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  1. Habana Mike

    FOH NFL 2018 Registration

    That time of year again already?!? As usual, I'm in and lucky if I'm above 50%
  2. Habana Mike

    Old Newbie in Montreal

    Greetings from out of the dark. Post away!
  3. They're a very nice smoke to me. Quite good after 3-4 years. I'd say it's ready to smoke now. Fire it up and give us a review!
  4. Thin and short, sounds like they'd work for you. Tasty plus demand is low so older stock can be found fairly reasonably. Give them a go!
  5. Not a huge fan of the LE though I enjoy RE for change of pace from vitola/blend perspective. That said most of my dollars go to regular production anymore....
  6. Habana Mike

    Hamlet review 2014

    Still have a couple from that trip as well. Need to take your cue and fire one up this weekend. Maybe with a Negroni!
  7. Uni - tastes of a tidal pool, fishy, briny, intense but not off-putting.
  8. If timing works we may cross paths in Tampa. See you in Havana at any rate!
  9. Habana Mike

    Hump Day Humour

    Great idea! Need to catch the bastage first though.... Is that MARTA as in the Atlanta Transit Authority?
  10. A Negroni and any cigar with character for me....
  11. Habana Mike

    FOHrensics: Ash and Embers

    Damn! Some people are serious about their science......
  12. Habana Mike

    FOH Toy Of The Week: Mean Mower V2

    Hella golf cart!
  13. Usually available though on the pricier side, Fundadores..... Delivers on all counts for me.
  14. Habana Mike

    Between Cigars...

    http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/60-pipe-smoking/ - works for me
  15. Fully agree with Piggie's long diatribe for tyrannical government, and contempt for communism. Huge blow to the people, sad.....

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