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  1. Towards the end, I kept the lights on off of sales of non-sports cards like comic cards, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering.
  2. Picked up this empty Monte Millennium jar from an auction site. Listing didn't have a picture of the bottom, so I rolled the dice on it being the real deal. It wasn't a great monetary risk. When I unpacked it, I closed my eyes, prayed the bottom didn't say Balboa, and turned it over. I breathed a sigh of relief. Got an empty space on the shelf for the Cuaba jar.
  3. From 1991-1997 I owned and operated a Sportscard and Comic book shop. The boom years for those hobbies. It was nice to be able to make a living off of my passion for collecting and in sports. Unfortunately, it was short lived due to the greedy card and comic manufacturers overprinting and the MLB players strike of 1995. Those two made it no longer feasible to operate a storefront and support my family. I closed the doors 20 years ago this April. Only two of the five card manufacturers around back then are still around, today. I still have a sizeable personal collection, but no longer add to it. Now, I collect cigars.
  4. Soft Flame lighters

    The Colibri Julius looks interesting.
  5. Indoor or Outdoor Smoker..

    I recently finished converting a basement room into a man cave/smoking lounge, complete with an inline exhaust fan. I am almost exclusively an indoor smoker, now.
  6. Merry Christmas to All

    A belated Merry Christmas to the staff at FOH and thank you for providing the best customer service in the industry.
  7. Anyone tried Heartfelt Humidity Sheets yet?

    I use these sheets in one of my wineadors. I cut it to fit onto one of my extra shelves and I secured it with small screws. When it needs a spritz I just pull the shelf out.
  8. LCDH Exclusives Question

    That's the jist I'm getting, but I can't find anything online that actually says that they are produced every year.. I'm pretty sure that this is the case considering the boxes I have aren't numbered. Just looking for clarification from the knowledgeable members here as to what is produced and how often?
  9. LCDH Exclusives Question

    Thanks for repsonding. I have read the site and researched these two cigars in particular before positng here. At the CC Website it says that the Inmensos are a Varnished Semi Boite Nature Box of 10 cigars (5,000 made). Status: A 2010 release. and the Superiores are Dress Box of 10 cigars (5,000 made). Status:A 2010 release. I've read that the Superiores were delayed until 2012. The reviews I have read says that they are limited to 5000 boxes "Worldwide". It appears that these are not limited to 5000 total boxes produced. Since they're not limited, can someone please explain where the 5000 box number comes from? Are 5000 boxes made every year and sent to LCDH stores? Personally, I've only had 2010 Inmensos and 2012 Superiores, that's why I'm a little perplexed to see 2014 versions of these two.
  10. I have been going on the assumption that LCDH exclusives are limited to a certain amount of boxes made. The production number I typically see in reviews is 5000. However, recently I have seen LGC Inmensos and RA Superiores with 2014 date codes. The Inmensos came out in 2010 and the Superiors in 2012. How are boxes of these still being made in 2014 and offered for sale in 2015? Are these not limited to the 5000 total boxes that I assumed they were?

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