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  1. Agreed it seems to be human nature to pick out the best...shame it fails with politics!
  2. Friday Funny: Self Interest

    They started this campaign when we moved to Atlanta in 1995. Seen the best of them!
  3. There are two factories in Artemisa so definitely possible.
  4. Opening Boxes in Havana LCDH’s

    I've not had issues inspecting boxes. I did have a great experience at Commodoro last year where after I'd selected a couple of boxes they checked them and apparently didn't feel all the cigars in one box were up to snuff. They went and opened a couple more until they found one they liked and then went about replacing a few sticks from the box I selected from the other box. That's service!
  5. Definitely hit Calle Ocho and Rob's recommendation is spot on for an after-dinner smoke and drink. Suggest you drop in to the Cubaocho bar and museum. Great Cuban food right across the street at Old's Havana Cuban Bar & Cocina, just next to the Maximo Gomez Park - dominoes central. Another spot for an open-air smoke in South Beach is Deco Drive Cigars on the Lincoln Road Mall.
  6. It'll get better. Growing pains....
  7. How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

    Scored 100% first time. Picked the one on the left for every page....OCD free.....
  8. Save 'em or smoke 'em?

    Smoke them! Everyday you're above ground is special! I do have a handful of "special" special occasion cigars I smoke on certain occasions, most all else is fair game anymore whenever the mood strikes me. I also have a designated friend to handle my cigar affairs when I pass, including the FOH locker stock. He'll most likely smoke many of the "special" special occasion cigars I didn't get to. It's a condition of the arrangement.
  9. New Cohiba band fake.

    Left is the fake. Look at these. Different vitolas from different and trusted sources. Aside from the thumbprint not being clear and COHIBA doesn't appear to as embossed, biggest giveaway for me the point of Taino's neck should be on the right square, not dead center..... and now the counterfeiters that see this will adjust!
  10. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    I'll go for round #2!
  11. Bon Voyage Greg

    Best to you Sir! Definitely a part of the community, growth and success we've experienced. Hope to smoke one with you some day.
  12. Great version of Dew a month later at Cornell - fantastic setlist and sound! https://archive.org/details/gd1977-05-08.mtx.seamons.97274.sbeok.flac16
  13. Great stuff here. https://archive.org/details/AllGratefulDeadGuestSit-ins66To95/GD73-07-28d4t02NFA.mp3 Every musician that sat in on a Dead show from '66 to '95
  14. Cigar Books

    Charles del Todesco published a book many years back that is a great expose on seed to smoke https://www.amazon.com/Havana-Cigar-Cubas-Finest/dp/0789203278 While a bit dated (as is MRN's Encyclopedia), I consider it a must read and it is quite a bargain at less than $15 on Amazon

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