a lifestyle to me. As for the magazine cigar lifestyle bit, all I see is the marketing department.
  3. you mean like this? I also smoke as long as it's good and am able to smoke it. Sometimes everything is perfectly aligned and you don't want it to end. This is a custom Lancero rolled 2 months ago I picked up on my last trip to Cuba. One of the best cigars I have ever had.
  4. Best: Upmann Mag 48 2009 LE, don't know why but I was not expecting much, it was simply amazing. Worst: Monte Edmundo SMO Mar 12, wind tunnel, lacked the core Edmundo flavours I usually get from these.
  5. When I started smoking cigars, I was pursuing a masters degree in Toronto while my wife was pregnant with our first child in Ottawa. I was tough, every week I would drive from Ottawa to Toronto on Sunday night and back on Friday's to spend a bit of quality time. Who am I kidding, I was mostly studying on the weekends, but at least I made an effort to be there and do what I could. During the 4-5 hour drive, I needed something to take my mind off everything. I smoked cigarettes back then and was sick of it. I decided to get a few cigars for the road. One of the first cigar that blew me away is the Monte PE, I was stunned, the richness, the cocoa, the cream, I was hooked. That is the day I decided that I would smoke gigars for the rest of my life. Whenever I smoke a Monte PE, I am brought back to those days. Anyways, this is how this cigar just brings me back to that moment, it was the one of the hardest time, but worth it. I learned a lot of things that year, sacrifice, work ethic and the sheer determination to accomplish my goals. Now I have to admit that I am cheating a bit here. I am reviewing the Edmundo instead of the PE. I needed a longer smoke on Saturday night and figured it would be quite the same... boy was I wrong. I do have to say that this box has been solid, a bit under the PE, but great nonetheless, but not this one. Prelight draw is a bit loose, hints of coca. First few puffs reveal cocoa, milk coffee, but it's lacking a slight sweetness I often associate with the Edmundo/PE. the draw is way more open than I initially thought 1st third: Unfortunately the loose draw is affecting the cigar negatively. Well under medium body. It's lacking the usual richness, dry coca and milk coffee dominates but the smoke is thin and dry. It's definitely missing something. Cream shows up for a few puffs but dissipates quickly. 2nd third: Body has gone up a notch, sitting just below medium. Cream is completely gone, so has the milk coffee. Straight black med roast coffee, no sweetness whatsoever. I recall the other cigars from this box where much better and way better constructed. The loose draw is really affecting it. Last third: Dark roast espresso, bit of burnt toast, cocoa has faded away. Not bad, but that's it. The cigar was definitely affected by the draw although I did smoke most of it. Some parts were promising, but it fell a bit flat in the end, this box has had some great performers. I would have had a bit more time, I would have fired up a PE just to end the night on a good note.
  6. Monte No.4 is one of my favorite cigars when on. Had a few No.1's lately and I think I just found my new favorite.
  7. when you were young...

    Always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather and he instilled in my the entrepreneurial spirit, the good and the bad. growing up, I didn't know what exactly what I wanted to do but I knew it didn't involve a traditional career path, I wanted to stick it out on my own. Win or fail, no matter the outcome, I was determined to start a business. I Dabbled in a few things before finding out what I wanted to do with my life. Kept at it worked hard and it payed off. Things are starting to look up, finally found my niche, it's tough but I would not trade it in for anything in the world. It's fun that I am still young, lots of time to develop things further.
  8. Alfonso Custom Rolls

    Definitely worth buying. Bought about 120 cigars from him, went early and he had rolled them all by the end of the week. He was not very busy when I was there and had a long conversation with him, great guy. His coronas, robustos, pyramides, laguito No.1 and robusto extras were excellent. To my tastes, I would describe his blend as a mix of Monte and Upmann to a varying degree depending on the vitola. Right up my alley! My suggestion is go there first day of the week you are there, try what he has, then buy what you like. If he doesn't have enough stock, he will probably roll what you want over the week. He might be in Milan on a rolling tour at the end of Feb if I remember correctly.
  9. That was hilarious, is that a serious news outlet?
  10. Option 1: Montecristo No.1 Vox Populi coffee stout Option 2: HU no.2 Blanton's
  11. a list of best gins

    Big fan of Dillon's Gin, never tried the rose though, will get some next time I am at the liquor store. The also make some great bitters for cocktails. Also noticed that Citadelle was in there, it is very inexpensive and I find it great for gin sodas with lime or mixed with Canada Dry Bitter Lemon. One of my favorite mixer gins and holds well on it's own. It's just so smooth and tastes very good. Quick note on the Canada Dry Bitter Lemon, I think it's better than tonic, but that's just me. I can only get the soda in Florida which is a pain as my uncle only goes there once a year (he brings back about 40 little bottles and splits them with me).
  12. A Visit to Montreal

    I know this is an old thread, but Au Pied de Cochon is one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal. Martin Picard the chef is a colorful character and his food is top notch, the man is truly passionate about food. He also has a cabane a sucre (sugar shack?) north of Montreal, We wanted to go this year but it is already fully booked for the season (spring).
  13. Dream Cigar Beverage

    Paired a Monte PE with a coffee stout (Vox Populi from Quebec) last night. There were a lot of similarities in the profiles, the creaminess, light sweetness and coffee notes of the stout complimented the Monte profile. The match was perfect, the stout and the cigar just played off each other brilliantly. Will definitely pair this coffee stout with other Monte's in the future. I have been following Ken's advice and pairing with champagne, I find that some cava's work well for me also. Other than that, I find bourbons pair very well with cigars as well as most good rums. For me it also depends on the profile of the cigar.
  14. Superbowl : Game Day Thread

    That was a great game! The Eagles played really well tonight. I have to agree with Ken on how they are looking going forward. Had a great HU No.2 during the first half. Followed by a an outstanding Monte PE paired with a coffee stout, match made in heaven.

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