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  1. Dubai lately?

    Back in 2012-2013 coming into Dubai the prices were never like that. I think I recall they jacked up all the taxes for tobacco in the gulf states. I went to the LCDH on Jeremiah beach a few weeks ago and the singles seemed to be priced high for some of the EL's
  2. Dubai lately?

    I go thru Dubai often and will say this you need to be quick and perfect timing if you want something there. New stock comes in and gone damn near that same day.I'm talking about the specialty boxes of course. Regular stock items are still plentiful
  3. I usually do between 1-2 on Saturday and Sunday. None during the week.
  4. My ride when I'm back in the states. 2013 Fatboy lo anniversary edition. Thinking about getting a street glide as a fairing would be great to break up the wind on the highway and have a radio built in.
  5. thanks just wanted to make sure.
  6. Can we can still bring back CC's from outside the US?
  7. Can we can still bring back CC's from outside the US?
  8. Dubai lately?

    No worries thanks for replying. It's less then a 2 hour flight for me. Guess I'll spend some time in Dubai for a weekend.
  9. Dubai lately?

    Cool I appreciate it.
  10. Dubai lately?

    anybody been thru lately? was looking for any of the new stuff. Picked up all the 2016 LE's so anything other than those
  11. have been to a lot Beruit, dubai, GDA,. Beruit has a lot of nice stuff, but they do charge a lot for the older stock about what you would pay from the secondary market. Dubai would be my prefered, but you need to get there when they get stuff as it goes fast now. Beruit not so much as a lot of people are not going thru there. Being in the region it's nice cause I can take a flight to either pretty quick.
  12. Hurricane Irma

    There is no place to go in Florida. If the projections are right it's going to roll right up the state. I live in Ft Lauderdale, so I think we are just going to have to ride it out.
  13. Real US CC Import "Limits"

    No problems had about 150 CC's and some rum the customs guy looked it up and said you're only allowed 100 have a nice day and waved me thru.

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