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  1. Foster's is consumed widely in Oz, it has simply been repackaged and called Crown Lager [emoji480]
  2. Amina Alaoui - Arco Iris Stunningly beautiful music.
  3. Stopwatch: Corona Gorda

    Just smoked a Juan Lopez Seleccion no.1. Lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a tad under-filled and went out a couple of times. Tasted pretty good though, all the way to the nub. So glad I discovered JL.
  4. Minutos, Perlas and Reyes small smokes

    My go-to morning coffee smoke. Tasty from start to finish, and marzipan goes really well with strong white unsweetened coffee
  5. PerfecDraw

    Great gesture. If I was that homeless person in need of tobacco, I would invest in rolling papers and a pair of scissors. Cigarillos!
  6. Now spinning Triptykon - Melana Chasmata. Earlier today it was the Gidon Kremer - Schostakovich Quartets LP on the floor to the left. With a dram of Laphroaig Select Cask by my side.
  7. Some free jazz followed by some classical, all on glorious wax :-)
  8. Reconciling science and religion is one of lifes great incongruities. It's beyond my ken I'm afraid!
  9. I was sceptical about it initially, but later learned that the desal plant at Kurnell could be used strategically to mitigate flooding in Western Sydney. Instead it is politically expedient to spend even more money to raise the wall at Warragamba!
  10. Whats up for the weekend?

    I'll be putting my feet up and spinning some records in my man cave. For the last several months, all of our spare time (excepting a three week tour of Cape York last month) and some of my work time has been spent helping my Mother in law move out of her home of 50 years. She is a chronic hoarder so it has been a painful and arduous process. Property settles today, and thank f##k for that. I have earned a rest. And several cigars.
  11. Funny how different tastes are. I get a dominant floral aspect from them, like a mouth full of the sweetest perfume, which really agrees with my palate. Quite amazing.
  12. I did that with my first ever JL2. Talk about mongrel! I'll never forget that smoke. About three months later these sticks were singing. As el Pres says, a balance of power and flavour. My favourite smoke!
  13. I reckon some genius is working on an answer to this predicament right now. Anyway until the technology develops installing solar etc is a method of offsetting the cost of carbon. That's why it's a transition. It all takes time. We'll get there, stay positive [emoji111]️

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