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  1. Yes, were is said list?
  2. Only on the weekends and it's 1 a day then, maybe 2 at most if it's something small in the AM.
  3. HA.. I already know that, found out first day on the job it was in the hire packet so we didn't ask Snowden.
  4. I work IT for the U.S gov in foreign countries.
  5. I take it you played in GB II by your sig pic?
  6. Sometimes I miss living in San Diego going down to TJ.
  7. I did get them mixed up.
  8. If this is in the U.S they should quit and start their own company.
  9. I'm sure they are, but if you're not quick enough they go fast on the 24:24
  10. I think we are cut from the same cloth. I rotate all those once I buy one I keep going then move on to the next item. Replace your shotgun with a semi-auto rifle and we are the same.
  11. That would be nice to return some that are plugged.
  12. Or just randomly look at? without naming any sources please. I do all my buying online with FOH now. I have purchased from 3 different online places in the beginning and still look at 3-4 different vendors from time to time just to see what they have. A lot of my other purchases come from LCDH's when I travel for work and vacation.

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