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  1. Wasn't the H.Upmann Petit Corona exactly the same dimensions as the Coronas Major? Did H.Upmann really need 2 identical sizes? But to answer your question, I would believe that particular tobaccos are suitable for the flavor profiles of specific marcas. The tobacco going into a non plus needs to go somewhere as the flavors wouldn't suit many other marcas.
  2. That only took you 3 hours? That would take me a week to get through.
  3. What do you guys think of these two

    You likely have legitimate RyJ and Cohiba bands. As for the cigars, who knows.
  4. That wrapper leaf looks impeccable.
  5. australia's most shameful day Cheating during the Ashes?
  6. australia's most shameful day

    CA needs to take the lead and set the precedent for handling these situations. That only leaves 2 options: 1) Lifetime ban for anybody directly involved with the tampering 2) Lifetime ban for anybody directly involved, and a 12 month suspension for all CA cricket for the remainder of the team. Harsh? Yes. But these men men were selected to represent Australia, and their actions clearly don’t represent the majority of Australians values in sport.
  7. Singapore layover Use the lockers in the transit area
  8. Taiwan Duty Free

    Duty free in Taiwan is terrible, unless you are searching for Taiwanese whiskys.
  9. If they are that bad, you are always welcome to throw your hat in the ring... Happy Australia day to all!
  10. Ignore this post
  11. What The Swiss...

    The humane way is placing the live lobster into a freezer for between 1-2 hours, then boil. Exposing them to freezing temperatures will render the lobster to become unconscious. All the best with enforcement!
  12. The worst thing, he gets paid for each view of his apology.
  13. I have always had a thing for Te-Amo cigars. Mexican tobacco can actually be quite decent.
  14. Eduardo VII cigars

    100 bucks is a steal
  15. Eduardo VII cigars

    What an amazing find! What was the address of antique shop you said had them for sale...

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