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    Absolutely! Happy birthday dear Lise!!!
  2. Hell, I've thrown out or lost more lighters than I own. Not particular and not into spending big money any more for a lighter as I'm hard on them and a bit forgetful at that. As I travel quite frequently the Soto is probably #1 for general use. Had a couple of the FOH/GT lighters, one died and the other was captured by TSA when I failed to deconstruct it before going through security... Matches are always good in a bind.
  3. why 911?

    And now you know the rest of the story....
  4. Gintrification

    La Terrazza also has quite the Gin & Tonic menu offering many Gins along with any and all botanicals you can specify. Gin is and has been a thing for a while. Or a Few
  5. Friday Funny: The Great headlines

    We have the Onion here. Not quote so risque though....and it's a parody. This one seems they're serious?
  6. Makes it sound like tobacco is illegal in the UK, no?
  7. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Must be getting close!
  8. I have to agree with this one, the 109 format was spectacular!
  9. Any cigar? Then it's the Dunhill Malecon for me! Chose this as the one I had chance to smoke was fantastic and I'd welcome the opportunity to smoke these on a regular basis. Cabinetta was also a great smoke but Lonsdales over Robustos I say!
  10. Always enjoy watching. Snow riding's also my favorite though I am warming up to curling. after 1 mins: ugh this is dull10 mins: he's overdone the turn on this stone 30 mins: three in the house means nothing if your centre guard is ripe for a hit and roll 1hr: SWEEEEEEEP MOFO!!!!! Faster, Faster.....
  11. Happy birthday Rob! Have a fantastic time....
  12. the rum wars - neverending...

    I've had both. Prefer the Cuban version though would be interesting to have a blind tasting contest of the two.
  13. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Just waiting my turn. Got some ideas to jazz it up a little more.....
  14. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Getting closer, getting pumped up!!! Great pass you've got going @Wertman!
  15. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Wow! You've really set the bar high @Tave1225!!! Can't wait for my chance at the box, may need a bigger one!

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