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  1. Fine granulars on these decade old sticks, just don't reach for NCs that often anymore. Stored roughly 65%, silca beads, roughly 65-70 F when spritz is need on beads always distilled water.
  2. Monte. Esp. 1 & 2, readily available
  3. Very enjoyable stick IMO.
  4. I agree for the elderly and individuals with disabilities to have the freedom of transport. As far as myself, I enjoy the ability to do as I please behind the wheel.
  5. Looking forward to his comments on crops, quality and blends. Welcome.
  6. IMHO smokes tastes stagnate and bitter to myself if out for over 30 minutes.
  7. Most Evenings decompressing
  8. Smoked one the other day, med -full, Boli strong. I enjoyed with Bourbon. Put one aside for me if available.
  9. Pretty rough around the edges right know IMHO.
  10. Lons is a favorite size for myself, can only hope it starts trending.

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