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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Shared some Juan Lopez #1s with my gig buddy in Sydney on Saturday evening. Leigh is a serious coffee hound but only smokes with me, and commented this was the best stick I had given him so far. I had to agree, while mine started out with a tough draw and uncertain flavours, it ended brilliantly. So good I didn't want to put it down LoL! I've resolved to go deep on JL1, best bang for buck cigar I have tried yet.
  2. Cycling Australia

    Butcher Birds do this too. I have a scar to prove it. Same family of birds. I found out not long ago that cyclists put several zip-tie "tails" sticking out from their helmets to keep the birds at bay.
  3. What should I buy next?

    You can't go wrong with Juan Lopez Seleccion no 1 and or 2. Both are consistently good, are approachable young and should age well. The no 2 is particularly good at the moment.
  4. Blue vinyl! How does it sound? I always bet on black on account of most coloured vinyl being noisy.
  5. In spite of all the negative aspects of this plebiscite (that many seem focused on), the important positive aspect is the discussion it stimulates, like this one. It is encouraging to see that the great majority of people (that I come into contact with) agree with the proposed changes to the law. I would be very surprised if the result turned out in the negative, but if so then that would prove the failure of a non-compulsory plebiscite, in as much as it has not harvested a truly representative sample of votes(some folks I know lean to the positive, but sadly don't care enough to vote). My opinion is that the non-compulsory aspect indicates that the federal government does not take the issue seriously. If they did, the would have changed the laws already (best case), but failing consensus within their own ranks, put it up as a mandated federal election issue (I believe that the Libs fear Labour would use it to their disadvantage at the next election, hence the plebiscite), or as a last resort a full referendum to decide.
  6. Foster's is consumed widely in Oz, it has simply been repackaged and called Crown Lager [emoji480]
  7. Amina Alaoui - Arco Iris Stunningly beautiful music.
  8. Stopwatch: Corona Gorda

    Just smoked a Juan Lopez Seleccion no.1. Lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a tad under-filled and went out a couple of times. Tasted pretty good though, all the way to the nub. So glad I discovered JL.
  9. Minutos, Perlas and Reyes small smokes

    My go-to morning coffee smoke. Tasty from start to finish, and marzipan goes really well with strong white unsweetened coffee
  10. PerfecDraw

    Great gesture. If I was that homeless person in need of tobacco, I would invest in rolling papers and a pair of scissors. Cigarillos!
  11. Now spinning Triptykon - Melana Chasmata. Earlier today it was the Gidon Kremer - Schostakovich Quartets LP on the floor to the left. With a dram of Laphroaig Select Cask by my side.
  12. How many cigars per day?

    What he said
  13. Some free jazz followed by some classical, all on glorious wax :-)

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