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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed reply. I will certainly take your thoughts on board. It's funny but regarding the strength of the JL 1, I find that after settling in for a couple of months they are a very smooth smoke. Generally and in my limited experience, I find Bolivar to be quite strong and with a mongrel factor that takes a long period to settle down. The JLs however are nicely settled after a few short months, but what they offer in terms of mouth filling flavour is quite exceptional. Kind of like a mouth full of the most incredible perfumed fragrance which I have not found in any other cigars, possibly excepting one regios I smoked about six months ago. The journey continues
  2. One day brother, I promise :-)
  3. Evening ladies & gents. No offence to any b/sotls but the australian tax office and customs dept can shove this black market JL 2 up their collective arses. Sent from my XT1580 using Tapatalk
  4. Because its too hard for the c##ts to take tax from multinationals. So screw your population instead. Great plan, really sustainable. C##ts. Sent from my XT1580 using Tapatalk
  5. Can anyone suggest a PC or smaller that has similar flavour profile to a Juan Lopez S2 or even S1? The flavours in both of those are just perfect for me but as far as I know JL don't have a smaller regular production vitola. Sent from my XT1580 using Tapatalk
  6. This is my tt setup. I was spinning some 20th Century classical quartets the other night, but tonight its Don Cherry's Organic Music Society. Collecting vinyl is fun, but not without its challenges. The music can sound better than digital, but there are so many factors involved to make it so. It can also be a good investment if you know what you're looking for, eg i have a few albums i bought new in the 90s, when vinyl was in serious decline, that are worth hundreds now. Many folks travel the world to go crate digging for valuable bargains. Additionally lots of new releases are pressed in limited runs which can escalate quickly in value for in demand pieces. But I'm not in it for that; the music itself is my top priority, followed by the fun of collecting.
  7. Took me a while to catch up with this thread.....
  8. I have a collection of around 500 LPs and growing. I enjoy a wide variety of music, from heavy metal to jazz to avante-garde to drone and many others. I play them on a vintage Thorens TD160 Super turntable fitted out with a "Wand"tonearm from NZ and an Ortofon Quintet Black cartrdge. Amplification provided by a Modwright SWLP preamp and a Naksa 100 power amp. Speakers are currently vintage British monitors Spendor BC1. I also have more than 1000 CDs and have started collecting cassettes, which have been enjoying a minor resurgence of late. I will post some pix later if anyone is interested.
  9. For the buzz man, i love the buzz.
  10. Got mine last Monday, already used it on an el Principe with a very tough draw, pretty kuch unsmokable. Took about four goes at increasing depths, the last all the way in from the cap. Turned out pretty well in the end, decent smoke. Great product, will definitely come in handy.
  11. Apologies gents, it just taking too long to get there. Traffic is ridiculous, will barely have time to eat let alone meet you guys and have a smoke before the gig. Have a great night!
  12. Almost every time I smoke. Love the buzz.
  13. This looks like a really nice gathering. I'll be there with a buddy if i can get away from the family early enough. Got a Coltrane Project gig on at 8:30 in Ultimo.
  14. Ordered one on the weekend. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Grabbed one from Leura Cellars (Blue Mountains, NSW) on Friday. Certainly a rare beer round here. My first in quite a few years. Love it.

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