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  1. Singapore layover Use the lockers in the transit area
  2. Taiwan Duty Free

    Duty free in Taiwan is terrible, unless you are searching for Taiwanese whiskys.
  3. If they are that bad, you are always welcome to throw your hat in the ring... Happy Australia day to all!
  4. Ignore this post
  5. What The Swiss...

    The humane way is placing the live lobster into a freezer for between 1-2 hours, then boil. Exposing them to freezing temperatures will render the lobster to become unconscious. All the best with enforcement!
  6. The worst thing, he gets paid for each view of his apology.
  7. I have always had a thing for Te-Amo cigars. Mexican tobacco can actually be quite decent.
  8. Eduardo VII cigars

    100 bucks is a steal
  9. Eduardo VII cigars

    What an amazing find! What was the address of antique shop you said had them for sale...
  10. Are talisman readily available yet? A friend bought 4 boxes of 10 from a “source” in Cuba for USD 620 per 10 count, but I’m sure that he has gotten screwed.
  11. I smoked a divinos back in April last year bought from b&m inside a casino in Macau. Walked around the old streets of Macau tasting nothing but peanut butter and dark creamy chocolate. It was the sort of stick that would get a newbie instantly addicted to Cubans.
  12. Get a cab of 50. Smoke one per year. Why restrict your celebration of your childs birth to the first 20/25years only.
  13. There is a cigar specific shop at KLIA inside the international departure area that is far better priced and has a large selection. This may be a dumb question, but is there any reason why cigars should be in a humidor in Malaysia when the average humidity is around 85%?
  14. This is pretty funny stuff. Please remove if this sort of content is not permitted. DISCLAIMER: 1) NSFW 2) Do not watch if you are easily offended

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